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    The defense increase is fairly minuscule and won't turn any actual fights around, though it can be effective against small raids. If you like you can examine the defense points in the battle simulator, but for reference the lvl 10 provides 200 defense points which is about the same as 4-5 unupgraded phalanx and the lvl 20 version is 800 points (worth about 16 to 20 phalanx). This power is of course boosted by walls and ditch but as you might imagine having the effective power of maybe 10 fully upgraded and hero boosted phalanx isn't much.

    That being said residence has other benefits
    1) it produces nice culture
    2) it makes your village more resistance to being chiefed (the enemy has to destroy the residence first)
    3) if you later need the residence to make settlers or chiefs or such you have to rebuild it and you can't gold it up either

    Residence is usually quite high on my "replace when needed" list though as the chief protection is questionable at best and the culture production is nice but usually by that point I don't mind losing some culture generation to put up a granary or a great stable for example. The third benefit is only useful if you have free slots or plan to chief from yourself at some point.

    My verdict: Remove if you need the space

    Other buildings you might want to remove are:
    Smithy (once you have researched all the upgrades you need)
    Academy (once all the units are built)
    Crannies (if any)

    @Jak I think you misunderstood.
    1 cropper per account limit does nothing to stop people from getting that one cropper by multi accounting which is the biggest problem of moving croppers to start out with.

    @Jak there is lots to gain, it allows people who didn't get croppers to multi account them inside their kingdoms like it's pizza delivery, that is the main issue and it still works even if there was 1 cropper per account limit.

    The yellow kingdom area (called borders) emanates from all active treasuries of the king and dukes (and later vice king as well) and can include oasis that are in direct contact with existing border (corner to corner is fine for that as well)

    The maximum reach of the borders is determined by the population of the treasury village. The maximum borders increase when the village reaches 100, 250, 500 and 1000 population. When there are multiple treasuries in the area and the borders are bit confusing you can check the maximum spread by hovering over any treasury. Pictured below is the maximum spread of the borders from single village. Notice the wood+crop oasis in the top left area which has been included in the borders as the player has captured it)

    When there are more than one treasury competing for any single tile (such as different kingdoms early game or even overlapping king and duke area) then who controls that tile is determined by influence. Influence is based on distance to the treasury, the treasury village population and then number of treasuries inside. Sometimes competing treasuries cause the area to be less than the maximum but no matter if there is or is not competition the area won't ever reach beyond this maximum area.

    Compare your location to the maximum area shown below and you will know if your village will be in reach or not

    The flags are language flags, for most part they just happen to match national flags as well but English, Arabic and Spanish especially have lot of folks not from those countries
    I would also say that hiding your timezone behind a bit of ambiguity is just good.

    To answer the first question, the reason why you need more TT's to not lose any is because casualties are percentage based. The units don't have any HP, the system simply takes into account the fighting power of defense and offense side and then assigns loss percentage based on that. As you can see in your image the larger TT stack with more total attack power gets lower casualty percentage but since the stack is bigger the -1 keeps on biting for longer. The stronger the unit the less units you need for any particular attack power and as a result the minimum threshold of death increases
    For example if you were using fully upgraded EC's you would only need 5 to not lose anything. In this scenario your army takes 9% casualties but because 9% of 5 is less than 0.5 it just rounds down to 0 losses.

    Also unit strength doesn't much matter for raids since you either raid villages without residences, you take the residence out before farming or you are willing to lose the 1 unit to raid successfully.
    Since the grey isn't exactly going to defend itself you might as well remove the residence with some catapults for easy farming.

    With the balance of power being very close the system assigns a 48% casualty percentage but since 48% is less than one unit on both stacks, all units survive

    @Triptox#EN There is no official announcement but they time is always the same, day 40 for the tier 2 gear and day 80 for the tier 3, you can check the auction house on these days to confirm new items are popping up if you want to be sure as well :)

    Fancy idea but I don't like it for 2 reasons

    1) It makes it so that bigger teams have even bigger advantage than they do now (especially the ones with lot of gold spenders)
    2) It makes attacking even more difficult than it is now

    Right now I think think attacking is bit too difficult and the only way to really succeed in offense is either by being significantly larger so you can sustain the attrition warfare longer or by utilizing lot of fakes. Incidentally lot of fakes is one of the tools smaller team can utilize to beat a bigger teams defense number advantage. With this change it would make it so that not only do you have to scale the number of fakes to the enemy size, you would have to scale the size of the fakes to enemy member count as well. This creates a nasty double dip and exponentially increases the cost of offense operations based on the enemy size when right now the relation is mostly linear.

    Lets take an example. Lets say that you are confident that right now your offense operation is capable of taking out enemy defense and reaching the goal (be it chief, cata waves or treasures) trough a force that is approximately worth 10 enemy players. This means if you attack a kingdom with 10 players you would need 2 targets to have about a 50% chance of success in your operation (one fake and one real). Against a kingdom of 50 you would instead need 10 targets (9 fakes and one real) as the enemy is capable of defending with 5 of these 10 man blocks on 5 separate targets. The cost of these 2 operations would hence be 50 (lets use round numbers for convenience) in fake units per player and 450 per player
    Now lets imagine that out of 10 players there are 2 that are both online and capable of using a spyglass worth of 10 units lets compare the 2 situations again. In the assault against 10 players you would need about 70 units in fakes now since you can assume 2 additional heroes will be used to look at your army meaning that instead of 50 you need 70 per target. Now this isn't so bad. Against the kingdom of 50 however you need 150 units per target as there are potentially 10 extra heroes that will attempt to scout you out. Now the cost for a single player is 1350 for this operation just in fakes
    This even gets worse if you assume more active players, larger kingdom, longer travel time, more gold users and the fact that real spyglass works up to 25 units

    Sure the enemies probably won't have time to check every village if you send 10 attacks like in the above example but they will be able to scout at least a couple and if those villages are revealed then your entire operation might be in ruins (this is why you fake with 45 even though you are pretty sure the enemy doesn't have maxed out spyglass because if they get one, even one visible fake might ruin an offense operation for everyone)

    This isn't even taking into account problems like multi accounting or how large treasuries would have 10 heroes just sitting there meaning even the least active members are able to effectively contribute to this strategy

    Even though I'm bashing on the idea a bit, I would actually prefer if there was less fakes in the game, the fantasy of army vs army, man vs man (or woman) is really powerful one. The reality of modern attacking against a competent enemy is that it mostly boils down to luck, either enemy makes a mistake or you have to guess and that's not as fun fantasy, it doesn't feel that great when you are the one doing the attacking either when you know that enemy has to defend at random. This change would naturally force that kind of situation (fakes without hundreds, possibly even thousand troops would be useless so might as well just attack full force), but it does nothing to change the inherent balance of power between defense and offense, which in this game is "if you know 100% where the attack lands you are almost guaranteed to win unless the enemy is significantly larger than you are". I just feel this isn't the way to achieve that but rather changes that drive the game more towards smaller kingdoms and more skill.

    Test server is as the name suggests a testing ground for new changes to kingdoms.

    The 2 main differences between a normal round and a test round is that
    1) Test server can end at any moment and could contain more bugs and new features might have issues that are fixed for the proper servers
    2) Everyone gets a set amount of gold semi regularly (especially if there are some nice posts for the gold fairy!)

    Reason number 2 is why some people prefer the test server to normal rounds as it does make everyone stand on much even grounds and allows people who otherwise couldn't buy gold to experiment with gold features
    Reason number 1 is why it's not recommend for beginners as it might be pretty sad to see a round end prematurely which can happen on test

    Additionally test is a speed round so it would be better if you compare it to a comX3. Speed or lack of speed can be critical for some players as well. Personally I prefer to stick to the slow rounds but there are others who never play the slow rounds as well. So if you like the speed rounds maybe give test a go, if you detest them test isn't for you :D

    >Fast 500 population

    If it's your first village at the game start, then follow quests up to around lvl 7 resource fields and then push the last 200 pop or so with what ever provides the highest population / resource ratio for you. Usually it's military buildings (barracks, stable, academy and smithy) but market and mainbuilding tend to be pretty cheap as well. Only downside is that investing hugely into market with just one village isn't quite as useful as upgrades on academy or barracks for example so balance the usefulness to the cost of the building.
    If it's late game and you just want to get 500 population fast for a city then build a mix of resource fields and what ever offers best population / resource ratio. Military buildings, crannies, market and mainbuilding tend to be good buildings for that.

    >Develop a supplier

    Well you want to build a warehouse and mainbuilding up first (especially if not a big gold user). Once those are done start leveling fields evenly across the board to lvl 8, then get one lvl 10 building for the boost buildings and follow up with lvl 10 fields.
    Once your fields are done there are few optional things. You will need a market to move resources but depending on the distances involved the marker might have to be higher or lower level and you might even need a trade office (especially as romans) if the distance is very large. If there are good oasis around you might also want to get a lvl 10 embassy
    Outside of the bare minimum you might want to consider:
    Wall - if you feel you might need to defend the village
    Barracks - grants you ability to produce more defense if your previous villages are already on max output
    Stable - scout (you only need one village that makes scouts though) and ability to build the trade office
    Town hall - celebrate for extra culture, especially good if you are in a situation where you don't feel too threatened and can invest into later game

    If you do go for townhall consider building up other various buildings until your village makes 500 culture every day for maximally effective small celebrations.

    The building strength bonus only applies while the stonemason is active.
    If you demolish (or it gets destroyed) the bonus will stop and your buildings return to normal durability.

    Stonemason only applies on the village it is built so it can only protect your capital.

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends who you ask :D ) there is no way to overthrow the king.

    The tools you have at your disposal are
    1) Ask your king nicely to abdicate. If it's pre kingdom union then the largest duke takes over. If it's post union the vice king takes over
    2) Ask not so nicely with catapults and convince your king to delete
    3) Create a new kingdom and invite the governors and other dukes to your new kingdom. This will obviously reset your VP progression but isn't such a big deal if the server is on very early stages.

    Post union the king and vice king cannot leave their posts, they can only swap between each other. At this point the only option is to simply leave the kingdom and make your own.


    You can send reinforcements to any oasis but to get extra production the oasis has to

    1) Be inside your kingdom borders
    2) Be assigned to your village

    In the above example the village I have marked with red (which is part of the blue kingdom) can use any of the 3 oasis inside the blue borders for extra production (wood, crop or the iron+crop)
    The other oasis, which I have marked with red color are ineligible for the bonus. The 2 that are inside the borders (clay and double crop) are too far to be assigned and the other oasis are either outside of the borders or too far.

    You can still use out of borders oasis but troops stationed in them don't provide any extra production or influence.
    For example in the above case if the player desired crop the most he might still want to use the out of border double crop oasis even though he can't use troop extra production because he will get 1st place there and hence 50% bonus.

    Another thing to note is that troop production is limited by your rank in the oasis (50 per rank for a maximum of 250 at rank 1) Each troop provides one resource of the appropriate type in single oasis and 1+1 in double oasis (like double crops or the crop + iron oasis)
    The troops can be from any of your villages and the newly produced resources will go to the village that is assigned to that oasis.

    Above you can see how the extra production shows up

    >How many to send
    There isn't a strict number, sometimes a 200 pop village is your best farm and that 1500 pop capital doesn't give anything, it all depends how much the village produces, how many crannies there are and how many other people are raiding the target.

    It's good idea to start out with 2 as that should survive empty villages and even some low level residence and wall combos. Test a list out once and then separate the green reports into your normal farm lists, yellow reports (where one dies) probably have higher level residence so you might want to either clear it out or send stronger or more units to that farm and for reds (both units died) you can try scouting to see if there are units or very high level residence + wall and if necessary clear the target out.
    After that the amount you send is just dependent on how much your units bring back, how many units you actually have available and how often you can send and to a lesser extent what unit you are using to raid (110 carry capacity paladins vs 60 capacity clubs for example)

    >Whom to raid
    Farming grey players is easy and pretty low risk. It's the entry level to farming and usually should be done by anyone who wants to farm. That being said rewards are largely dependent on the amount of effort you are willing to spend creating lists and sending them out
    Farming active or at least non grey players is higher risk as not only is there a risk that the player comes back and kills your units but non grey villages give reports to kings inside their borders so someone might monitor your attacks and defend them even if the player in question is inactive. Finding good active farms is challenging but the rewards are high as you often times might be the only person farming that particular player

    >Farms or being farmed?
    If you don't want to play a server you should in my opinion delete but you can always just choose to remain to either help out your former team by being a farm or to provide some good chiefing locations. Lot of people will always go grey during a server as especially first timers don't really care what happens to their account after they decide to quit

    >Tool for farming
    There isn't
    The closest you can get are tools that find the farms for you trough the official API and allow you to sort and filter them but you still have to add them into your own ingame lists manually.

    There is a problem with the server time to start out with that happens when different countries go in and out from summer time at different times. I recommend setting up your kingdom to follow UTC time setting as that not only bypasses the problem but also makes it easier for everyone

    The actual amount is clouded in mystery and intrigue and legends say no one knows how pushing limitations work....
    It depends on few factors, namely which account is bigger in pop

    That being said the game will stop you when you try to send too much so you don't have to worry about breaking any rules or anything
    Test it out and see, the market will stop you when you have sent enough.

    I like to put troops like that into oasis. Remember that you can station troops from any village to any of your oasis so even if the couple close by ones are full you should have room in the further out ones.
    It's good use for them because if they get attacked I'm not sad if they die and at worst they still pay for themselves or pay bit of extra if it happens to be a 50% or 25/25 oasis.

    Using them to do fake attacks is also pretty handy and if they are defense use them to defend attacks you suspect are fakes as if it is real you won't be too sorry you lost them either.