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    I suppose, that few rules should be added. Only one new rule will not help to resolve all abuses without negative influence on honest players.

    For example:

    1) Player will get piles only for the first relocation for the account.

    2) Accounts with a number of troops more than 999 can't use Menhir.

    It means that the scheme to relocate a village a lot of times and switch between vacation will not work more, and to strike with a hammer as well.

    On the other hand, players who really need to relocate closer to the team can use it any time. Of course, if they will do it for a second time (for any reason) should pay price.

    Or another two additional rules. I like these more:

    1) Player will get phantoms of resource and crop fields in the inventory of his hero after the relocation. Phantoms have the same level such a field before relocation and can be used in any of the villages.

    So this idea the change pillars to phantoms of fields. And it works well if the player relocated from a village with 5 fields of one type of resource to a village with 4 such fields. Then he can use 4 phantoms here and one more in another village. So abusers will be not able to switch between resources and crop production with vacation abuse. Of course, this mechanic should have details, for example, activation of phantoms takes the same time as the building of a field and takes a building slot.

    2) Players, who would like to use relocation get the next message in the game: "You can take in your journey not more than 1,000 troops. Unfortunately, we should goodbye to another part of your army."

    The point is that the beginners in the early days do not have many troops. Also, team players do not have many troops, because they need to move with Menhir only in the very first days of the server. Newbies do not build troops at the very beginning: they have the protection of newbies for 7 days, develop the economy at first, and only then build troops. So it takes them a long time to train 1000 troops, which is enough to negotiate about relocation with some king.

    This mechanic could work like animals catching... Hero takes in journey troops from the right to left in the list of troops in the village.

    I heard this second idea from Magus .

    I know that players abuse menhir mechanics in the next ways:

    I. to build a big army, destroy other own villages and relocate as closely as possible to the target for the further strike;

    II. to relocate for switching vacation time (and build crop fields) and vacation bonus time (build resource fields).

    And the right way to use Menhir is to find the kingdom for comfortable gaming. Different players use it because of different reasons:

    1) Members of big teams to relocate to the team's treasuries. Usually, they do it in the first days of the server.

    1A) Some teams decide to stay near 0/0, so such relocations are available on the first day of the server;

    1B) Other teams decide to relocate to one of the far mountains, that's why players wait a few hours/days until dukes and kings will activate treasuries;

    1C) Some landing could fail and teams have to change the start plan. So they have to relocate a few times. Usually, it can take 1-2 weeks from the start of the server, depends on the situation.

    2) Lonely players trying to find an adequate kingdom to play the server to the end. They have to communicate a lot with kings and face stress in this process. To find a friendly kingdom with adequate management is not easy. So this process could take a few days or even weeks from the time of registration (important: not from the time of the start of the server).

    Unknown I would like to advise you to assess initiatives from this topic on how they influence situations, which I described above. For example:

    1) When an account moves using the Menhir function, it should not keep the fields & not have them return to res packages to avoid abusing the feature.

    I. Players will continue to build a big army and relocate to the target. This tactic works well in the middle-/end- game period. Reimbursement of 10th fields\farms will not play a critical role in this scheme.

    Changes will influence: NO.

    II. In the next scheme idea is very close to the previous: to build fields, to relocate, to use pills to build farms, to start a vacation, after the vacation to relocate, to build resource fields, to get x2 resource production bonus.

    Changes will influence: YES, makes scheme not applicable.

    1A) Team's players will relocate to the king ASAP after registration before they will start to build any field. So they will not lose any resources.

    Changes will influence: NO.

    1B) In this case players can come back to guide "Blood's magic", I mean to build farms level 3 and lose some resources from farms. Also, they can register later or wait until new treasuries will be activated. Anyway, leaders of kingdoms (kings and dukes) will lose some resources.

    Changes will influence: YES, insignificantly, negative for honest players.

    1C) Teams, who face challenges due to relocation will not be able to change plans if something will go wrong. For example, two teams decided to settle near one WW mountain. And one of them would like to change plan and relocate to the other mountain. This scenario will destroy the economy of the team if reimbursement will be canceled because players will lose resources for fields, which they built a few days.

    Changes will influence: YES, vastly, negative for honest players.

    2) Lonely players usually play a few days before they agree in the negotiations with kings about relocation. It means that they will lose a lot of resources. And kings will be not motivated to provide Menhir for a relocation because they do not need weak players without resources and field.

    Changes will influence: YES, vastly, negative for honest players.

    The general conclusion, that this initiative will not resolve all abuse schemes and negatively influence honest players.

    Well, I switched from x1 to x3 and never went back. Yet I've tried to play several x5 servers (test, treat, trick) and I find it way too fast if you play solo without any duals/sitters. So x3 is probably the most balanced options.

    Obviously, x3 with night truce is basically the only thing i want <3

    I suppose x5 servers could be well balanced as well. But they need not only simple multiplication of speeds of different mechanics but also accurate thoughtful fixes.

    And in my vision, x5 servers need guaranteed truce time.

    Unknown , I suppose you will like Netflix's series Barbarian about German tribes and Rome in the heyday. I liked it. Strongly recommend if you did not see it yet.

    And I also love strategies, in particular, Travian because of the balance between strategy and social dynamic. But in my opinion, TK needs some experiments based on opinion of the community. That is greatest difference between classic Travian and Kingdoms. An experiment with treasuries and kingdoms was successful, players confirm it with each server.

    I hope you will carry your banner of the builder and lord of the bridge between the community and the developers' team. Good luck!

    This is an idea for review by the team of developers on how to improve x5 servers in the future. You already conducted a survey and gathered feedback at the forum about this, but I would like to suggest one more issue on how to adapt servers (especially fun, like Halloween) to x5 speed.

    I picked up this topic because extra challenges on x5 change attitude of players to the server. What do I mean? Example.

    I'm playing on the Treat server now, and it's 3rd day. I already have a problem with crop management. The issue that crop production is growing faster then granary, and I will repeat this is only 3rd day with low-level farms and a small number of villages, which I have to manage. Players should build not military infrastructure, but granaries, which is the wasting time. Moreover, that is limited by place in a village. My granary is filling for 4 hours. So I have to wake up in the middle of the sleep and use gold for NPCing.

    As I said these unneeded and useless challenges change the opinion of players to the server. How many people are ready to wake up? So such server becoming only "for fun", and players do not build serious plans for such servers. I'm interested in how it expressed in the amount of gold per player, which was bought at 5x servers... I suppose the amount is lower than at other servers. Players would not be involved deeply in-game if they cannot manage their accounts effectively.

    But this thing is already under discussion and I hope the resource management system will be modified at x5 servers. Another challenge in troops management. Here villages could be destroyed by catapults attacks in a few hours because troops move very fast. So a typical player without a huge amount of def in his village can be surprised that his village was destroyed when he slept (even if he/she will . sleep not longer 4 hours, it is enough for destruction). Again that such a challenge that is not manageable by the player. People can not be online 24/7. They will have to use some bots, find a sitter or dual (only a few people at the server have duals), or relax and do not put huge efforts in such an uncontrolled server.

    I think that decision for x5 servers in "night truce". But not night actually. I suggest implementing one mechanic, which called "truce time". So this an option, which players can use to determine the time when they fall into the "truce mode". I mean that "truce mode" is the same as now "night truce". As with any other option, this should have rules. For example:

    1. Player has to determine 8 (or other relevant numbers of hours) during the day when he is in truce mode.

    2. The determination of truce time is necessarily going during the intro quest.

    3. Leaders (kings and dukes) can not fall into "truce mode". If the player was governor and got a crown his "truce mode" will not activate more. But if the crown was taken off, that truce mode will be activated according to the schedule, chosen at the registration.

    4a. Players can split truce time into 2 periods.

    5a. One of them should be no shorter than 7 hours.


    4b. Truce time can not be split.

    I will explain why these rules.
    1. 8 hours is a typical time for sleep for humans. But different players play from different timezone. For some people, it is convenient to sleep during the daylight time, or they live in different from Europe timezones.
    2. Determination of truce time should be done at the registration, as people choose a part of the world and role.
    Of course, other options like people can have a right to choose truce time or not choose, and this option can work as a vacation. If the player decided not to use the truce time, because he want to get advantages and agree with the risks, that's OK. But if he will select to activate truce time, it will take 1-2 days for activation and be active until the end of the game. I wouldn't say I like such a scenario because players with 1-2 duals/sitters will have extra advantages in the game.
    3. Story with leaders the same as for "vacation mode." If the player became responsible for kingdom treasuries, he should understand that he got not only advantages but limits also.
    4. Splitting the truce time is an exciting topic for discussion. On the one hand, it is logical that many people need a few hours in the day to do their duties. I suppose that players will choose time for sleep (up to 7 hours) and left 1-2 hours in the middle of the day for lunch or work.
    But if the game permits to split truce time hour by hour during the day, it creates a field for abuse.

    Other mechanics is the same as for night truce mode.