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    jethro_tull81#EN plz send halp and many phalanx BM attacka me!!

    In all seriousness though positively surprised that not only was there not a single instance of self catapulting of wonders they were also all taken relatively fast. I think this is the overall wonder taking I have seen in a while. Usually there's that one guy that either gets their wonder nuked before they take it or self catapult or just take 12h but not this time.

    I don't think the academy level of TK's is a big problem, it's equivalent to Catapults and pretty much only useful when you go up to catapults anyways.

    The only time it actually matters is very early (after that you will want the academy to 15 for the catapults anyways) and in the early game you can raid much better with just clubs since the 999 isn't coming at you yet and distances are short. As for army power you probably don't have maxed out club production by the time you could realistically afford the academy 15 so I don't see a big issue from that front either.

    If you compare TK to EC then yes the academy is bit deceiving but then again you probably shouldn't be building EC at academy 5 levels anyhow. In this regard they should probably normalize EC into academy 15 rather than lowering TK's requirements since Haeduans are also 15

    Recruiting osef he says, they just wanted to come play with us and literally showed up on the last day before starting. Even with them still started with less folks than you guys did.

    It's the 2 meter 200 kilo boxer going around saying fight me 1v1 (you won't) complaining that people try to match them

    Not sure if anyone knows yet since a server has to finish first.

    If I were to take a guess it's either

    1) 50k grain in the first 50/25/15/10 and so on


    2) 50/40/30/20/10k grain in the first 50 players

    i am a new recruit in this round in BM - so they do recruit new just need to be worth it :-)

    Yes your diamond banned just screams "new player" to me, spawned first time playing travian inside BM's borders and thanks to their superior player management achieved diamond rank in 2 months isn't that just amazing?

    I'm obviously talking about actual new players and other casuals not multi round veterans new to a particular team

    So the fact that many players delete isn't at all correlated with the fact that being in a kingdom who doesn't do anything is lame?

    I hear they are doing things right now :D

    We didn't start as multi round veterans, we all more or less started as newbies and grow together and we are far away from all being multiround veterans.

    Your own recruitment advertisement is that you don't recruit anyone (or at least very few) in the actual game. That basically means you have either

    1) multi round veterans


    2) other much more dedicated players like irl friends of multi round veterans

    as opposed to the average random (potentially new) player found on the actual round.

    If you pull up your own first round and the delete statistics where you actually recruited folks from in game or maybe if you only look at the BM equivalent portion of GGG as in the people they recruited before the round. and their multi round veterans you might find the numbers not be so different.

    I just find it pretty bad taste to say someone has bunch of deletes because they are bored assuming like you know the best how other kingdoms are ran When I look at ggg delete list I don't really see many familiar names there, most of them deleted as very small accounts and lot of them didn't even "delete" as in use the delete function but rather just stopped playing like new players who found themselves not enjoying the game would. Continuous shitting on other peoples efforts just doesn't seem very nice but hey that's the way some people roll I guess.

    Some new players delete no matter what you do with them, if ggg invites a bunch of them then lot of them are bound to peace out when they see the game isn't for them. I never understood why you guys point out other peoples deletes when your kingdom is more or less exclusively multi round veterans who basically by definition are much less likely to quit

    If you want to play roman offense I recommend

    1) build legionaries till you have about 1k and use them to clear robbers + they are your cheapest unit for your troop building quests

    2) add EI as soon as you can afford and raid greys with them if you are active

    3) As soon as your infantry is about 1k switch to imperians and keep building those till the end

    4) catapults are your friends try to get about 400 of them if you want to play as general attacker or as many as you can (5000+) if you want to hit WW at the end

    Then it's all about building yourself a good capital to support a large army and of course lots and lots of side villages with that roman double build bonus.

    Some additional things to do:

    - Don't build EC, lot of people see the high attack but it's much better to use the EI for their greater cost effectiveness and better raiding capacity

    - Don't build legionaries outside of the first bit, you can either use them to defend or station your oasis using them, they won't be needing levels

    - Speaking of levels level up your troops including your catapults as you go

    - Rams aren't needed outside of handful (you need one to siege robbers for instance), just make imperians, EI and catapults you will pair up with teuton rammers most of the time, if your kingdom has no teuton rammers then that's a different problem you can't really solve by doing rams, rams also won't need levels if you only have like 10

    Wall is still useful and generally speaking wall and ditch have bigger impact on defense result than the population difference outside of extreme cases but why not simply have both?

    You can use the combat simulator to figure out what kind of losses you would take defending a small kingdom mate you know has no or very low wall against an attack for instance, just use the account populations of the attacker and the defense village owner in the correct slots. You can play around the numbers there to see what kind of effect each change has

    The bonus (or rather attacking penalty) only considers the difference in population of the attacking account and the defending village owners account. This makes small players good places to defend since they often have big penalties for attacks while your troops operate at full power no matter where they originate.

    It's a classic it depends question but here are some of my thoughts into it and some guides on choosing how to decide yourself.

    The 2 main questions you want to ask yourself are: "What I will want to do with my troops" and "How safe do I think my position is (in terms of your actual cap location but also your kingdom and your role in it)"

    If your answer to the first question is more in the lines of "WW hammer" or "late game defense" then you want to build fields first and troops only after you have got yourself some basic income (raid units you can build if you farm enough to justify them)

    If your second question is "very safe" then you want high level crop fields (like 16 or maybe even 17)
    Reverse is true for both

    Generally speaking the greedier plays you can get away with the stronger your account will be, if you can afford not to train defense for first 2 months then you can prepare a very strong account for later and be the top defender in your team, if you get destroyed because you had no troops then that obviously is a big problem. The only exception to this is what I would consider max size WW hammers which need to build troops from at least day 30 with all lvl 20's to get to the proper size.

    Generally speaking it's better to commit into troops, make a hammer and defense use it and then make more later or to just ignore troops sans farmers, power sim your account to maximum and then produce. The middle grounds tend to be where you see the weakest accounts but sometimes you need to take the middle path since it's the easiest and safest in the short term to mix things up from both sides.

    One thing to not is that if you have to ask this question you obviously won't be going for the maxed out WW hammer. In that case chances are you are better off starting even that as late as day 60 with a solid economy instead of trying to trickle in some troops here and there and then lose equivalent or more later in the game when you can't feed your army anymore. Even starting that late would give about 5.6k catapults for a WW hit which isn't the best but definitely usable. If you can squeeze catapults in earlier but leave infantry last (horses pay for themselves) then that would be even better. If I were to advice a new player on how to build a WW hammer I would tell them to get lvl 16 (or 17 if they are feeling good and safe) fields, only horses till like day 40-50, start catapults and then start infantry (beyond the early games 1k to siege hideouts with) maybe day 60-70 and put all other resource into just simming your account up until that point. Don't try to run greats unless you are sure you can run them for the rest of the round (if you can only run greats for say 30 days total it's best to do that at the last 30 days so the troops cost as little as possible in upkeep). If you have extra resource after you finish your fields at around 80 to 90 then you can just increase queues and when you get them maxed out (as in they reach to day 140) then you build greats and start to run those. Just keep investing into the income as fast as you can for the entire first half since the last crunch will always be difficult

    If you plan to fight the entire round building fields shouldn't be too big of an issue since your army resets every month or so meaning you have those windows where your consumption is low allowing you to power in field upgrades while you recover.

    Regardless of what strategy you take it's always important to leave some resources to boost your accounts fields up at least until they are around the 16 mark. For some benchmarking you would want your capital fields to be done between days 80 and 100 to still have enough time to for them to pay themselves off, the earlier you can manage the better it is.

    If you play defense then it's mostly the same with the big difference that at any point you can simply stop troops for a week if you need to because you aren't on a clock so judge how the situation is going, overbuild your actual production capacity and then just make troops based on the current need.

    This conversation is kind of getting boring.

    Why dont we just accept simple fact that kingdoms generate robber treasures according to number of members? Hence having 150 members like GGG is highly beneficial compared to 50 member kingdom.

    I don't think anyone says that being big isn't advantageous, but it's not like that's the only thing that matters.

    Pretty sure emotions flare up when being big by in server recruiting is used as an insult especially from the high horse of having a big enough premade team to contest a win all of the back of that alone. There's small kingdoms around that have neither advantage and pretty sure they consider both approaches unfair meta cheater.

    And you have never threaten me when I have block hammers for you.

    Defending is part of the game, why would we be upset about that. I mean spiking greys is kinda dirty but pretty sure you haven't done that so it's not like theres anything to be complaining about.