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    The only possible downside I can see is that weaker players may be booted out to make way for stronger, but I would argue that this will push players to be more active

    i think that is a big downside and really bad news for the casual players of TK.

    when a kingdom reaches the max capacity of members, the smallest govenors will be kicked out and reduced to farms + his villages will be chieffed.

    IF you implement a membercap there should be a way to increase the number of members (for example: link it to active treasuries, number of treasures or number of lvl 20 active treasuries)

    I'm saying that this needs to change. Maybe there should be more Dukes; maybe there should be some new position(s). In the game I used to play before Travian you could set a War Leader, a Trade Leader and a Diplomacy Leader, for example.

    well some kings do it all themselves because they have in the account different people who are in charge of diffirent items.

    but on the other hand it would be nice if you could appoint leaders and make it visible for the kingdom (like in TL, or you could do it at least in T3.6 after that i didnt play TL anymore)

    You are from ToughTek right?

    Perhaps you should pm me, to allow me to make a much more detailed and free explanation, I realized you were quite unsatisfied with our outcome

    you can share it here too, no need to do be secret about your "tactics" ;)

    and ofcourse he is "unsatisfied" with the outcome, ToughTek was a stronger kingdom then thewall the only problem they had was that their king couldnt think for himself ;)
    and that king gave all their VP to thewall

    this round was too much for us (Pirex Brothers) we really comited otherwise we wouldn`t have been were we are, I wont eaven talk about the problems This Round has getted us into in real life, we wouldn`t or shouldn`t continue to cover PIREX account more than 20 hours a day like we were

    Dont you think other people comitted (to much) time in this game?

    So like i said earlier the KAM merge is (in my opinion) pretty good in early and mid game, (but that is because my dukes were premades, i understand it can be hard for kingdoms without premade dukes)
    BUT what happend after the wonders spawned last comx3 was really a joke.

    right before the first wonder hitted lvl 50 a kingdom that was rank 8 in VP became the first rank in VP, because they stole all VP from several other FRIENDLY top 10 kingdoms;
    i assume, they did that by gathering alot of treasures in 1 village of a govenor who denied tributes and then appoint that player a duke right before the attack landed, wich ment that they could steal all treasures in 1 go (because that player didnt had an active treasury)

    and after that happend that kingdom letted their govenors (who denied tributes) steal treasures out of their treasuries so they had barely treasures in their treasuries so other kingdoms couldnt steal VP from them. And when there was a chance to steal VP (becasue one of the dukes had been sloppy) they just deduked that person right before the attack.

    and there was even another kingdom who switched from kings when the king was under attack :thumbdown:

    the combination of not being able to steal VP from govenors, govenors being able to denying tributes and being able to deduke dukes without punishment is not really a good mix for a healthy and fair gameplay

    So what i would propose to change this to let this never happen again:

    - treasures move over time automatically to active treasuries even if the govenor denies tributes (and find also something for govenors who dont fall under the influence of treasuries, otherwise this would be the next exploit)

    - make deduking a duke cost time, for example 12 hours (perhaps even a SMALL percentage of the VP)

    - make a king abdication cost a big percentage of the VP

    - decrease the VP you can steal from top 5-10 kingdoms, because lets face it top 5-10 kingdoms are most of the time just supportkingdoms for bigger top 5 kingdoms.

    - some people will hate me for it/not agree with me but bring the old wonder bonusses back, because last comx3 is won by a kingdom that even couldnt def its wondervillage sufficient

    - make a mechanism that you are not be able to steal all the VP of a kingdom
    A simple example;
    kingdom A: rank 6 in VP has 1.5m VP
    kingdom B: rank 10 in VP has 1m VP
    make it so that you can only steal 500.001K VP from kingdom A, because after that kingdom A would be rank 11

    EDIT: @ the devs: please play this game as kings and serious AND on the com (not on some test server only for devs or whatever you guys do to test the game) where you have players from multiple countries, and people who dont speak English very well.
    i am 100% sure that you guys then will change immediatly some things were we are asking already a while for...
    (stupid example; farmlist raids kick govenors who chieffed a farm)

    EDIT2: @ the devs again: next times please implement big changes only after testing thoroughly it, i think i can speak for the community that we apreciate these changes but you shouldnt test only on the test server for bugs but also gamemechanic exploits, the 1st server of the KAM wasnt even finished on the test server before you guys implemented it on the comx3, and (imo) also the tributes denying, and stuff like that should be tested first on the test server

    We're aware there's a problem and are thinking of some solutions. But firstly I'm going to give a short description of the issue in my words, so that you can add to it if you think it's not a complete picture:

    Right now you can switch your dukes and king too easily, so you can make the attacked player a governor right before the attack lands to protect your VP from being stolen (cause VP can only be stolen from dukes and kings now).

    Is that accurate? Are there some other unwanted behaviors related to this currently happening?

    you guys did in my opinion a great job with the KAM merge or at least early and midgame

    BUT the endgame is really messed up and i was already planning to write a post about that when the comx3 ends
    cause there are more things wrong and the recent changes didnt help much ;)

    it would be also nice if you could filter in statistics on tribe, kingdom and such.

    but idk if ill like the new layout of the statistics :) i preffer it simple and all those pretty eye-pleasers arnt needed for me

    Can you work your idea a bit more out? would you implement any restrictions?
    or are you just speaking about an autofarmlist?

    i strongley dislikes the idea of a "delayed troop mechanism" the game would become more a pay to win (you would be a madman to think they wouldnt ask gold for this mechanism :D)
    and people who would use this could arrange that their troops are almost never home, so their enemies would never be able to catch their troops sitting at home.

    hi guys

    so this has been a daily routine for us the last week(s):

    a govenor of us chieffes a farm of us, so we kick that govenor (accidentely) out.

    But the reinviting proces is really a pain in the behind; the king first needs to send a peaceoffer (which can only been seen by clicking on the envoy in the capital - 75% of the people dont know that)
    and then you can only send an invitation to that player.

    Sending an envoy to the capital of your (ex-)govenor is a really nice idea but it isnt practical at all...
    It would be great if you just could reinvite your govenor again without that annoying peaceoffer

    I agree that there are a lot of players who love the game, but having problems to spend enough time to compete with others. Making planned attacks gives more time flexibility and especially would reduce the necessity to be online at night hours.

    To reduce the time issue, I'm planning to introduce a special "Peace at night" server. I will help all people who have to sleep at night for some reason.

    there excist already a very good (and in my opinion best solution for that problem): Duals and Sitters.

    dont make this game too "casual", it is already pretty casual with the free resources you get out of treasures and tributes

    @Jallu i think that is the difference between normal and speed servers on speed servers a top "robber king" can easily run all offbuildings in 2 villages
    and he will have enough resources left to trade to buy crop if needed.

    But i agree with imperator concerning the lack of information the new tributepage give regarding the villages we can grand protection and the players we are able to invite because they have a village inside our territorry. However i think it is already a huge improvment :)

    regarding the collect all option just press it at least every hour and in 2 villages, i think that is the way we will do it
    and i dont think the great warehouses are needed, we have barely overflows and a limited warehousecapacity

    in my opinion you better train only phal as defplayer; they are the cheapest, versatile, have a low cc and are produced very fast.

    if you train DR's i would only train them in your capital or at least the village where your hero is stationed so you will be able to send troops very quickly with your hero equiped with a standard so they become really fast :) but even then i am no fan of DR's and would preffer to create phal in GB's instead

    yes the second treasury unlocks for your first duke when you get 8k treasures, the second treasury for your second duke unlocks at 12k treasures,...