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    Dear @Wizzball,

    Thank you for the response.

    Let's say you've planned this to a certain point in time (yes, the one kingdom creating armies and the other collecting VP's is a sound strategy with this.) - there must have been a point in time for you where the merger would have *had* to happen or else the strategy would fall apart as you've described. Why did you not free one of the duke-slots of the VP-kingdom, invited the dukes of the other kingdom in turn, to then invite all the governors in their (temporary) space, and continue to do this until the 'manual' merger was complete? Duke-hopping I've called it in my last posts?

    The thing is we settled on the far WW. Which means that connecting from spawn to WW would take a lot of connected Treasury village, which in my opinion can only be done thru the early merging. Not all of us spawned at the right place. Some adjusted as we are not that part of a big kingdom. Most of our dukes were just met on the actual server. As you can see right now on our area. Our villages are connected thru my duke, then his duke, then my duke. Which means even if we are already connected, with the late merging, still our area is not connected.
    With the delay we had to suffer on villages not connected which in return didn't grant tributes for us.

    Yes, you would not have gotten the 'big area' thing in that instant, but you'd have kept the armies and VP's all the same. That's my question - why didn't you follow the strategy - which is a strategy metas use, just with more than two kingdoms - despite the button for it missing? This should have been done a few weeks back, when you were in the right position, anstead of playing on seperately, of course, so this ain't no solution for you anymore. Didn't you know that could be done?

    With the late merging, we had to deal with the other kingdoms reaching our territories. If the merge happened already, and we attacked them. Then the VP produced would already be part of the Merged VP. Instead the VP distributed with my kingdom and the other kingdom.
    Our VP right now compared to before was a huge diff. Right now our VP is 489,224, imagine if this was added to our merged kingdom. Then it is not wasted. Their VP is 473,701, let's say the merge happened earlier, then atleast I can say that our VP shouldve been atleast 600k in total and not as 489k (if we merge today or in the future) since if we merge theirs will be useless.

    As for the 'big area' thing - why would anyone be intimidated if *everyone* on the server would have done it all the same? It's not like noone else would have merged - if everyone grows twice as large, the relative size among each other doesn't change and cannot impress?

    We occupied the area earlier than them, but due to the face that we don't want to waste our troops that early, we waited for the merge to happen and attack so that the VP will be added on the merged kingdom. Instead we waited, then waited, then waited, till all of them are settled already too... and the rest is messed up.

    It doesn't matter what you claim or try to dismiss as unimportant,you tried to sell a product that just did not deliver the game you advertised end of story no matter how you dress it up.Various players have demo'd how their plans were ruined and therefore your failure to deliver has had a huge effect on the server outcome.Pure example of mis-selling,re-fund must be forthcoming.Future of this game depends on your response.

    I do agree. Thank you for the support too sir/maam.

    plans for many players are broken, this applies to both large and small kingdoms.

    True, small kingdoms lose more on victory points that puts them in a less favorable situation.

    Yes I know sir, we are just explaining our side since the Game Developers said that the delay of merging didn't gave any factors on the game. Big or small kingdoms are affected with this, I know. I'm sorry for the problem on your side too. As a co-player it saddens me the way they handled the situation.

    So please with all due respect, don't say that its just a click and nothing will happen.
    If that merge happened during mid-game, psychologically people will be threatened with our massive increase on coverage of area. This is not only played with gold and spare time, there are too many factors here that affected the game in a very different and negative way.

    Let me clear things up here, actually I do play with @sersor_COM. I do not want to tell our whole plan here but this gives us no choice.

    First of all, we knew that when merged, the other VP will be unused. That's why we had a plan that the other kingdom (sersor's) will attack and take as many treasure as wanted to gain enough VP to contend. While the other kingdom (which is us) to stay blind side and gain enough troops once the merge happens. We also thought that the merging will happen mid game as you said, if that happened mid game, we couldve had controlled the area faster. Since the delay was too much, it came to the point that our kingdom has overtaken their VP because of too much attacks and controlling of the area happened to us.

    Now we ranked as 10th place and them as 11th. Take note that if the merging happened few weeks back, they were 5th place and we are 29th place. You think nothing wont change if the merging happened during those week? There's already so many factors that changed this late merging. So now if we will merge, their VP will be of waste.

    Think of it, if we merged during mid-game and we made war with the other kingdoms, our generated VP could've added on their kingdom. But instead it was added to us which then generated enough VP to overtake theirs.

    These are only few of those plans that were wasted, a lot has happened due to the delayed merging. A lot of players thought merging is not going to happen, resulting to their inactivity and boredom.

    Good day Developers,

    As you can see, those 2 Options that you have made will not take back what is wasted already. Please do hear our suggestions which are:

    - Bring back the golds that are spent on the server.
    - Compensate our lost.
    - Adjust com2x3 to atleast TEST server.

    Option 1: WW 11 days later with Kingdom Unions

    Even if you adjust the WW; it wont change any as the VP is already produced per day. Most of the kingdoms already lost so much and effort with the delay that has been done. With that 11 day adjustment, nothing will change, a lot players already deleted and was damaged due to the fact that no union was done.

    Option 2: WW will open as planned without Kingdom Unions

    With these rule, for sure all of us will get mad. We did not only planned on union for hours, it was planned for days. Not only money are wasted here but TIME. Which cannot be compensated by any gold or reward at the end.

    Our suggestions is hear our petition and complaints, try to work with us and not the other way around. I hope you will reconsider things before implementing another changes.

    Thank you,

    It is almost 3/4 of the world on com2x3 and still no merge happening. With this too much delay, I think in my own opinion, will give lesser chance for smaller kingdoms to compete from those top 5 ranked kingdoms. Especially with the change of rules on stealing VP. Really this patch sucks really hard for a King.

    I hope they fixed this soon. It does not only takes our money and time, also our efforts.

    Kingdom Unions: Unbalancing :(

    How long is a speed server on average?
    - Based on my experience it usually lasts atleast 1.5 months and above.

    Are gold bonuses (25% Ress, Travian Plus) worth it on speed (due to those servers lasting for a shorter time)
    - In my own opinion, using the Reso bonus/day is the best. I do not prefer the whole game package.

    How much more hectic are they (you know, fast unit movement and more ressources leads to more action) compared to a normal server?
    - For this it will depend on your position. Of course the King position will be the most time consuming role of the 3 (Duke, and Governor). Regarding on the action time, the faster the game the faster you can attack and be attacked. This can be answered by your strategy, since you plan to go hard then it might be in your advantage. :D The more presence and threat you produce on the other kingdom, the more hectic your time will be.

    Disclaimer: This is only based on my experience, to each their own.

    Good luck on this coming server! :thumbsup:

    You can delete your avatar anytime, even after you completed the tutorial.

    Yes you can, but I think you can only delete thru Lobby (Trash button) if your account was already marked as Inactive.

    You can do delete the game world avatar with these steps:
    Preference icon which you will see on the upper right corner of your game world screen then Settings > Avatar > Delete Avatar (Type your password).

    But if you still consider deleting the account, then you can follow Be2-e4's suggestion.

    I somehow agree with you. Played 1 week after the server started, chose to be a King, and my governors were inactive. Only option to quicken the abdication process is to reach over 200 population which will be a huge disadvantage in the early game. In the end, I just waited for 7 days and deleted my account. :D

    Are you a king, or just a governor?

    If as a king, basically you can deactivate your treasury and abdicate as a king (Seen on Embassy), or if you are a governor you can just put your next village on your desired kingdom and ask them if you can join. They will send you the invitation and you'll be a part of them.

    PS: Ask them before doing at as some of the Kingdom dont want you to suddenly pop up on their influence. :D