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    Since it is kingdoms theme; actually we can make a kingdoms rally point ( which may be unloacked according to treasures). Kingdoms' rallies points can be stationed within the kingdoms and can act as launch point ( to and fro)

    we need something different Since it has kingdoms as theme


    • for increased resource production and victory points
    • that enable to build fortress where we can reinforce our troops, that can boost the strength of troops, hero can gain additional bonus and strength for some duration
    • that enable to build fortress ,that can train unique troops in exchange resources such as super soldiers

    Similarly anything that can help to grow as a team But something different than classic/ travian legends

    I voted No as the theme of game is 'Kingdoms'. The territory is the soul of the kingdoms. The territory includes the villages and players. If meta is big then diplomacy is the key to become big. Moreover, number limitation is same as the old travian which has evolved into travian legends.

    Travian legends: This version fulfill all the criteria about the limitation.

    The maximum number of members in an alliance is 60, so when an alliance wants to expand further, it splits into multiple wings. Members in one wing cannot view the combat reports of members in another wing, benefit from alliance-only resource trading, or use the web chat to talk to each other, since the game considers the wings to be separate alliances. In order to solve this problem, many alliances use IRC or Skype, along with an externally hosted forum. (Copied) Travian kingdoms concept is somewhat different. Every players both novice and expert can take a part. The third tier equipment is based on the concept that even a small player with third tier equipment can influence the game. The player can choose travian legends if they are not happy. This version is design made on the theme that everyone can take part.

    Guess this feature is consolidating the area so quick. If you are not quick ur team will suffer. Dukes and kings should/must be quick to take action and have a good command over fellow teammates. Time is money. With three invitations the king should be quick to gather teammates around his/her treasury. With tributes to support kings and dukes massive troops can be trained in short time. And one thing we dont need to worry about 2nd village, we are teleporting settlers with a village. :P

    If horses are considered Romans are the choice for many players. Players with attacking tendency would find Romans the easiest to play as legions can work as attackers as well as defense. In case of Romans there is no dilemma for training troops; however, in case of gauls there is some dilemma on choosing the horses-- too many horses to choose (attack as well as offense). But majority will find guals easy since the beginners will find the time to avoid raiding.

    Even though this sounds as a good idea there will be much nagging around this. For example you borrow out something you will make sure you can get it back without hesitation and only then it may work.

    After certain hours of lending it will be sent back to the owner The possibility of sharing the Helmet of Archon is like sharing the artefact
    Disadvantages: Some resourceful player may buy all the important equipment
    Thus there should be restriction of buying the certain type of same equipment and the same type of equipment sharing

    Treasures allocation
    Tight control versus loose control
    Generally treasures are allocated according to opening of treasury-slot-allocation
    Recently what i found in com2 treasures are allocated as tight control versus loose control
    Loose control
    Most kingsdoms from com2 has loose control as treasures are distributed proportionally; this type has been the typical way in the kingdoms
    Tight control
    Another kingdom has tight control The specific feature was centralized main treasury village with sparse treasures villages at periphery

    There are pros and cons of both system
    For tight control: the limitation is the number of defensive troops we can reinforce in the centralized village. This type can eat many hammers If mega defense can be trained in time this type takes away the pain of defending every treasury village
    For loose control: Proportionate defense in treasury village; there is flexibility of moving the treasures; however there is risk of gathering inadequate defense

    Curtain thank for the answer
    I have asked this question: I analyzed the top raider they sent troops like 20 clubs plus 5 teutonic knights
    I have gone through many raiding guides
    Though it is not good strategy the easiest way to raid is to make Kingdoms, who let the raiders to let the known raiders to raid them In this scenario only 20-30 fully upgraded villages will be sufficient
    Still if i am missing something that need to be top raider without devising other ways, important strategy are welcome
    Like me, many are eager to know what they are lacking to be in top Raider

    Guys Most of the top attackers are top raiders also. Can anyone explain the raiding strategy? Raiding involving the math.
    Some questions
    How many to send? village Population 0-100, above 100, above 200, 200-500, above 500, above 1000
    Whom to raid? Inactives Actives Mixture
    Farms or being farmed? This question is very vital; no one wants to be farmed. Thus the question if player is being farmed "Dont they delete?" Ultimately we dont have income at all.
    Now another question "Is there any tool that can deliver farm list from the getter-tools directly to kingdoms' farmlist?

    there is loop hole; we can push again Please send the troops for reinforcement to the player's villages for whom you are intending to send resources Then you send crop bypassing the push limit But sending the crop has limit per day But still we can push the player on daily basis by crop After the work is over bring back the troops ......... For gold players it does not matter NPC is there for them user thus for me it is quite difficult