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    The theme of the travain is war
    Thus like cricket and football it is not good to limit kingdom member, but limitation may be tried in the tournament
    For small kingdoms they should work on diplomacy and form a bigger kingdom

    Whether any limit on number of players; it does not matter. The pre-formed meta will kill the scenario. Ultimately it is the co-ordination. Thus my suggestion no limit.
    All the players that settle within the kingdom should be included. We know that even the far away guys could be included.

    If any limit or compromise on strategy comes; it is strongly condemned
    Every players are useful for the game.
    Gold players: for the game-developers and leading the team
    Non-gold buyers: they provide crops as they rarely do npc; they will balance the game
    Quite inactive player: useful for resources
    Grey inactives: for farms

    At last Both quantity and quality matter; the travian has the history of quantity wins quality,
    Quality guys forget there is diplomacy for quantity
    Guys, everyone has choice; it is advisable to play with own style