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    How often do robber hideouts (not camps) spawn for dukes, and how often for governors? Also, does the speed at which I clear them, affect how fast next one will spawn? Basically clearing them as soon as possible vs after a few hours, does it affect amount of camps that I will get over longer period of time?

    I remember seeing post similar to this one few months back that explained the spawn frequency was tied to age of the account on server, but I can't find it anymore. I looked everywhere, forums, wiki etc. I think this question was answered by Georgi, our awesome community manager.

    Have an option in settings which disables centering on village when changing it from one to another. It is super annoying when you start searching for new farms on the map and want to send troops but have 2 different farming villages. Sometimes you want to send from one sometimes from the other, whether it be small attack to quick check if it will pass struct def or scout party to see whats inside exactly.

    So if you want to send troops from another village you either have to switch to that village, which centers on it, moving you away from the part of the map you were looking at and making you go to that part again unnecessarily, or having to select that different village in attack menu when sending attack, again unnecessarily instead of just switching to that village without centering.

    If you want to build farm list of around 200-300 villages, and optimize it from time to time, it will become very painful to face with this issue over and over again. It has come to a point where I quit farming since it makes it time consuming and very very annoying so constantly go back and forth or have to click more than you should have.

    if i have no one from another alliance or independent governor to help, i dont see how that could work. what about leaving account that i sit to go grey, while also not removing them from sitters, can that work? I let it go grey, chief it, and log back in to continue playing. Or would that be considered abuse?

    Came here to ask just that, if i stop sitting him, his account will become grey, so will that be a way to bypass 14 day limitation? Also, isn't it restricted to chiefing kingdom member village or allied or someone who you have NAP with? I have also thought about someone doing it for me but don't know anyone outside kingdom or alliance.

    Are there any restrictions on chiefing village that belongs to player who is being sit by me? He has been inactive for 8 days now and i don't know what happened to him, he left without word. If he doesn't come back soon, i was thinking it would be a good idea not to let his villages go to waist and turn them into my own. So before i do that, i would like to know will i be able to do that or is game hard coded not to allow it like when there is a limit to one sided transfer of res between sitter and player being sit.

    By how much does one Senator reduce loyalty in a village per attack? Is it the same for Chiefs/Chieftains also? And does big party affect the loyalty decrease when chiefing if its originating from the village that has sent the Senator attack? When i chiefed the Natar village the other day, I used to have runs where I reduced loyalty by 17 to 23, WHILE running big party. I played as Roman and used 1 Senator per attack btw. It took me 5 runs before I completed chiefing, but i expected 3-4 judging from regular travian wiki.

    When does the discount timer for how much time and how much res it costs to rez your hero start? When I read the wiki I understood it was from the moment hero dies the resurrection discount starts, but when my hero first died it had 80% discount right away. Does it start from the last time your hero became alive (or in case of new server, since the start of server) or is it just a start of the game bonus, first rez is always 80%?

    How long does it take from the time robber hideouts spawn, till it starts sending troops to attack your village? I know it's 16h for robber camps that spawn inside kingdom but i am wondering about robbers that only you can see. And also how is speed calculated, is it based on slowest troop or does it have it's own base speed.

    I once found an article on wiki explaining how resource compensation for built resource fields works when you move village to new location, but now I have lost it and can't remember exactly how to search for it again (i was searching for hour with no luck). So can someone pls post me a link or something to guide me to such website? Thanks!