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    I see...

    Ahh, yes. The game where the Soviets cheated, took away the Americans' last point to get in a final play. Lied to officials and broke the rules to take three extra shots at making the basket, everything making an official handicap the American team to make the last try.

    I wonder how many excuses they could have made to keep resetting the clock if they continued to miss.

    Sup, Ruskies? I'm gonna be setting up an English Kingdom on your new speed server to give everyone a taste of American steel. Just like in WW2, us Americans are gonna win this one single-handedly. :3

    A friends lists lets you add players that you enjoy playing with to a cross-world friends list, so that way you can keep in touch across different worlds.

    I personally haven't used it, but I've met a lot of great players this season that I'd love to play with again!

    My only concern with this update is that it just encourages the larger kingdoms that, as you say, "take over" to just splinter off and still function as a larger entity.

    I know this is an attempt to balance to game towards smaller kingdoms, but this does nothing in my eyes to incentivize this play-style. Thought, as I say that, I don't have any better options for you.

    I was converting my treasury into a Kingdom ( I had already converted to governor), when I got a pop up to replace a King which I accepted. Now I have noticed that the conversion that was ongoing has stopped and I can't reactivate one.

    Has it bugged me out of becoming a kingdom permanently or is the counter just no longer visible?