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    You can't change what you get from treasures (outside of the crops anyways) but you can balance the books by using the hero production on the most needed resources and trading with the open market or your kingdom member.

    You need a lvl 10 residence to train a set of settlers, further slots open at lvl 20 residence and if you use palace at lvl 15. What you would do is get lvl 10 residence, build settlers and then get a new lvl 10 residence in the second village for another set of settlers for a 3rd village and so on.

    You can use a faster unit (cavalry over infantry) and if the distance to the target is more than 20 tiles hero boots and tournament square building also work.

    Glorious ForTheWin said he obtained this secret information from Shrug, while you were sharing our humble hammers with them :(


    I mean I did suggest WST attack hive as you can read above, it really is their best move nap or no nap so I'm not too surprised they went for it.

    I will attempt this achievement

    My solution to get around the decimal point problem will be

    1) match the production of your villages with troops (ally troops should also be fine if you happen to run out in the last brawls)

    2) max out your granaries by sending in overflowing amount of crop to remove any decimal amounts of crops that might be hidden

    3) send out all the crops

    Doing this should reset your crop level to integers unless the granary has some weird interactions followed by full emptying and with troops cancling out the production it should stay at 0 for the achievement.

    That def list makes Trinity look bad so he is the off part since all we do is sim

    I wish they removed attack points from robbers, not saying you guys are doing more robbers than us or other teams really but I have always disliked the attack point stats on kingdom level because they tend to average out to the same numbers because of them while def points are more "real"

    Player limit wouldn't necessarily help, those guys could simply make Camelot 1, 2, 3... or as many as it takes really. It's more up to the kingdom leadership to arrange fun servers if it becomes that bad.

    And ye I mean at that point you might as well invite the rest and build wonders together or something and then hopefully have a better next round

    For me having a clean holiday without having to worry about wonder is clearly the superior option, especially since its only "cost" is merely ~3 days longer round. I don't think that hurts anyone and it definitely helps lot of people so don't see why not.

    Crop fields or hero resurrection doesn't require crops so what you can do is build crop fields while waiting for the hero resurrection cost to drop and then revive her too. You can't truly be put into situation you can't recover because of this, lvl 0 fields make some resources and with some resources you can always eventually restore crop production and revive the hero.

    Obviously it would be way faster to just delete and start again (or just play on a different server) but if you just want to keep this account for what ever reason then just slug it trough like that.

    The real thing you should probably do is ask for a buddy to send you enough resources to get at least your hero revived and then use the hero production to get your village back on it's feet.

    You can intentionally run yourself out of crops by parking your entire army on that village and stopping all crop shipments. Other players troops starve before your own troops which means you can simply "eat" the enemies this way. When a troop starves it turns into 100x it's crop value in crops (so 100 for infantry 200 for cav, 300 for heavy cav and 400 for EC)

    If you can't or don't want to do that then you can simply siege your own village or have one of your friends do it. They can't see the attacks coming so it will be a simple matter or attacking yourself with a siege and then sending away all other troops just a moment before.