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    Well,there is another winner of this action: Shrug, who fooled “the randoms” toattack us, again, with their “trash” armies (quoted Jallu in the brackets). Shrugis sitting on the biggest armies yet

    We didn't fool anyone we just told them when we would be attacking, and without a doubt BM has the biggest armies on the server.

    the trash just gave up on winning

    So in your opinion to win we shouldn't try to stop the team clearly winning? Novel strategy if I might say

    As far as I'm concerned this is the best move "to win" for both GGG and us so not sure what the big fuzz is about. I mean the alternative is to just let you guys win, it's not like you don't have the highest VP, best WW hammers and probably most defense too

    Seeing as this is early in the game your best option is to just get a residence 10 there and use that to settle your next village.

    After that you can use one of 2 methods to clear the slot

    1) you chief your new village from a third village later freeing the slot

    + you get to keep the village and have no need to slow down development when it matters the most

    - it might take a while to get to chiefs in your next village, you might even need to settle few more before getting that chief to restore the slot

    2) you do as you say there and immediately settle a new village and then catapult it down

    + it's lot faster than the cheif method

    - you need 2 culture slots slots which are at premium early game (one to build the new village with and one to settle out from there), you do get the slot used back but you will need to delay your progress until you have catapulted the new village out.

    You shouldn't build troops or upgrades in either of these approaches as the demolition will obviously negate all your progress. If you use the chiefing option you get to keep the buildings but all units an levels will be reset so watch out for that.

    3rd option would be to make a palace 15 in your starter but it's imo the slowest and costliest option this early in the game, as such you should stick with one of the above options.

    You can still join a kingdom by settling a new village to their borders, being appointed as a duke or waiting till their borders expand to cover your existing villages.

    Relocation will also work again if you go down to 1 village though that's not often very wise thing to do

    jethro_tull81#EN plz send halp and many phalanx BM attacka me!!

    In all seriousness though positively surprised that not only was there not a single instance of self catapulting of wonders they were also all taken relatively fast. I think this is the overall wonder taking I have seen in a while. Usually there's that one guy that either gets their wonder nuked before they take it or self catapult or just take 12h but not this time.

    I don't think the academy level of TK's is a big problem, it's equivalent to Catapults and pretty much only useful when you go up to catapults anyways.

    The only time it actually matters is very early (after that you will want the academy to 15 for the catapults anyways) and in the early game you can raid much better with just clubs since the 999 isn't coming at you yet and distances are short. As for army power you probably don't have maxed out club production by the time you could realistically afford the academy 15 so I don't see a big issue from that front either.

    If you compare TK to EC then yes the academy is bit deceiving but then again you probably shouldn't be building EC at academy 5 levels anyhow. In this regard they should probably normalize EC into academy 15 rather than lowering TK's requirements since Haeduans are also 15

    Recruiting osef he says, they just wanted to come play with us and literally showed up on the last day before starting. Even with them still started with less folks than you guys did.

    It's the 2 meter 200 kilo boxer going around saying fight me 1v1 (you won't) complaining that people try to match them

    Not sure if anyone knows yet since a server has to finish first.

    If I were to take a guess it's either

    1) 50k grain in the first 50/25/15/10 and so on


    2) 50/40/30/20/10k grain in the first 50 players

    i am a new recruit in this round in BM - so they do recruit new just need to be worth it :-)

    Yes your diamond banned just screams "new player" to me, spawned first time playing travian inside BM's borders and thanks to their superior player management achieved diamond rank in 2 months isn't that just amazing?

    I'm obviously talking about actual new players and other casuals not multi round veterans new to a particular team

    So the fact that many players delete isn't at all correlated with the fact that being in a kingdom who doesn't do anything is lame?

    I hear they are doing things right now :D

    We didn't start as multi round veterans, we all more or less started as newbies and grow together and we are far away from all being multiround veterans.

    Your own recruitment advertisement is that you don't recruit anyone (or at least very few) in the actual game. That basically means you have either

    1) multi round veterans


    2) other much more dedicated players like irl friends of multi round veterans

    as opposed to the average random (potentially new) player found on the actual round.

    If you pull up your own first round and the delete statistics where you actually recruited folks from in game or maybe if you only look at the BM equivalent portion of GGG as in the people they recruited before the round. and their multi round veterans you might find the numbers not be so different.

    I just find it pretty bad taste to say someone has bunch of deletes because they are bored assuming like you know the best how other kingdoms are ran When I look at ggg delete list I don't really see many familiar names there, most of them deleted as very small accounts and lot of them didn't even "delete" as in use the delete function but rather just stopped playing like new players who found themselves not enjoying the game would. Continuous shitting on other peoples efforts just doesn't seem very nice but hey that's the way some people roll I guess.