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    I cannot tell if they cheated or not, but I can definitely tell, it doesn't matter. I've seen literally no kingdom on the server who can defend their ww or perform any meaningful attacks. There was a huge gap between LITA and everyone else, and it was not caused by LITA cheating, it was caused by the lack of professional execution from other players and kingdoms. Looking at those end-game attacks I'm pretty sure in that. I'm sad Ottoman deleted, they really had a potential for competition.

    I also agree mid-game peace helped them to scale, but it's the decision of other leaders. On this server everyone preferred local fights and splashing mid-size armies every week, no one else other than LITA really cared about end-game.

    These are just great points. Great ones. Maybe treasuries should have higher capacity (10k), but only one should be allowed to be built in a village? This would also increase the vulnerability of a treasury village, because if that single treasury falls, there would be no other active treasury holding that area.

    Ah wiki! So true!
    Still as a veteran player some information are still hidden. E.g. I've never seen any official information about how robber hideouts are structured (troops and resources in). We have guesses from experience, but that's all.

    Back on the topic, indeed. I think we need to charm way more new players, but as I gathered Travian Team is happy with the current player base.
    Making the game less p2w is one step in my opinion.

    Looking back the old responses, I cannot tell why people think this is the big balance we have right now. People just unaware of the expression "perfectly imbalanced game", which I think travian suits the best: the players and their behaviour, how they use tribes should determine the balance. Like now, 50% of the players use gauls for a reason, BUT travian team has not made a change for 10 years to bring the number of teuton or roman players forward. It's not because it's balanced, it's because no one cares from the game designers to analyse gaming data and make updates.

    I'm bringing this thread back in order to emphasize how important data is in 2021, and how you, Travian Team could use that in order to gather or keep more players in game.

    I'm surprised no one talking about the fact that OTTOMAN will need no WW to win the game. I'm actually sick of it, players believe the game has some kind of balance and every kingdom has a right to win, but nah, it's a fiction. I cannot even tell what we are doing on this server. This game is a monopoly played with 5-10 players with a precondition of that 1 player owns every property.

    Holy ****, I lost so many units on that resurrection. Suddenly every farm had tons of units out of nowhere. ;(