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    BridgetB I have a suggestion about the in game message system, what about the option to mark messages as unread? Sometimes sitter/duals open messages, and when the other player comes, does not notice the reply.

    Even if it's just the green sign, would help. :) What do you think?

    I agree with this. It can get very bothersome because I've had both situations happen. Sitter open my message or I open someones message im sitting for. Things can get confusing and it'd be nice to be able to correct this.

    You can insta activate a treasury if you start out as a gov and decide to go king later. Like many mentioned you will have to reach 200 population. But you can do that fairly quickly and if you have decent players you trust that are ready to join you it can be beneficial to get that population up quick. Those tributes you will get will pay off. I've even built a stonemason to get a few population out early on to help out.

    I am searching for a dual for both my accounts. Currently it is covered but the person filling the position is not as experienced as I would like them to be. lol.

    I like it, Greetings, my name is William Crabb, I have played I think 5 or 6 servers, finished 4, won 3 (2 as king) My name in game is normally LordofDogs I used kingofkings at once as well. Outside of playing kingdoms I am a stay at home dad/college student using my GI Bill. I am a certified personal trainer, health and fitness freak, but I play a lot of video games. Favorite color, green, favorite food is pizza(I do not eat it much but when I do its like it never existed). I am always looking for friends to play games with, Travian or whatever else. Any questions just ask! I am also looking for a dual on the speed server COM1x3 if anyone is interested. Rank 6, Teuton account.


    Greetings everyone,

    I know I am a bit new to the forum life, I just recently started getting into it, but I have played many servers, won a few, 2 as king. AND as a gold user I have grown less and less fond of utilizing gold features as I win a server, and then move on to the next one, with nothing but glory and a few new friends, after spending say 200$ (that is my bad, I understand that). But my thoughts on this are maybe have some sort of incentive thing for winning a server, then not only will you get more players pushing to win, buying gold, and trying to get that incentive, but you will see more gold being spent, especially if the incentive in the end, is a gold voucher. Then that player could go into the next server feeling alot more accomplished and saving a bit of money. (feeding that baby daughter and such :D) I can see potential issues with this as well but I think some geniuses such as yourselves could make some sort of happy medium? at least maybe we could discuss it?

    I think in order for the game to still be able to pull in some money, while also making players happy (and still spend money) would be to maybe lower the 25% bonus to like 5% and gold consumption down a bit for it. that might make them lose a bit of money there, but more players might be willing to buy gold then. as for things like NPC merchant, which i know i use ALOT as a gold user. maybe make it to where a non gold option could be NPC merchant for 10% cost of the resources. so you lose 10% of what your trying to NPC. and as for the auction, thats a tricky one. I sometimes find myself having issues paying a bill because some one outbid me on one of those early game items, and i dropped another 100$ just to try and get it. And now here i am 2 weeks later finding said item to be completely useless. Auction seems to be only for gold users as we can easily outbid non gold users. Not to mention the card game, i get a stockpile of those resource and crop bonus crates. those are like finding a player with a loaded warehouse to farm once a day. I agree the gold is getting a bit out of hand, but I imagine everyone spending alot of money and feeding the owners of Travian all that money is not doing much to help anyones situation as far as making the game more fair. Anyone wanting to start a big NO GOLD team, and just fight those who use gold, let me know lol. I would be down 100%! :D