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    Spiking greys is really unacceptable behaviour. I am glad they helped me find some use for my def (Had ~100 def pts before our cooperation began) but I think this will mark the end of help from Marshes' end.

    It seems like this is a particularly uninteresting server, the meta surrounding 0|0 is falling apart much quicker than anticipated, the BM players that keep Trappers interesting are busy with com2 (and most of the friends I have there have long since deleted to focus on other servers). Gokturks are doing degenerate and suicidal attacks fitting of that, and similar groups', reputation.

    Arsenal looks like promising candidates to win but god knows how their members put up with Zap, who seems like he's having a stroke every time he types. The one time I've directly interacted with him was when I was temporarily sitting a random king's account to coordinate a def action. He spent the better part of an hour berating, hounding, and insulting this poor king for the actions of the kingdom's former inactive king which obviously this new king could not have been held accountable for. Makes you really wonder when Arsenal advertises themselves as a chill, adult community when their king acts like an eight-year old who throws tantrums whenever they don't get what they want. Rest of Arsenal seems fine though, but god knows how much scarier Stekarn would be if he didn't play an off gaul.

    Lesson learned though, never playing as a def king on a x1 again. Total snooze-fest and way too much hounding semi-active players/allies. Marshes will play the chill server I originally intended and we'll have some good times nurturing a few promising players for future x3s.