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    Is anyone else getting low yield adventures? I've gone on 30 adventures now, and the last 6, I've gotten 200 silver once, and 6 or less cages every other time.
    Single or double adventure, doesn't matter, single gives me 5 cages, double gives me 6. All I get is cages. This has happened almost since the beginning (After the standard Horse, book of wisdom, chicken boots, etc.)

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting insanely low yield on their adventures, Because All I've gotten is a mostly dead hero and altogether 50ish cages total.

    com2x3 (I know it's ended, but I only play one at a time, so I'm waiting for a new speed server to start)
    I'd guess the tribe is Teutons, there really isn't anything to make one tribe stand out in the story though.