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    It is nice, when you trying to do, something to lure more players. But menhirs can "destroy whole server", if you have few friends you can fly through the whole map, at every stage of the game, you can hit someone and fly away, it is almost no chance to defend againts this play style.

    And vacation at WW stage, are bad, when you are second, third kingdom, what you can do, when kings and dukes set vacation from first kingdom (VP are still growing with no risk to be attacked). This is bad especial on speed servers, where you don't have that much days as on normal servers.

    BTW if i change my avatar color to green, it not help him. ;(

    Strašpytlovy boty se počítají jen když je hrdina v nastavené domovské vesnici. Na podpoře kdekoliv jinde mimo domovskou vesnici ti jsou k ničemu. Přeci nepošleš hrdinu na podporu někomu aby automaticky uhnul...