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    well if these expertbonusses replaces the heroequipment (i am atm looking especially at the herohelmets) you would be able to get that bonus through teamwork instead of having luck on an adventure (or throwing alot of silver&gold at it :) )
    and if they make the experts killable and scarce taking out some enemy experts could become a reason to attack someone.

    EDIT2: I don't think I like combining the vision system with putting experts into places. Aren't these two things entirely separate gameplay features?

    well that just adds alot of dept to the experts, they can be used to spy on you! if these experts dont give vision on your troopnumbers and stuff like that you basically can accept every expert that they send to you.
    now you need to be carefull with who to trust

    what i also wanted to say in my first post but forgot to mention: dont make this game to complicated otherwise it could be to hard to learn for new players

    Well i think i might like some of your ideas

    first of all the account based friendlist is a great idea

    i am not sure that i like the account-wide research of the aca & smithy bonusses, i agree it is a struggle to upgrade every troop to lvl 20 in every important village but i think you shouldnt make TK to "easy" :)
    and if you put the troopbonusses in the same researchsystem as the experts you will need then already 6K pop to create decent hammers (2K pop for 1 lvl 20 infanterytype, 2K pop for 1 lvl 20 cavtype & 2K pop for 1 lvl 20 siegetype) or will that also be tradeble with other players (or will there be 1 tech to boost infantery, 1 to boost cav & 1 to boost siegeunits)? (that is counting only the lvl 20 units, not the actual research of the units)

    regarding the experts:
    will they replace the current heroattributes and -items? or will they be an extra bonus?
    will they be killable? (and if they are killable will they be retrainable? or will you need to get another 100 pop to train a new one?)
    will the reinforced player be able to refuse an expert? so that they cant see your troops?
    will the experts be stackable? for example what happens when 2 different players send the same type of expert to the same village
    if these experts are NOT in the same researchsystem as the aca/smithy i think you should make them more scarce (perhaps link them to the CPslots?)

    like i said earlier i think some of these ideas are pretty great BUT there is 1 huge downside, it will boost the multiaccounting because it is easier to work with yourself then with others :)

    making the treasures more scarce would "hurt" the govenor to much

    i think it would be then better to increase the capacity again of the treasuries, i have no idea why they changed the capacity of a lvl 20 treasury from 10K to 4K treasures.
    but since that change the treasuries of a succesfull king are already full with only the treasures he collected trough tributes so why would you then go fighting for treasures?

    What i have seen people do in the past and which worked very well:

    that person trained during the server only in 1 village troops (including GB&GS) and he had a small hammer of 3k sword & 3k TT's + some rams to clear the hideouts
    but he focussed to have as many villages as possible

    and a few days before the wonders spawned he started creating phalanx in +15 villages so he ended up with a ok def army when it was needed at the wonder

    but i think this strategy only works when you have a safe (strong) kingdom so ppl dont dare to farm you :)

    there are some flaws to this strategy but in the situation i saw it it was pretty viable, please also note that he had a TS in that vilage and he had always one of the better standards so his def could reach alot of defcalls.

    and i totally disagree with bomberbob gauls are in my (humble) opinion the best deftribe there is ;)

    @Titan Chip_COM

    a merge between 2 big alliances is imo a nightmare, you need to go and collect every treasure of former active treasuries who are outside of your area of influence
    OR risk that someones steals alot of VP by attacking a former treasury and steals alot of VP. You will say now that you always have that chance and you are 100% right but the only difference is that if that village is outside your area you can not see the attack. so you cant react very fast on it :)

    thats why such merges are postphoned as long as possible.

    When you want to see who you are fighting against i would vote for something completely different:
    as far as i can recall correctly the diplomacy used to be shown on the profile page of the alliance when i took a break from travian a few years ago.
    perhaps it is then better to add that again so diplomancy can be seen by everyone, that way you can see against who you are fighting


    i completely understand both sides

    But before you support a wonderbuilder you need to make sure you can trust him 100%.
    if a wonderbuilder betrays you like that you have given your trust to lightly.

    Therefore my suggestion was - make it earlier clear to all on the server (also to the old Alliance member) what is planned that anyone can have more influence on this.

    how would you arrange that? if that is a deal between 2 people who keep it secret it is impossible to make it clear to all the server.
    again this is diplomacy; if the "spy-duke" that is building the wonder can arrange he can build the wonder with the support of the alliance he was planning to betray from the start he did a "good" job

    Some people might not like what i am about to say

    BUT i dont think it is a good idea to discourage wonderbuilders to switch alliances by destroying their wonder or just disallow it (like FabianF proposed in option A)
    TK is a wargame but also a diplomatic game and convincing a (winning) wonderbuilder to join your team is part of the game (or can be if it happens).
    And what would you do if 2 alliances who were the major part of the server allied with each other and both have a wonder. Would you make them fight each other for the victory? i think merging is then the only reasonable/fair option :)

    and tbh i am not a big fan of option B of FabianF either, again this is imo a diplomatic game and when there is a alliance leader or King from a losing alliance with enough "diplomatic skills" to convince the other (not winning) wonderbuilders to join him against the winning alliance, he deserves the win. Even if that is a dirty move :)

    hi Iribuya

    i have been searching for it in the past too :) i dont think their exist a list which sums it all up

    the only thing i know is:

    -Trapper achievement: trap +1k troops in 1 attack
    -Crannie achievement: have 20 crannies in 1 village
    -100k crop achievement: no idea BUT village on a diet is +10K crop/hour in 1 village
    -Settler achievement: (succesfully) Raid with a settler

    i hope this helped (and if you know more then me please complete my list :))