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    Hey. Odd server. Not sure I've been on one that was so quickly potentially won. Shield have some amazingly competent and hugely aggressive leaders. Excellent govenors providing troops in both off/def. Very well setup kingdom wide off ops early that took out people across the map. Many 0ed villages of dukes/kings, treasuries wrecked. huge numbers of troops killed with more than enough people in backup to continue hitting governors etc.its been a blood bath.

    Deffers absolutely on point, always. ;)

    I will be looking to play with these guys again.

    End game starts tomorrow. Could be interesting how the WWs end up.


    lua what happens if there is so little adventuring that an item is never found/sold? is it ever released through the auction house? I assume it isn't. Do you know? I just like to understand the full mechanics if i can :)

    Also - just re(?)read this section:
    "If you know someone has an item (checking hero in profile) and you think that item was never in the auction house, ask them to check sell price, that triggers the game to release 5 for price calculation."

    That's very useful! I could possibly get a kingdom member to trigger a sale.

    Ah, perfect. All items can be found immediately and only when someone tries to sell one does the game sell 5 of those items at the auction house.

    My query about finding before was 'released by the game' was not about the 80 days, more considering they might be unavailable until the 5 had been sent to the auction house.

    Thank you for the response :)

    I have a query regarding how items are found and then available in the auction house.

    I know that once a new tier is started you get 5(?) items of the same type 'released' at certain times for 1silver.

    These aren't sales by players but the game releasing these items for purchase.

    I suspect these auto-generated items allow the auction house to have a better understanding of sale/purchase prices.
    I also suspect it ensures that even a low-populated server has at least 5(?) of each item on every server.

    My query is:
    1) Can you find an item before it is 'released' by the game?
    2) Or, does someone need to find an item, at which point 5(?) of those items are placed into the auction house?

    3) Or, a combination; items are always able to be found, but the game releases 5(?) of each at certain times or when someone finds one.
    4) Or, something I haven't considered.

    * Just a thought on option 2 - on low population servers, with low adventure numbers, observant players could work out if anyone had a great spy glass by watching the auction house. this would impact on the fake numbers from that player's kingdom versus the expected numbers from those not watching. I guess this could be seen as a way to give a 'bonus' to observant kingdoms if they understood the mechanics.

    Thanks :)

    Good evening. I'm new to night servers, currently playing my first. Our server is currently in end game and I'm planning a possible attack on a WW.

    I have just noticed that I appear to be able to send an attack on a WW that *lands* within the night truce period.

    Can anyone advise whether you are also able to also *launch* an attack on a WW when done within the night truce period?

    Many thanks

    Question: I know Travian used to have a bug with the interaction of sitters and account owners.

    I.e. if both were logged on at the same time the game would move the 'active village' to the last person who moved villages. I know it caused some horrible issues with incorrect troop building, farm lists, buildings etc.

    Have they fixed that now for the latest Kingdom version?

    Ridiculous that this is an option in end game. fair play to the very well worked exploiters, but it's a fucking idiotic mechanic at this point.. I won't be back. death by a thousand cut. been playing 15 years. done now. my steam library has 100+ unplayed games.

    This game used to be engaging. but this is the icing on the cake. not to mention the horrendous server stability earlier in the server. travian games are a fucking joke. you should be utterly ashamed at how this game has degenerated into the swamp it is.

    Best get some fucking loot boxes in next round... show everyone what you're made of.

    bye bye.


    having thought about this for a little while longer i'd like to add some extra thoughts...

    I'm a software developer. I understand the process etc. I can understand how this might be something overlooked when you're developing some shitty web submission form. Or even if it passes into some test phase of a new version of the game. BUT when you're working with a game where people pay actual money towards their accounts, I believe you have a responsibility to give a little more consideration to the rules your game is based around, and the testing of them.

    I would have never believed that this should be an option. You request a transfer and the game considers your game state. Is the only test on village numbers? If you are attempting to restrict certain accounts from transferring; why would you not test for other attributes than village number? Surely an account with 150k+ troops should not be eligible for 'teleportation' around the map!