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    Your position of misinformation? ......Ok, understood.

    dude, you can think whatever you want. but attacks on Ukraine at the same time as you or not even at the same time, it's just a circus - operations took place every 2-3 days. Once again I say to us that we don’t care who you play with, we came to play. But you decided to defend other kingdoms first on the server and this is a fact, you were the first to start attacking one kingdom together with others, underline one word and no matter how cool you are and moralists you don’t expose - the facts say the opposite.

    You know...the more you say it...does not make it true :D
    Especially with all the evidence to the contrary

    we had no joint plan with other kingdoms. if there is evidence of others, you can apply our parishes together with mystifis to you. You guys are fooling yourself first and foremost. yesterday you went to 3 kingdoms to us with a single plan, there is just evidence here. your convenient fairy tale for the whole server is successful, you already have more than half of the server with all your unions. and here you are just not shy about using your henchmen kingdoms. however, nothing new happened to the rebels during the years of the last meeting. A team of strong players who play for numbers and always together with someone.

    Probably the Teutonic kingdom began to play with its defense on foreign territory first - everything comes exclusively from you guys. We don't do joint operations against any kingdoms - remind me if that's not the case. We gave protection a couple of times only after we found your troops on the territory of other kingdoms - your troops, who simply transfer treasures to you.

    In principle, everyone who plays on the server sees everything, and your extensive diplomacy is no secret to anyone.

    Извини, но то что ты скинул даже в четкий интервал не катит, доказательная база такая себе.

    Такие страсти - что то на ру захотелось. Сорри объявляет обычно свой десант?

    majority of the WST group left mostly due to massive abuse of the "game mechanics, feeders, etc" by Teutonics and their wings, which made the royal battle server unplayable...

    but i wouldnt call the WST king an unsuitable leader.

    i would call WST the ones who dare to leave the royal battle server to show how one meta of abusers can spoil the game for others..

    Is this your first time playing against more players? You were given def by other kingdoms. You went into operations with other kingdoms together. I had servers when we played and against 300 players, we ran out of defense and we still played out. It's just that you are all players who have no will. You are used to sitting around playing diplomacy server after server and building farms and resource fields to the point of exhaustion

    What? What makes you think any of us agreed to not cooperate to against kingdoms who choose to win by numbers and multi farms instead of talent?

    100 players per Kingdom - no cheats - no multi accounts - play by those rules and all is fair and its game on..

    Or maybe write me who farms with a bot from other kingdoms with time reports. Or maybe someone captures the village right at the start of the game - because it's convenient. Are you ready to unite against these kingdoms too? Please write to me - do you have selective principles or does this not apply to friends?