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    oh there is a logic behind the differences, i thought it was random

    @Georgi could you guys please make it a priority to display it correctly? i know there is still alot on the the to do list but the same ingameclock is one of the basics :)


    a few days later and we are still in the same kingdom and again 1 robbercamp spawned... (and again at the same place)

    the first time was funny, the second time not anymore ;)

    and yes we are an active kingdom with +80 members

    a once in a lifetime phenomenon!

    it is now a twice in a lifetime phenomenon! :(

    In my opinion artworks are the most and only overpowered gold feature in normal speed. Increasing your culture point production by slightly above 50% in the beginning is very, very strong. That all other gold features do give you an advantage is obvious and of course intended. Travian needs to gain money, too. Some of the features (instant delivery, instant completion, instant fetch trbutes) grant nearly no real advantage but feel very advantageous, because the most people - me included - are very impatient. Features like additional merchant runs, additional building queue slots, most of the plus features like celebration and smithy queue help you to compensate inactivity. And the very most other features (water bucket, resource chests, free adventure, ...) are limited in uses (so are artworks, but their bonus is still very very strong).

    So I'd like to know which features are P2W in your eyes and why.

    Exactly what i always say to iribuya when he comes up with his crazy ideas about travian being a p2w :D

    the best goldbonusses (travian plus, cropbonus, resbonus) are actually pretty cheap and you can compete with the "goldwales" on that level.

    If 20% of a 2.000 player server would take this feature it would generate €8000 / month for a single server.

    i think your estimation of 20% is a bit exaggerated, 400 people will never pay 15€/month or perhaps the first 2 servers but after i would be surprised if it was more then 10%

    Robber camps amount depends on the number of active players in the kingdom (for camps active is defined by "online in the last 12 hours") and likely also on random factors. One camp for 80 player doesn't sound intended tho. I think you have already checked the whole kingdom for camps and asked wether someone cleaned some?

    Best regards,

    i was on when the notification popped up, and all the other kingdommembers saw also only one.

    and our members are active

    Hi Guys/gals

    so i atm in a kingdom with a bit more then 80 people in it and the robbercamp just spawned, yes you read it correctly: robbercamp! Singular!
    so for more then 80 people there is only 1 robbercamp with 3 waves in...

    isnt the amount of robbercamps linked to the amount of people into the kingdom?
    or what decide how much camps spawn and with how many waves?

    just make a small hammer of 3k inf and 3 cav + 1 ram to siege the hideouts.

    with that hammer you can take out most of the robberhidouts when they spawn (only for the hideouts with alot of deftroops you better wait untill they start attacking you)

    Then atleast show the raid points +
    but do not put negative points in it, make the base/minimum points to 0.
    What matters is you can view your raided resource progress for the whole round.

    Same thing the ones with 0 points will be in trouble ;)

    i agree it would be nice for the top farmers (to see who farmed the most all round) but the people who dont have a + farm will get jumped.
    (dont forget the resources of robbercamps also count as farmed resources so every non farm will be in the +)

    would't it make it harder for pre-made teams? Now they do the duke thing and suddenly have a big kingdom and everyone wants to join them. With this and the randomness of start locations it would make it hard them establish themselves so quickly

    well the first duke of the premade team would just settle in the area of the king, get an invitation and become a duke.

    while when you dont have a premade team you would need to convince good possible dukes to trust you and settle in your territorry before making them a duke, and in most cases they would preffer to try to go first for a cropper.

    I can only speak for speed servers but i am pretty sure this wont work on speedservers, if we play teut we mostly farm 500-1k pop villages with 150 clubs+ 15TK.

    i agree our losses will be big BUT our losses (attacking side) will be shared with other players/kingdoms and your losses (defending side) will only be on your side so in the end you might lose more. imo generaly speaking the spiker loses more then the attackers especially if you send only small amount of def to villages who are attacked by alot of players

    oh yes i wanted to mention that thx for saying that.

    however i am not 100% pro this solution it would perhaps better to reduce the amount of VP you are able to reduce from a confed (perhaps even to 5 VP/treasure)
    but i fear that would make it to complicated, i am aware that it might sound already pretty complicated

    EDIT: i have editted it and made a difference between treasury villages and normal villages, that might also be interesting :)
    from kingdoms were you have no pact with you should be able to reinforce only regular villages (no treasury villages)
    if you reinforce a treasury village from a kingdom where you dont have a confed with your troops should just bounce back.

    Hi guys and gals

    Lately there have been alot of remarks/idea's on how this game should progress + some problems have been pointed out.
    So with this tread i would like to my opinion on how to solve them, if you dont agree or have other solutions feel free to post them. (i am a bit late to the party but i was really enjoying the great weather we were having lately :) ).

    1) VP stealing from friendlies
    2) meaningless diplomacy
    3) overflows in treasuries
    4) kicking/abdicating dukes if they receive inc attacks (lategame problem)
    5) duke deletion
    6) hiding treasures with govenors (who deny tributes) or at wonders,...


    1) VP stealing from friendlies
    like said in an earlier tread i really like the idea that if your attack is succesfull against a treasury you remove VP instead of stealing VP (but if you completely remove the stealing aspect of VP i fear that attacking treasuries will be discouraged) so i would like to propose a mix of both systems:

    If you attack a treasury of a top 10 kingdom (or perhaps even all kingdoms) you remove 10 VP for each treasury you steal. It doesnt matter which rank that kingdom has.
    BUT based on the rank of the kingdom you will also get a portion of the removed VP added by your own VP (why this way; because it would work also together with solution 2) meaningless diplomacy).

    I propose you could steal the following percentages of the attacked kingdom based on their rank:
    Rank 1 50% of the removed VP (so 50% of 10 VP = 5VP/treasure)
    Rank 2 33% of the removed VP (so 33% of 10 VP = 3.33VP/treasure)
    Rank 3 25% of the removed VP ...
    Rank 4 20% of the removed VP ...
    Rank 5 15% of the removed VP
    Rank 6 -10 10% of the removed VP
    (Rank +10 0% of the removed VP)

    2) Meaningless diplomacy
    Right now it doesnt matter alot if you have a confed with the whole server or at war with the whole server, the only thing that changes is the colour that kingdom is displayed in...
    So what i propose is that we add some advantages/disadvantages about having confeds, NAP's & wars. (these advantages/dissadvantages are only possible if both parties accept it and they keep active upto 48 hours after the pact has been cancelled)

    - Confeds:
    You cant steal VP from confeds (the only thing you can do is remove VP)
    You can only loot upto a certain amount of resources from a member of a confed kingdom (perhaps the same as a kingdommember)
    If a confed losses VP, you also lose a part of your VP (perhaps lose 25% of the stolen VP?) this way you will have to be carefull with who you have confeds.
    the ability to reinforce the treasury villages of that kingdom.

    - NAP's:
    You can only steal half of the VP from NAP's you would normally be able to steal (you can remove the full 10VP/treasure)
    You can only loot upto a certain amount of resources from a member of a NAP kingdom (parhaps 3 times as much as from a kingdommember)
    you are not able to reinforce treasury villages from NAP's

    - War:
    You can steal an additional 50% of the removed VP (so from a rank 1 kingdom you could steal 7.5VP/treasure, from a rank 2 kingdom 49.5VP/treasure etc.)
    this rule can be easily exploited to transfer VP so offering peace (and accepting that peaceoffer) should cost also a PERCENTAGE of the VP from the 2 kingdoms.
    that would encourage a war till one of the kingdoms disband
    Members cannot switch between kingdoms when those kingdoms are at war, even till AFTER the peace is offered or a kingdom disabanded you shouldnt be able to switch to that kingdom for 48 hours (or even more)
    you are not able to reinforce any villages from kingdoms who are at war.

    3) overflows in treasuries
    I really liked the idea that @paulc_COM posted earlier regarding exchanging your treasures (that are overflowing) for kingdom wide bonusses.
    however i would propose different bonusses:
    - extra capacity of lvl 20 treasuries (-> more VP generation + more crop/treasure sold)
    - extra resources for each sold treasure
    - decrease the training times in barracks & GB (this should cost alot of treasures)
    - decrease the training times in stables & GS (this should cost alot of treasures)

    4) kicking/abdicating dukes if they receive inc attacks (lategame problem)
    make it cost time (8hours for speeds, 24hours for normal servers (not sure about the normal servers, i never play normal servers but perhaps somebody else who plays normal servers can give a good time)).
    Perhaps even VP but i dont like that idea to much because you should be able to kick bad/inactive dukes.

    5) duke deletion
    almost the same as previous point, but a duke shouldnt be able to delete without "abdicating" first.

    6) hiding treasures with govenors (who deny tributes) or at wonders,...
    make treasures in villages from members automattically (OVER TIME, it shouldnt be immediatly) move to the closest active treasury.
    if a duke/king has also somewere an overflowing treasury and another duke/king of the same kingdom has an empty/partly empty treasury the treasures should also move to the empty/partly empty treasury (also over time and at a slow rate)

    this are in my opinion the biggest problems and the best solutions for them, feel free to add your ideas. i am aware that the VP stealing from friendly kingdoms is still possible but these changes should reduce the effect from it.

    (i would also like to point out a (small) "problem" that i said already a few times: dont let raids (from kings) kick out govenors, it is really annoying when govs chiefs farms from kings and then are kicked out because they get a raid).

    yes, gold gives advantages and in my opinion it should give a bonus, how else would you want travian to get their income? by allowing advertisment? or make an account cost money?
    i think the current gold system is the better "evil" :)

    but in my opinion the only gold things that give a BIG bonus are:
    - travian plus
    - 25% crop bonus (the res bonus is in my opinion less beneficial)
    - trainingtime reducing helmets (who are in the beginning expensive but after 2 days they are way less)

    these 3 gold things are not that expensive as long as you have them you can compete (in my humble opinion) with the goldwales

    the other gold options give also bonusses but most of the time these bonusses are neglectible.
    I have played on goldwale accounts and also without gold and know how it is to struggle to compete against goldwales, but i have learnt activity is more important then gold.