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    Phalanx has the most efficiency so I would advise you to get Helmet of Infantry(Mercenary,Warrior,Archon The ones gives Barracks bonus.) but it is okey to have a Helmet of Horseman too.

    when i play def i like to use helmet of cultural point (gladiator, tribune, consul). cause, as a def i will produce phalanx in multiple villages. and the helmet of infantry/cavalry work only on one village. so CP helmet is better as it helps to get more village. and more village means more phalanx

    There are some other games i dont play, and some others game i play. some thing i like something i dont.
    In travian its same. i like a tribe most others less. i like that tribe most, with that i can do what i like to do.
    Its same for every player. People choose different tribe by their priority or likeness.
    Travian can just have one tribe, with one offensive troops and one defensive troops. but its not people like. people is different and wants different things.

    I have seen some tuton player make axes instead of clubs. they like better crop consumption in axes.
    i like to play roman. in roman i always make EI. i know EC is better at attack per time. but i need to raid. EI is better than that.
    i have a friend who think he should make gaul hammer, cause he find raiding is easy with TT than EI.
    i played with one tuton player. he raided 20M a week ( was top robber for sure) with clubs. he dont needed EI or TT. but it will be tough for me or my friend with clubs.
    I have seen a Queen, who didnt make any imperian and only make EI. and with that he was top raider, steal lots of Treasures and kill hammers in quick attack.

    its all about what you want to do and what you like............
    and all people isnt best with everything even its the best.

    Was it Spawn WW hammer or 2nd/3rd village?
    I built 3/4th of the server with the Cavalry Helmet and only changed to Infantry when i had like 35k TTs, i too lost a bunch to spikers, but i'm grateful you were king so my record stays xD

    it was spwan village. i just lost whole army once. cant remember how much army was there. maybe between 2k and 8k. after that i kept training army. ant i think i could have 28/30k TT without player who was top deffer(probably) spiked regularly. and i raid mosty with horses. Besides that i used helmet for barack....since i use weapon for swordsman so i think its better option.

    what record you are saying? you broke my roman hammer record........regardless king/duke/gov. your cata number is unimaginable. or you have bigger gaul amry too..........share us

    Got one myself aswell

    You beat me Jallu :( , Btw, congratulations.....its a nice army...lots of catas and EI.......
    Here is one of mine......should share this before........lost lots of TT in spike........but swords didnt die too much.......
    Its from com7.........played as Gaul king all round except first 1/2 week........

    Hello Imran, thanks for writing.
    I counted all Roman hammers with the crop reduction granted by Horse Drinking Trough, because it's one of the fundamental feature of Romans and it's not fair comparing them with others tribes that eat much more when you don't have to actually feed them.
    This is my opinion, but if many player disagree it will not be a problem to change evaluation system

    If you say how much you need to feed your troops, I agree with you.
    But, I saw maximum people count without HDT. Probably it is a unwritten rules to count roman army.
    Besides, counting without HDT make comparison with other hammer easier.
    as .........

    Surely with hammers it's the amount of offence that counts. On that basis the EIs are probably worth approx 2.5 crop and the ECs 3.5. They are both stronger than corresponding 2 crop and 3 crop units, but not so much as to be worth a full extra crop.

    Of course this would make calculation more difficult...

    Additionally, imperian should count 1.75 compare with club. But overall it makes fair, cavarly worth less than a full extra crop but imprian worth more than a crop.
    May be best way is to count by troops power, but its hard to count that way.

    Nice Thread!!!
    I think major battle reports, biggest army in deff/off should be include in Hall of Fame by developer.

    But one thing, as far i know , for roman hammers EI count as 3 crops and EC count as 4 crops.

    As it the hammer of PsYcORabB.iT should be count as 197,719.
    And the my hammer should be count as 245,451

    Will not the "Huns" and the "Egypt" from the legend come here?
    I am interested. Me and some of my friends/ally member was going to try the new tribe in Legend. But we dont like play there.
    I think there have lots of people who want those tribe here.

    Time co-ordination is tough in game due to daylight saving time. its need to check individual time to do coordinated action.

    For solving this, the remove of the option of changing time can work. Every body have same time no matter where are they. it can be a unique time don need to be the server time.
    I have some other ideas like time for kingdom/SS, but first one is easy to implement, i think.

    The new rally point is annoying. Just three information at one page. It's hard to find a reinforcement/attack, when there is hundreds.
    Last one is have lag, but this one is worse than that.

    I think there should be at least 20 information per page. And there should be more filtering option.
    like time based : 0-30 min, 31min- 1 hour etc..... ,
    cancel able attack/reinforcement at once etc.

    And there be can be check box to select specific type of stationed unit and send back them at once.