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    I kindly ask ADMIN for fast reaction!!!!
    This is a shame!!!!!
    We spend a several month on this server that some BUG distroy our efforts!!!!
    If you don't solve that ASAP I will publish that shame and ask players is it worth to play this game when somebody can just distroy your efforts during night!!!!!!

    Hi, alliance SMOKE (COM2) lost 7.400.000 VP in one day.
    That means that we lost 148.000 treassure (148.000 × 50 = 7.400.000).
    We didn't have some much treassures at all.
    I kindly ask that you check that issue because that isn't possible from math point of view.
    Server is in final stage and this is a hugh shame for this game!!!!!!
    We have advantage of 2 milion VP.