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    still buggy Georgi, BridgetB

    some tickets to this problem are opened. That problem is now over 2 days (since kingdom merge) and kill the moral of every gov who get destroyed or lost his troops because of missing warnings inside kingdom borders! Sitters can only see incoming attacks if they are logged in the whole time in all accs.

    Hi, I just have the following problem on the COM1NX3. My treasury is credited to the opponent according to the royal covenant. I would be interested in how the whole thing is solved, since the losses are already significant And the whole thing is slowly piling up. (Attacks, tributes + treasures of approx. 36 hours, chattered buildings which could have been prevented if you had seen the attacks, the same if troops were lost) lg Abraxas

    Hi sliotar_COM
    could you please check again and let us know if the issues persist? It seems to be working for me at the moment and the map loads normally but if it's still not quite okay for you, please let us know!

    Best regards

    Sorry Georgi,

    but the issues are still the same. Server is still lagging, Error 404 if you reload page and many reloads are needed to do or see something :( Not really funny to play...

    irgendwie ist es wieder schlimmer... gestern ging’s, heute: mööööp alles wieder für die Tonne... inkl Fehler 404

    Ich kann noch keine Verbesserung unter Safari erkennen. Cache ist bereits mehrfach gelöscht und das aktualisieren muss man nach wie vor 5-6x vornehmen um aktuelle Chats oder Berichte einsehen zu können...

    Avatarname ist ebenfalls AngelsDemon.... aber solangsam geht’s echt auf die Nerven... permanent aktualisieren, Cache löschen,... und trotzdem geht nix oder man fliegt raus was ist denn da los?