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    These are just great points. Great ones. Maybe treasuries should have higher capacity (10k), but only one should be allowed to be built in a village? This would also increase the vulnerability of a treasury village, because if that single treasury falls, there would be no other active treasury holding that area.

    Ah wiki! So true!
    Still as a veteran player some information are still hidden. E.g. I've never seen any official information about how robber hideouts are structured (troops and resources in). We have guesses from experience, but that's all.

    Back on the topic, indeed. I think we need to charm way more new players, but as I gathered Travian Team is happy with the current player base.
    Making the game less p2w is one step in my opinion.

    Looking back the old responses, I cannot tell why people think this is the big balance we have right now. People just unaware of the expression "perfectly imbalanced game", which I think travian suits the best: the players and their behaviour, how they use tribes should determine the balance. Like now, 50% of the players use gauls for a reason, BUT travian team has not made a change for 10 years to bring the number of teuton or roman players forward. It's not because it's balanced, it's because no one cares from the game designers to analyse gaming data and make updates.

    I'm bringing this thread back in order to emphasize how important data is in 2021, and how you, Travian Team could use that in order to gather or keep more players in game.

    Again, I'll elaborate this a bit:

    Gaul Key points

    • Excellent for beginners: Easily the strongest early to mid game of all tribes. Trapper + the balanced and easy to spam Phalanx is OP. Also Phalanx + Swords ratio is almost perfect, grab yourself a wood oasis and you're good to go cleaning those hideouts and staying home strong in the 1st week, after that go Swords + TT and the ratio is the same. Well suited for beginners indeed.
    • Strong defense: Not the most crop efficient but the defense/time is indeed THE strongest. Phalanx ftw !
    • Fast cavalry: Period. Fast, not the most powerful, but the fastest ! Druids are Praets on horses, Haeduans are Legos on horses, TTs are best grey raiding unit in the game.

    Roman Key points

    Teuton Key points

    • Great for active players: What this means is: you don't leave your army home never ! Keep them raiding, you'll run into negative sooner than the other tribes.
    • Suits offensive play: Of course it does, but don't underestimate the Spear + Paladin combo. Spears are Praets counterpart so teutons also excel at defense ! Talking about weak Clubs ? Give them something to drink. 20% Off bonus from hero * 20% from Brewery doesn't seem weak to me, why would you want to boost this even further ? Because Spears and Phalanx train quickly ? B*** please...
    • Cheap troops: Indeed, cheap cheap and cheap. But oh boy are they slow ? Are they frail ? Are they crop efficient ? But do they give you the best attack/time ? They do ! Do Spears give you 2nd best defense/time ? Being even more def/cost efficient than Paladins ? They do !

    The game is balanced. If you don't know the tribes you indeed think that it isn't. But if WWs would be built to lvl 100 without being knocked down a single level then and only then the game would need a re-balance. But show me a server where 1 kingdom plays full defense and stack the WW with all they have to see it through lvl 100 without a scratch. Then I'll accept that defense is OP and Off needs a buff.

    I don't really understand your points, you made a tribe-guide for newbies, but did not really mention how T5 is different from T4.

    The entire troop statistics were originally made for T4 and the game designers just copied everything to T5, not considering how the T5 features might affect the gameplay.

    I don't want to remove the special features of tribes, it's good as is. But right now, the game is heavily defense sided by 80% of T5 features. You cannot do much, only
    1) Attack greys
    2) Carefully attack afk players outside of borders
    3) After 9 months, press the button and your army was used.

    If you do otherwise and you attack a more serious target, you just lose your entire army and get no information back.

    I don't think it's breaking the balance at all, since there's no balance. Romans and gauls are massively behind teutons in offense points, that 15% off on barracks would keep this disadvantage of romans, but it wouldn't be that super heavy. The game needs these changes, because these numbers might be okay in T4, but T5 is so much different, defenders got too much buffs with influence, menhirs and vacations.


    Forgot to mention, not only the menhirs but vacation mode hurts attackers so badly. Most of the time I saw players using vacation strategically, halving the number of possible targets attackers can fake, so the defenders can group defense with greater success.

    Hey :S

    While playing this game year by year, I've always felt defenders have so much advantage. But as T5 keeps changing, defense side is coming insane. Some reasons:
    1) As we got used to it, defense can be grouped, attack cannot. It's fine, ancient travian feature.
    2) As T5 were introduced, many villages got covered with a kingdom's influence, so they enjoyed extra defense by giving visual notification of attacks to the kingdom.
    3) Menhirs: Oh dear, no village outside of borders. Every player is stacked into a kingdom and it feels like a simulation of world war 1. Everyone is safe, very risky to make an attack, so you won't commit, save army for 80-90 days and then press the button. ;(

    The imbalance of defense and offense play style can be also seen on the distribution of tribes. The majority of players pick gauls and only a small percentage goes for teutons.

    Therefore, I'd like to make some suggestions to rebalance the game and make it more fun:

    1) Gauls: I think they are fine, although they could get better offense values on cavalry, changing Haeds to 150/60/155 from 140/60/165. I feel it's a shame that gaul offense armies are built up from light TT units.
    2) Teutons. I like the idea how the clubs can counter the phalanx spams, but it's still not enough. Clubs will hardly ever use their loot advantage, since it takes so much time to reach an opponent village, so they get defended. I don't really see teuton players abusing the loot efficiency of clubs, they are only made for spamming attack points quickly. Thus, I would change clubs' attack speed to 8, increase their attack damage from 40 to 43 and I would increase the damage of axefighters to 65 as well. TKs are nearly fine, but they are nearly as slow as clubs, they would also need a buff of +2 fields/hr.
    3) Romans. It's so complicated. I hardly ever see players actually playing around legionnaries. Also, I often notice the majority of the players have the same amount of cavalry as infantry, which is so funny. No one really cares about imperians, they are left behind - not good for farming or producing damage quickly. Imperians look so strong, but in reality their training time makes them so useless. I would definitely push towards a direction where the hero helmets made for barracks (e.g. helmet of warrior) are not completely ignored by roman players, so they could have an option which offense side they want to push: infantry or cavalry. Thus, I would decrease the training time in roman barracks by 15% overall. Training time would be still slow, but more acceptable and actually fun to play with.

    What do you think? Do the troops need a rebalance with the menhir era?

    - Those who fast built
    - Those who made coordinated attacks
    - Those who were competing for settling/conquering a village
    - Those who wanted to gather defence against an incoming siege
    - Those who have lost gold by uncompleted gold events

    May Fortuna bless:
    - Those who placed 500 silver on 10 artworks and went to sleep