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    I'd like to say that if you don't plan to hit WW but generally just get offense and fight people then setting yourself up for success even later is pretty good idea for casual play.
    Get 5 or 6 villages and then start prod from barracks, stable and workshop lvl 20's it takes about 25k ress per hour to do that and you can easily do it with 5-6 well built villages (possibly even earlier than that if you don't have cap as 15c).
    Not getting units is a trap but so is getting permanently stuck with weak army and weak villages as too high investment into troops you don't raid with can choke your account and end up being useless that way, which is a trap lot of beginners also fall into (though no troops is probably more common)

    For active player troops produce way more resources than fields ever could so if you can raid then you should go with that and good WW hammers obviously need to be started early as well.

    You can only soft lock using crop as the only thing that really prevents you from building up while your crop fields are nuked is the lack of crop itself which can be mitigated with hero, trades, stolen goods, NPC or shipments from your other or ally villages
    It will still hurt but not truly cripple like it did in earlier versions

    Short answer you can't the relocation system is random (until the next game version at least they are making some changes then)
    Basically it offers you a selection of two kings with available space from certain population category based on your pop, the options should refresh daily but might be the same of course the next days as well. Especially as you grow you will probably get different bigger kingdoms as options. The process is random and you might never get any particular option to pop up. On the flip side if you like one location you can simply relocate there and then look for relocation again from the new position there is no obligation to actually join the king you are relocating to.

    Now if you really want to pick a kingdom what you need to do is settle inside their borders. Basically what you do is send your second and further villages to the desired kingdom and then eventually either destroy or perhaps just leave your starter where it is depending on the distance to the desired area.

    Team member limits don't actually work, the guys who want more members will just create wings, if anything I think member limits hurt the small guys by preventing them from naturally getting as big as the evildoers who abuse wings.

    If you want to limit the size of kingdoms you have to do it by changing mechanics in a way that doesn't prevent large kingdoms but rather that makes smaller kingdoms have an edge.
    Right now there are lot of mechanics that support who ever is biggest, for example treasures are generated by govs -> who ever has the most govs generates most treasure -> bigger is better
    What you want to do is create anti snowball mechanics instead where small kingdoms get bigger benefits

    I don't think the OP is suggesting to change how the wave mechanics work, rather just to automate the creation of identical waves.
    I would say it's cool feature and would be nice if it was added but pretty low priority upgrade over some other more urgently needed convenience upgrades.

    There is pretty heavy RNG regarding robber hideouts and hero adventure rewards and even minute difference in hero production such as one set of points in strength vs one set of points in resource can add up to 1600 resources over 20 hours. Besides those 3 the other fellow might have used gold or for example made a profit trading in the marketplace

    To accords credit I'm not quite sure why they even hand out full bans for some light insults.

    Ironically that is behind at least some of the abuse of the ban system because you can basically get "banned at will" by just swearing to a friend and having them to report you while also getting out of the ban "at your leisure" (both times subject to admins responding so like +24h or so) since you probably won't get your buildings reduced or army killed just for swearing. This makes it very convenient when you want to abuse the system as you don't actually have to do anything that would also damage your account to get resolved.
    I think a chat ban is much more appropriate especially for light or first time offenders. If you go full third reich on someone then maybe you can get a legit ban but that should be more like the exception than the rule.

    One major problem with server like this from financial perspective is the way people spend money. Almost no matter what price point you put in you will have problems with folks who would usually spend a lot more (the whales) which is usually quite large chunk of the games income and the group that likes to spend little or none at all which is usually quite large chunk of the players. A good price point will obviously mitigate such issues but the end result is most likely a very small server with relatively low income to the developers in comparison to what they could have made if they just did the standard pay as much as you want format. Registering fee is also the most punishing type of payment since you need to have both the money and the will to play the entire server and you might feel like you got ripped off if you spawn next to some hostile premade and get rekt or if your life situation changes and you can't play the entire round.

    I would like a server like that myself but not sure if I would play on it as it would be big call to make on one day for me at least.

    Regarding cities I recommend this kind of a build:
    start -> settle 2nd village -> settle 3rd village -> upgrade your capital (which can be your starter or your 2nd village if you choose a cropper for example) to a city -> settle more villages until the game ends

    Ideally you don't need more cities than your capital as 2 normal villages are superior than 1 city that being said you might want more cities than just that if the conditions are right.

    You should always city:
    Croppers (9c or 15c) tiles
    Villages you use to build offense
    Treasury villages

    Additionally you can city:
    Villages you think might be chiefed (chiefing a city takes 2 slots and cities have 200 loyalty making them lot harder to chief)
    Villages that you need extra defense in (waterditch)

    You also might want to city:
    If your kingdom has no more free tiles to build more villages in
    If you have a particularly good tile (3/4/5/6 with 75% iron for romans for example) and there are no similar tiles while you still need more of that one resource (only necessary for people who don't use gold, gold users can just use the NPC)

    In a normal game I usually end up with 2-3 cities (my capital and one or two additional cities I use to block enemy chiefs or for some other reason like having another cropper village) and as many villages as I can build

    Worded that poorly, what I meant to say is that: Does the lobby award match the weekly prestige?
    I'd assume it keeps track of the weekly changes already so it's probably way faster to update that than adding the bonus which is only determined when the game world actually ends or there is some other spaghetti there going on.

    You can cash in the free residence upgrade quest anywhere else as well if you so desire, of course it's usually considered optimal to use it on the first village because resources become more plentiful as game goes on but in your situation you don't have to be afraid you lose the bonus or anything, it will still be available once you get your second residence rolling.