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    OK so rampage you said you were alone against the world but wasnt th the one alone against the world
    First when the wonders started you alongside your sub or wing allies(d.w zod d.w neme d.w south and d.w urss(well atleast before you betrayed them and took one of their players along with his WW MUTSCHEL)) attacked th
    Second i had troops in all your wonders and the the attacks you got from snap were less than 3 in the last 2 day of the server while we th got the rest of the attacks and ended up being backstabed by tafran who was one of our player that cleared the w.w for d.w to take it
    For the third part i am sure that you dont have more than 2 attacks on your wonders by funny co

    Lets not talk about the fact that you made FIREWALL your wing in the end game
    Anyway its true that you did play well but you werent the greatest neither were we

    But the thing i am the most disgusted of is your betrayal of your wing d.w urss with mutschel

    Maybe all this can be a mod
    for roman sharing troops would be too op
    Teuton relocation would be good if for exemple you have to build setler for all and each building before you move the city/villa so you have to build around 20 setler and the field should be all lowered by 1lvll
    gaul the res per troops would make them to op so i really dont know what they can get

    Currently there's no other speed game world scheduled other than COMx3 which will be restarted soon, further information will follow as it becomes available.

    Kind regards

    Well already two weeks from when you said that i don t know when you are gonna restart the speeds (comx / test) but im a student and i cant play all the day when its not summer vacation i think there is a thousand of other people like me so i hope you will consider this and restart one of the speed soon and thank you
    Keep Up The Good Work:);)