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    The Troops in the robber hideouts are calculated after your biggest offensive army. Whoever scouts are offensiv units.
    You can build up a small army with +1k Units and 1 ram, then wait till the camps attack you and attack them, so you only have to defeat half of the troops.

    Not according to what the staff have told me heer, hideouts are based on a combination of the total attack value of all your troops and the total resource production of your account.

    Defence players are at serious disadvantage when it comes to robbers

    Theory says COM is English only, the problem is the none English speaking players don't see it that way, and despite Travians rules, Travian make it very easy for none English speakers to play COM, by enabling the player to select whatever language and script they want, which is odd on an English only domain.

    But, and I'd love to be wrong here, as far as I can tell Travian really don't think there is a problem, and they really don't realise how off putting dealing with people you don't understand is, and a;though they've recently, it would appear, chosen to start enforcing the rules around in game names, Travian have failed to address that COM servers, certainly during the first few weeks are dominated by none English speakers, one has to ask now many newbies to the game leave when they realise they can't communicate with anyone.

    Travian could make significant steps towards English COM just by actively enforcing the rules (rather than expecting fellow players to report everyone) and by preventing users from selecting languages other than English.

    Well, how much can the imbalance in trade be? I have no idea what the "rules" say, so judging whether this is an error or correct is impossible for me to say. Your post implies the trade must be equal, but that's not correct for sure... so is it 5,000? 50,000? 500,000? Does it have a time based element in it? Is it dependant on production levels?

    Never seen "Due to the game rules, you cannot accept this offer." before, and we have been trading (mostly via the market) with people we sit right up until today.

    So did we hit some kind of ceiling (which I kind of doubt, I reckon on balance we've sent slightly more to the person we sit than we've received) or did something get changed?

    Oh... and "game rules" I've read them, they makes no mention of any trading limit... so yeah... not really a rule.

    Legends, but mostly because of game play and gold.

    I love the GUI of TK, and I miss it badly when I'm on TL, the bugs in TK are here, but largely superficial.

    However the gameplay is really quite broken, the whole Kingdoms idea just doesn't work well, and if your a gold user, TK eats gold at maybe 15x the speed you use the same amount on Legends.

    So on balance, stick to Legends and hope they update the GUI.

    I think I'm going to point some of thing "Kings" I've been dealing with at this thread, so many just want to be King without doing any of what means, and when I come along and say, initially very nicely, where I spend time to explain, but ultimately it comes down to "abdicate or be catted out of existence" and they refuse, they don't fight it, because they can't, they have no allies or friends and the 250 troops they have of their own get wiped out the first time my hero wonders by.

    Seriously, I always contact these people first, and I always try to explain, but I reckon 75% just refuse to listen or understand, and man I've met so many "experienced players" with 250 troops is just depressing.

    Legs are not bad as defenders, certainly no where near as bad a many people think, their major downside for me, is that it takes a lot longer for you to get to the point where you have a decent number. Sure come end game your more or less equal to Phalanx producers, in terms of how many you have tucked away in your villages waiting to be deployed, but getting there takes longer, and if your wiped out, the Phalanx anvils will be replaced much faster.

    I know your ignoring production speed because you can make in many villages, but a gual making Phalanxes in 15 villages will produce much faster than a Roman produces Legs in 15 villages.

    There are times, when this speed of production could be the difference between winning a loosing.

    So... the player I reported, like 2 weeks back or more, is still not sorted, despite PM'ing you the ticket details. Is this ever going to be resolved?

    If you can attack at anytime without it affecting farming, then you're not farming to full effect, all my troops are pretty much always farming.

    As we've been told by the devs, the robber size is determined by the attack value of all your troops and the amount of resources and wheat your villages make.

    This means for players who build defence and players who concentrate on the resource production in their own villages will always be disadvantaged compared to people who concentrate on hammer building.

    Just because someone doesn't see a problem with their robbers does not mean that others with a different account setup don't have a problem.

    At the top of the each page is a link called "Watched Threads" it keeps a count of all the threads you've been involved in and notifies you whenever someone posts in that thread.

    There are threads I would like no longer to be notified about.