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    I would like to start a kingdom on COM1N, but the goal is not to win but to go for the above achievement which is only possible on a WW village. once the WW village is captured, expanded, and stuffed enough to get the achievement, the WW will trade hands with everyone in the kingdom to allow everyone to get the above achievement.

    anyone interested in joining such a kingdom?

    the wave is cleared when the treasures are taken and leftover resources and troops are moved to the next wave, only the last wave do you need to get all the resources

    the wave can also fail by nobody clearing it long enough that the robber camp attacks someone, i dont know if the treasures and resources get forwarded in that case

    heres my bit.

    remember that night truce is 8 hours out of 24, so even if the entirety of the night truce is within my awake time, it is at most half my awake time, sure it would be nice if some if not all of night truce was in my sleep time, but i think it would also be nice to have a awake time where it is safe to walk away and do other things for a while without too much worry of missing out.

    heres my suggestion, how about having the middle point of the night truce be in the middle of the atlantic ocean. that or give hawaii the full benefit of the night truce.

    ill give some comparison here.

    yes in continuous shipping gaul is the best, downside is taking full advantage of gaulish speed can be hard if you cant afford to have travian plus for trade routes or be highly active.

    if you just want to ship something one time and be done with it, teuton is convenient for that.

    yes roman catches up to and passes teuton a little bit in the end, but before the long expensive process of getting a trade post you will have to make do with just a marketplace to move resources around.

    with just market place, gaul is still king for the active player, teuton while cant ship as fast could usualy ship enough for any one instance, leaving romans to have the hardest time moving resources around before the tradepost.