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    First off I am going to link to a current thread that brought this suggestion to mind: Suggestions for next development

    I want to talk specifically about whether or not a limit on kingdom member would be good or bad.

    Right now, I am leaning toward a limit being a good thing. It will encourage Kings to only accept active players into their kingdoms.

    And it will stop those pre-made kingdoms you see early on that immediately dominate by having 20 or so players settle within their borders. How do new players that don't know anyone compete with that?

    Hey so I am relatively new to the game and often make the mistake of accidentally reinforcing people I am farming and then not realizing it until way after the recall option goes off.

    Now one simple solution for me would be to pay more attention and I will do that.

    However, my suggestion is that the sending troops window is changed so that no option is selected. This way I cannot accidentally send reinforcements because I can't send any troops at all until I select whether or not to reinforce, attack, raid, etc.

    Does this make sense?

    Is it possible to build a second village while in beginner protection?

    If yes, does beginner protection end when you hit a total population of 200 or when one village hits a population of 200?

    (Bonus question, is there a max number of villages and does building cities reduce this number?)

    Can anyone highlight the exact benefits and detriments to each?

    From my experience, being a duke seems like the best thing because you get to collect tributes and have robber's show up so you get to sell treasures too.