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    Why don't you have summer internships?
    com1, gergopool

    I think you guys (Travain Team) needs some engagement from new talents, university students who love playing this game.
    Some students might introduce a new drawings of a paladin, a new way of thinking on the tribes, clever bots that could play the game, etc.
    I feel you guys are happy with your achievements and not trying to develop something new and cool. Summer internships and new collegues
    might give you a wider look, and present what unused possibilities you have with this game.

    On the other hand, I like that finally you bring two new tribes onto the stage. I think the statistics of the units should be reconsidered,
    but I guess you've already defined some goals about them and your designers tried their best to fit to the idea.

    Hi ^^

    Just wondering, if a huge army, attached by a hero destroys the treasury, why isn't it possible to steal every treasure?
    I think since the treasury is missing, there is no point to limit the treasures stolen to 1/3.


    An extra thing that if you decide to hit the treasury and go with hero afterwards, you still cannot steal each treasure.
    If there's an another active treasury village, the treasures got transported automatically.