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    Did you ever think on launching travian on steam ? like the tribal wars just did? I bet the population would grow drastically which is crucial to the game or it will be dead in 3 years...

    On the other hand, your servers are already buggy and lagging every time a new one starts and it doesnt even have more than 1000 players online at-a-time so you would also have to invest in the game which we know you WILL NOT, plus you would have to share income with steam i guess

    the question then maybe is do you want people to play it or squeeze the max out of us before you can focus on other games

    anyway, just a thought :) gl & hf

    You know what? lets not resource push hammers but admins. Once we gain Travian team 100k gold they will make servers playable for more than 500 people

    Lets go


    I check my villages every 10 min,, suddenly my kingdom treasury has been attacked? How? im always here!! If i cant see incoming attackes you might just as well make all villages invisible and let your admins win the game