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    Player limit wouldn't necessarily help, those guys could simply make Camelot 1, 2, 3... or as many as it takes really. It's more up to the kingdom leadership to arrange fun servers if it becomes that bad.

    And ye I mean at that point you might as well invite the rest and build wonders together or something and then hopefully have a better next round

    For me having a clean holiday without having to worry about wonder is clearly the superior option, especially since its only "cost" is merely ~3 days longer round. I don't think that hurts anyone and it definitely helps lot of people so don't see why not.

    Crop fields or hero resurrection doesn't require crops so what you can do is build crop fields while waiting for the hero resurrection cost to drop and then revive her too. You can't truly be put into situation you can't recover because of this, lvl 0 fields make some resources and with some resources you can always eventually restore crop production and revive the hero.

    Obviously it would be way faster to just delete and start again (or just play on a different server) but if you just want to keep this account for what ever reason then just slug it trough like that.

    The real thing you should probably do is ask for a buddy to send you enough resources to get at least your hero revived and then use the hero production to get your village back on it's feet.

    You can intentionally run yourself out of crops by parking your entire army on that village and stopping all crop shipments. Other players troops starve before your own troops which means you can simply "eat" the enemies this way. When a troop starves it turns into 100x it's crop value in crops (so 100 for infantry 200 for cav, 300 for heavy cav and 400 for EC)

    If you can't or don't want to do that then you can simply siege your own village or have one of your friends do it. They can't see the attacks coming so it will be a simple matter or attacking yourself with a siege and then sending away all other troops just a moment before.

    I think tying mehnir availability to beginner protection is the way to go.

    Beginner protection isn't long enough, lot of beginners are still on the first village after exiting their beginner protection (the day 1-2 fast settling is popular among veterans but not readily accessible to new players), You might still be with one village well into the 300-400 pop range, maybe even a a city for some beginners who figure city would be a cool starting move. If a limit were to come account age or troops built is much better as it prevents the abuse without hurting new players at all.

    1. Area around the World Wonders

    In the 5x round so far I'm quite happy with the way the wonders look in terms of this rule.

    The area for no relocation could even stand to be bit bigger by another 2-5 tiles than it is since the area directly around the wonder tends to be bare of oasis already meaning kingdoms don't want to relocate there in the first place and the wonder itself does take substantial chunk of the blocked area as well.

    Alternatively more oasis could be added under the wonder to make it more valuable now that you can't just dump an entire team there day 1?

    There are 2 reasons

    1) in the long run crop will the most difficult resource to acquire and while you can of course NPC merchant your spare resources into it, picking your capital to be a cropper (9c or 15c) will at the very least lower the gold cost of maintaining an army and especially for folks who don't use lot of gold it allows them to build a much bigger army.

    2) crop fields are cheaper to level than resource fields, have less upkeep than resource fields and most importantly they have higher bonus with 2 different boosting buildings and potential 50% oasis bonuses instead of 25% for other resources. This means a 15c capital is the highest possible total production and as such best choice for your capital.

    The first death is a "freebie" where you get a big discount on the time and resources to help out the early game. Every death after that starts out at the max price listed here:…ro%20Resurrection%20Costs

    and gets cheaper the longer the hero stays dead.

    You should always revive your hero immediately though as the amount of resources it produces more than make up for the higher resurrection cost + you can't do adventures or gain exp from robbers or participate in attacks or defenses very well without it.

    Yes you only need one (or if you use more than one only one is consumed when the place flips over to your control)

    You do need 2 slots and obviously working at the city with just one chief might take a while but one will do the trick just fine.

    There are 3 bonuses found by clicking the gold icon. The resource and crop bonus as well as the travian plus. You want to unlock those for the entire round ideally though it will take some saving up.

    - Can you do it?

    Yes you can, you can settle any open tile you see on the map, the only limitation is further the tile is the longer your settlers travel meaning someone else might get there first.

    - The advantages of settling outside borders

    Usually there is more room, and if your kingdom is very full there might not even be any space inside the kingdom. More over tiles outside of the borders can have tiles you want (like one that makes more iron or one that makes more crop) and there is less competition for oasis as well.

    - The downsides

    If your village is inside the borders the most important advantage is that everyone in your kingdom can see if and when you get attacked allowing them to defend you easier. Village inside borders also makes tributes for your king making him stronger which is good for the kingdom. You can also sell stolen goods in any village inside borders which makes managing your resources bit easier.

    Overall you want at least couple of your villages inside borders but don't be afraid to step out of them (especially towards the edge of the map as there are less enemies there) if you need more of particular resource that's not easily available inside borders. Ask your king for ideas and where he plans to expand the kingdom in the future. Life outside borders can be dangerous especially near enemies so watch out for that.

    It depends

    My personal recommendation is to save up gold and silver as you play the round from adventures and daily card games and quests until you can purchase one of the bonuses for the entire round + it's always handy to have some gold around when you need to NPC resources for crops for defending army or gold up a wall when under attack. If you play actively you can afford all bonuses and have enough to get few items from auction house and gold some walls in an emergency.

    You can also ask for your king or other kingdom members for some tips on what to do if you are in a friendly kingdom

    Yes + it can't lose the bonus like a village could thanks to rams. If you can bait people into attacking an iron oasis then just defend with everything because that's the best fight you can ever get.

    That being said for somewhat obvious reasons people don't often attack oasis with full force so it's rare to get to use their defense bonus to your advantage.

    What is perhaps more notable is that crop oasis (without other resources) have 0% defense bonus making them perfect targets for cavalry hits

    The answer is still the same, defense bonus doesn't apply to animals. Only defensive units benefit from the bonuses. (at least if there isn't some recent bug with them)

    You can check this easily from clicking on the oasis and looking at the upper right corner.


    Pictured above is a iron mine which has 0% bonus because it's under animal control but if you were to capture it it would change to a 100% like this


    The bonuses listed by Georgi should also be correct