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    This is an idea for review by the team of developers on how to improve x5 servers in the future. You already conducted a survey and gathered feedback at the forum about this, but I would like to suggest one more issue on how to adapt servers (especially fun, like Halloween) to x5 speed.

    I picked up this topic because extra challenges on x5 change attitude of players to the server. What do I mean? Example.

    I'm playing on the Treat server now, and it's 3rd day. I already have a problem with crop management. The issue that crop production is growing faster then granary, and I will repeat this is only 3rd day with low-level farms and a small number of villages, which I have to manage. Players should build not military infrastructure, but granaries, which is the wasting time. Moreover, that is limited by place in a village. My granary is filling for 4 hours. So I have to wake up in the middle of the sleep and use gold for NPCing.

    As I said these unneeded and useless challenges change the opinion of players to the server. How many people are ready to wake up? So such server becoming only "for fun", and players do not build serious plans for such servers. I'm interested in how it expressed in the amount of gold per player, which was bought at 5x servers... I suppose the amount is lower than at other servers. Players would not be involved deeply in-game if they cannot manage their accounts effectively.

    But this thing is already under discussion and I hope the resource management system will be modified at x5 servers. Another challenge in troops management. Here villages could be destroyed by catapults attacks in a few hours because troops move very fast. So a typical player without a huge amount of def in his village can be surprised that his village was destroyed when he slept (even if he/she will . sleep not longer 4 hours, it is enough for destruction). Again that such a challenge that is not manageable by the player. People can not be online 24/7. They will have to use some bots, find a sitter or dual (only a few people at the server have duals), or relax and do not put huge efforts in such an uncontrolled server.

    I think that decision for x5 servers in "night truce". But not night actually. I suggest implementing one mechanic, which called "truce time". So this an option, which players can use to determine the time when they fall into the "truce mode". I mean that "truce mode" is the same as now "night truce". As with any other option, this should have rules. For example:

    1. Player has to determine 8 (or other relevant numbers of hours) during the day when he is in truce mode.

    2. The determination of truce time is necessarily going during the intro quest.

    3. Leaders (kings and dukes) can not fall into "truce mode". If the player was governor and got a crown his "truce mode" will not activate more. But if the crown was taken off, that truce mode will be activated according to the schedule, chosen at the registration.

    4a. Players can split truce time into 2 periods.

    5a. One of them should be no shorter than 7 hours.


    4b. Truce time can not be split.

    I will explain why these rules.
    1. 8 hours is a typical time for sleep for humans. But different players play from different timezone. For some people, it is convenient to sleep during the daylight time, or they live in different from Europe timezones.
    2. Determination of truce time should be done at the registration, as people choose a part of the world and role.
    Of course, other options like people can have a right to choose truce time or not choose, and this option can work as a vacation. If the player decided not to use the truce time, because he want to get advantages and agree with the risks, that's OK. But if he will select to activate truce time, it will take 1-2 days for activation and be active until the end of the game. I wouldn't say I like such a scenario because players with 1-2 duals/sitters will have extra advantages in the game.
    3. Story with leaders the same as for "vacation mode." If the player became responsible for kingdom treasuries, he should understand that he got not only advantages but limits also.
    4. Splitting the truce time is an exciting topic for discussion. On the one hand, it is logical that many people need a few hours in the day to do their duties. I suppose that players will choose time for sleep (up to 7 hours) and left 1-2 hours in the middle of the day for lunch or work.
    But if the game permits to split truce time hour by hour during the day, it creates a field for abuse.

    Other mechanics is the same as for night truce mode.

    Some nice changes here, lets hope it makes a difference :)

    Georgi next one .... please fix menhir abuse :D

    (stop players being able to farms hundreds of thousands of resources for a few simple clicks)

    WDYM? How Mehnir connected with farm?

    Vac mode changes look good.

    Menhir needs some tweaking. During the last comx a group of nearly 80 people relocated to us at week 2/3, this shouldn't be the purpose of the mechanic. So a easy fix should be to disable menhir after a certain amount of server days. 3 or 5 perhaps.

    Relocated and what? Why do you call it "abuse"?
    You should be mega strong at week 2-3 and cata them quickly.
    I do not see abuse in this.

    Мы готовимся к серверу спецом против состава определенного, приходим. А их утюжат другие. И что нам делать? Сидеть, смотреть, а потом на форуме написать дескать мы выйграли дерби?

    Ну может кто-то так и предпочитает воевать, но не мы. Мне лично это западло. Я могу понять дипломатию на карте, когда все приходят на карту в равных условиях, заключают союзы, поны, чтобы привести состав к победе - это норма и обычное явление, это игра. Но когда ты принципиально идешь против кого-то и заранее об этом говоришь, а за тебя делают твою работу - это другое. Я заранее ставлю свой же состав в невыгодное положение своим постом и вполне осознанно это понимаю, но и состав, думаю меня поймет. Собирая всех, я четко озвучил цели и условия. Уничтожив WiC, естественно, мы при возможности будем играть на победу. Если бы сейчас сказал, мол я вам обещаю победу, только не вмешивайтесь - это наглое вранье и попытка выйграть время.

    Хотите п...ь нас, ну пож-та, мы в ответ ничего делать не будем, пока не достигнем цели, которую я озвучил. Но если начнете херачить wic, ну тут не обессутьте, я не для этого потратил кучу времени на подготовку.

    Справедливо. Ну потому и спросили про направление высадки. Мы себе будем спокойно в сторонке симситить

    да какая разница.. этот пост никого ни к чему не обязывает. Хочешь покатать Unreal или WiC`ов - никто тебя не держит.

    Ну поставили себе эти команды свои цели, не связанные с победой - их право. Хотя Sharley так написал, что он и с WiC будет бодаться, и за победу тоже. В общем, ничем себя не ограничил, но при этом пытается ограничить остальных - хитро**опый однако.