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    Im a new player. Ive been playing as a Gaul but thought I should try Romans in this round. What are the Strengths of the Romans? Are Romans best as Deff or Offence?

    I would look above at what I said, might find it helpful :)

    I would rather ask to deepen the principle of exponential development exposed by many guides on the Romans that are on the net, in a few words I would like to understand if a Roman is faster to develop a farmer or offender?And why

    This won't be quite as applicable, but I will share my experience in non-kingdom servers with this question: It depends completely how thorough you are in your raiding. If efficiency can be defined as resources:troop-losses ratio, then in order to be sucessful as a raider, you need to be extremely successful in being efficient.

    With smart decisions, you can easily be in top 20 population wise without sending a single attack, and I can confirm that I have done this, and it is not difficult. First step is get all non-wheat fields to level 7. And wheat fields to level 6 and raise them as needed. This is one of the most mathematically efficient places for resource fields and upgrading buildings will be a piece of cake (as a roman, you can do both at the same time, but focus on resource fields). When you settle your second villa, very fast because you arent wasting your resources producing troops, you level those resource fields up non-stop. Its not exciting, but for the first few villages, focus on resource fields. They are farms, and you are farming them. Once you get to 3-4, that is when you can start boosting them to kingdom come.

    Two more points I would like to make: You should not build buildings you have no intention of using just to get the population to boost your stats. That is how you waste resources and while you think it might make you look better (which it very frequently does), it will not help you in the long run. In your villages, make sure you level up the buildings that produce very efficient culture points. These are what will help you settle further villages.

    I am not very well versed on the culture point system in Kingdoms, but leveling up buildings that help you with culture points a lot is what will really help you. As romans, you are good at this.

    Hey guys, I am an experienced roman veteran, mainly on old (non-kingdom servers)

    The power to be able to build both a resource field and a building is by far one of the best items in the game, especially if you aren't a player who is on 24/7.

    We all know roman troops are very, very resource intensive. Ive found most success with putting off building troops until early mid game, avoiding raids when possible, but focusing on resource fields as a primary source of resource income. This is for 2 reasons, people make mistakes. When you are raiding, and you make a mistake as a roman, that can cost lots and lots of resources. almost twice as much as tuetons. Im not discouraging the use of Romans, they are very good, and fill a very unique role in travian.

    I am not saying that you cannot raid actively while romans, but you will pay dearly when you make mistakes. For this reason, it is very difficult to get payed as a roman raider, and for that reason, I prefer to not go about doing this. You will find much more success playing a slow, expansive game. After all, this is what the romans are made for.

    The romans shine late game, with the highest attack and infantry defense per wheat consumption, hammers and anvils of imperians and praetorians are imperative and by far the most effecient and necessary in the game (haven't even touched upon the horse drinking trough, again, late game oriented).

    For most of you who haven't experienced late game, romans are ridiculously strong, but you need to get there first. I have multiple top 20 finishes population wise, and often end up with an anvil of many, many, many prats.

    My final suggestion, use Lego's to raid robber camps, be very certain when raiding active villages, and look to utilize your special roman ability to the max potential. You won't ever be as rich as the Teut's who raid 24/7, but when you are 4th on the pop list, and start to get into the 8-9 village range, being a roman is going to help tremendously.