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    You really cant compare previously planned meta kingdom with random players in kingdom

    ok we will look that happens that you will add 60 players limit.

    in servers start meta is landing in first day 60 players. 60-70 % players use gold

    in second day all 60 players is all in one kingdom border relocated near WW with 3 active treasury near WW

    that is doing rest server? rest kingdoms are start to fight over territory and influence and at best they have to 15-25 players in kingdom.

    after 3 weeks meta have 5-10 times more treasuries than closest kingdom

    after 3 weeks they are starting to raid and attack nearest kingdoms. weakest kingdoms in order to reduce attacks agree to become farm kingdom and let meta to collect their treasuries.

    When WW starts meta have so much treasuries and VP that they can win without WW :D

    this is scenario if in server is one meta.

    but if in server is 3-4 metakingdoms when rest players just can delete at the beginnings because you cant fight them and you can't join to them

    Ignis_COM Please check @Scorox's post clearly showing that kingdoms below rank 2 rarely have any chance of winning the server or even influencing the server strongly (surely there will be some exceptions but generally speaking). In many servers you can also see players in Rank 3-10th kingdoms being tossing around from one kingdom to another and ultimately ending up in big metas eventually which is not really a pleasant experiences by any means for any new player.

    currently playing in com2x3speed WW lvl on 91

    1. AMIGO'S - DEADLY ASSASIN 146,175 (+8,768) 2,595,344 ‭+‭25‬%‬ (+137,407)
    2. WiC - Fanfun 110,188 (+3,520) 2,458,101 ‭+‭83‬%‬ (+106,685)
    3. Immortal - Rytis 103,122 (+2,431) 1,934,391 ‭+‭20‬%‬ (+100,691)
    4. BOSS - Ignis 99,887 (+1,717) 1,664,538 ‭+‭25‬%‬ (+98,179)
    5. Bitchpls - Rex 32,640 (+1,149) 597,703 (+31,491)

    and top 5 kingdoms

    AMIGO'S - 115 players
    WiC -85 players

    Immortal- 98 players

    BOSS - 92 players

    and you know will win kingdom with the smallest number of players, respectively WIC

    I don't think this is good idea. if there will be limit on kingdom members then it will create an unacceptable situation for new players. if now a beginner starts a server but is not very active he still has a chance to join to a good top 5 team. This new player sees how team work, team conversations, and this new player is fascinated and more and more interested in game play. and he is becoming for regular player

    And now there is 60 players limit all top players with big fat experience will be in top 5-10 kingdoms. and this new players will found top 15-20 rank kingdom. King is online 1 time in 2 days 0 team work, 0 communication. and he after some time delete acc.

    and you need to remember that in servers there is always shortage in Kings. Not all players want to play as kings. so more governors will play out of kingdoms and this sucks the most

    Hi, I wrote several times to support staff they couldn't or wouldn't to explain how it was possible . Maybe you could help me.

    so second village was built and less then 9h treasury is active.

    any thoughts?

    no 7 kings is to much it would be ok if one king 4 duke slots after 4k treasuries ;) But in com2x3speed there is no player so maybe better to leave how it is :D

    ok so it's not my phone problem it's application problem. for me this is very dificult because 60% I'm from phone.

    Hi, I have problem. When I try to use iphone application and try to go to server this application crash and trow me out of travian application. Can some one help ? Dont know that to do.

    Hi, we have oasis with +50% crop and 25/25% crop/resource, maybe you can make 50% iron, clay and wood ?

    Wizzball wrote:
    The 10k treasure limit does "work" and very measurably so at slowing down the growth of *all* kingdoms the same. There's still the meta, but with less than half of the area. There's still the non-metas too, with less than half of their previous area. All areas are much smaller, but their relative sizes have not changed. That is one thing I consider to be better for the game - no more excessive kingdom areas - but changing a simple value isn't that powerful that it'd also fix relative growth problems and everything else in one run. That was never the goal or somethjng this little change could realistically provide. :P

    let me disagree- now we have situation that premeditated teams who cooperates with treasuries have more bonuses and they dont have no delays in their growth.
    as i wrote before now kingdoms who are not premeditated team who don''t switch treasuries have such disadvantages-

    • no free space in kingdom, many villages is forced to build out of kingdom borders.
    • robber camps don't spawn, because there now free space, so less treasuries and resource for them.

    So as I told you create good conditions for metas and miserable for rest kingdoms.

    maybe I'm just angry because I don't have such premeditated team. Some time ago there was more fun to play than now. When I start playing travian kingdoms for first time my ally get second place in the server and we wasn't premeditated team. now such task is impossible to achieve.

    I don't understand why I'm trying to express something. Probably need to forget, and find something else.

    Hi Wizzball,
    Maybe we all get angry not for lack of merge option but for your action or better to say lack of action.
    as I understand you lunch cardinal new game style system before testing and get back proper reviews
    so I'm personally angry for :

    • I'm used as experimental rabbit who payed himself for all experiments.
    • new system obviously don't work, I even don't think merge option, in this server there was so many bugs that in past test servers had less bugs.
    • 10k treasuries for next treasury slot also don't work, as i wrote metas use this as advantage to get more slots available, so they get more players in territory, more robber camps, etc with system when was 4k for next slot smaller kingdoms had biger change to grow and made some bigger damage to metas. if your intention is to support metas you did it well, good job!
    • now we have mini WW with 20-50k of treasuries and lot of stat. def in there. no-one is attacking those treasuries maybe I don't know, but would like to see reports there mini WW with 30k treasuries is destroyed i Think one has such report to share. So you plan with new change to get game more exiting but you get exact opposite effect.

    basically this is TEST SERVER. and i don't like play test server even if you give 300 gold each week, but in this test server i payed myself.

    POLL with option -WW delay 11 days later in COM2x3 this is mocking and outright disrespect to all players who use gold. They think that we are fools that we will pay for they efforts to make this game shitty as possible.


    Transfering treasures to get new treasury slots have been used by many teams before... This is not the first time it has happened.. Dont talk about it as if it was cheating :) Its just some were clever to understand the game dynamics and plan ahead and you simply couldn't come up with such a plan. If you had information regarding this, you would have transferred treasures among friendly kingdoms within a blink of an eye.
    regarding giving the gold back, completely agree with it... Its a pity not even a single person from dev team replied to this thread with some useful information.

    yes if you have friends in other kingdoms who can do it then fine, just when next treasury slot was in after each 4k, then this wasn't so unequal, but now slot is after 10k so it's more unfair and basically game style says if you not premeditated team meta you will don't have change to win.

    I'm usually patient, but here my patience is full.
    I like travian, but I don't like that GC did to this good game.
    at the start GC announced that these new changes, is to improve the game and make things more interesting.
    What happened in com2x3?

    • no kingdom merge in speed game this is day 39, so basically don't work fundamental and more important feature of this new server.
    • but premeditated teams use this as advantage, so while we have 54k treasuries we have 7 active treasury, some kingdoms at 59k treasuries have 12 active treasury. all know about whom I spoke. so some kingdoms don't have space in kingdom territory, but some kingdoms have plenty space for all members and there is even free space in kingdom. and could have twice more player as normal kingdom does. so basically this is paradise for metas
    • GC cant tell when they will fix this or how some kingdoms have more treasury as they should have

    I have feeling that I'm playing in Test server because so much errors and unfinished developments, in the past even test server was more developed and finished., but wait is isn't test server. If I wonted to play test server I would play one.
    I registered in speed server and I expected play in fully developed server.

    I think that we all should ask for our used gold back.