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    I've got this from Be2-e4:
    "Value of stolen goods: Amount of wood+clay+iron is based on population #1's account production, but gets reduced if your avatar's age is less than half of the server age (for instance avatar = 39 days, server = 80 days). Distribution between wood:clay:iron is generated randomly at your registration and won't be changed for the remainder of the round. Amount of crop is solely based on the amount of treasures in your kingdom."

    Original thread:
    Determination of size of robber hideouts and how to deal with them as a def player?

    Hello all, I was the original poster. Let me add my thoughts why I asked Georgi about these features.

    1. It's mostly about when you settled a new village and your warehouse is small in your new village. Your production overflow would not matter if you send 50-100 more resources. Maybe my memory is bad but sometimes i have to recheck 2-3 times how many resources I can send to develop my newly settler village faster.

    2. It is not about stopping leveling the unit production buildings. It is more about the resources fields and extra support villages.

    3.Feeding an army is more important than ROI, you can not NPC resources all the time to feed your army. It is about the resource fields. For example: wood from 13-14 cost ~117k resources and will increase your base production by 140 (420 on speed). Even on speed that means it will be even after 278 days. Of course with oases, sawmill and Travian plus that number is much less. Let say you can double your wood production, that still 139 days on speed server. You may can spend those resources on other village resource fields or army. I don't think it is wasted but these resources could have been spent more wisely.

    4. If you don't want to show your army to your king that relation is not too healthy. SS exists but that will show troops only in villages. Active player will use they army for raiding / sitting in oases for extra income.

    I'd continue with new but I think I already read them months ago somewhere here in the forum.

    9. As a pure defensive governor sometimes it is difficult to deal with the robbers. Some option would be nice to provoke the robbers to attack or rethink the algorythm how the units calculated in the robbers so pure defensive units would add less units to them. But still waiting for 36(?) hours is a long time. It could be helpful for offensive player as well. They have to stop raiding for a bit just to gather all units and they will still lose 5-15% on robbers (siege is better but that will lose some time from raiding).

    You can relocate as many time as you wish until you have one village.

    Only exception: You can not relocate to a kingdom which were your current kingdom alliance in the past 3 days. ( I don't know what happens if you relocate to a neutral kingdom and then to the alliance, but you can not reloace directly to an alliance)

    The army size can vary, but there are only 30-50 spies there. So your best bet is to spy the village before.

    The building are always the same, so you have to demolish the residence (from 20!) before chiefing it. (Fansay was correct on that part that the fields are 10).

    See the attached image, but the army can be 2-3k as well.