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    Проект который не может обеспечить стабильность работы при добавлении минимального визуального контента вызывает вопросы.

    What is the benefit in such a server - then you need to make, for example, a contribution of 100 euros from each participant to play on this server.
    Because it looks strange from a commercial point of view.

    As I see the players continue to play.
    We didn't steal anything. I didn't interact with your players at all

    The burden of proof is not on us, since we have no way to 100% know the exact violations you made. All we can do is to make use of our knowledge and experience within the game to point out when something suspicious or out of the norm is happening, as it is now, and them point the GMs in the direction that we think they should investigate. That we (the players) even need to do this is laughable, in all honesty. It shows that the GMs are ill-equipped or inexperienced in doing their jobs.

    You were banned, and then unbanned with the 25% penalty - that is evidence enough to us that the GMs found you breaking the rules. Funny enough, you are surrounded by several other feeder accounts from "The BOYS" that are also banned. Coincidence? You tell me :)

    The fact that you and your friends can continue to parade your arrogance despite your obvious rule-breaking is an utter display of failure by the community managers and developers.

    I will not discuss MH's actions.
    I do not deny the fact that our account was blocked.
    What this cancels out is there is a support service you can contact. They are responsible for violations of the gameplay.
    I don't seem to have to comment on what and how we did it.

    There is no reaction in Kingdoms.Especially the kingdoms/teams that have played this game for a long time are still playing.If there is an action response rather than a verbal response,they will either close the game or start taking care of the game to avoid economic damage.

    That's just the point, we have people from the forum / kingdom that was beaten, which calls for something. But nobody ends up leaving.
    Everyone is playing. And they put downsides for some reason, although there is a support center for violations, not a forum. I even prompted them

    I loved to play the game, it was awesome, but since the last 1-2 servers i lost the interest in it. Spending my last few gold on a server and then bye bye. Im only active in forum to see if there is hope that the game will change again one day, with no cheaters/abusers/*******. I accept the rules, but you need to accept that not all ways to win a game are good. Play fair or are you to bad for it? Dont look for abuses/bugs to boost players, rather search for normal tactics to dominate/win a game.

    Ok, what exactly did the players violate?
    Have you built more troops than your opponents?
    Did you use stones within the rules of the game?
    What specific violations.

    BowlofCherries The way you play is enjoyed by how much people? 1? 2? 5? The way you play is scarring away how many people? 10? 20? 50? Yeah keep going, soon you can play against 10 people on a server if you and the GM keeps going like this. And from those 10, 9 will delete after 2-3 weeks after seeing your "normal built" hammer. But whatever, egoists are the worlds doom. Has always been like that, and will always be like that.

    Nobody forces you guys to play this game. But for some reason I see you in it for years.
    There are a lot of flaws here. Errors.
    You will always dislike something. Or you accept the rules of the game. Either you refuse

    Currently few people want to prove that this unbalance (and it doesn't matter how it is received at all) - is normal. In case if the game developers/server holders are ok with it - nobody wants to convince them to the another opinion - it's their right. But they should understand how it would influence on the community and amount of players.

    I suppose it's clear for everybody. And silence from the developer's/sever holder's side - is the agreement that this situation is normal.

    The fact is that here on the forum you can write whatever you want - it has nothing to do with the game.
    There is a technical support service, there is a game forum. These are different instances.
    I am sure you can voice your thoughts there, I am sure that you have already done this, and if there are violations, then the players will be punished

    You can continue with this, but you must understand how it works. Forum is a forum.

    Have a nice day.