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    All the guys, I wrote in General that would not hold a grudge, if you have a head you may be able carefully to read the thoughts. Maybe I'm wrong. Just don't write your fantasies - it's a game of facts. In fact, the BM won, then there are details that are not important to anyone. See you in the next rounds

    I didn't think to save the ratings, but from the morning until the end of the rating, I personally watched. All your words are not fixed, there are statistics that will be published. We've never had more than 100 players^^

    Never argue with bm. You will go down to their level where they will crush you with their experience.

    They just pretend that this Kingdom has all the facts and figures. The usual information war, but I'm getting bored, because their propaganda can be broken off a couple of times just facts. Experienced players need to paint that 700 kat from defer will not be able to break anything on WW.

    I just write my opinion it may differ from yours as well as your fans. In the end, there are only facts, you won the situation. And this is a common fact who understands a little about the game. In this game, the most diplomatic wins, and ironically this time it is the BM.

    After all, this is just a game and here we get pleasure from it, and do not kill each other. We are only talking about the facts of this round - here you have never been the best Kingdom to protect. Neither in the overall rating, nor even in the number of troops. The usual facts are, you beat this server because you are smarter and more cunning.

    If you do not use hammers and beat the entire game of robbers, the attack ratings will be higher, as well as if you beat those who are weaker. The efficiency of use can be calculated mathematically by the rollback time from WW strikes and it is worse

    We are not talking about the size of the hammers, I just tend that the key factor was in the hammers of the Turks who broke through any defense. Just be happy that they did not come to you, on points of victory you did not catch up with us even though it was a bet

    check reports, we had 4 million troops in our WW for the Turks attacks, they did hardly any damage .... I'd hardly say that is possible if we were just built on farms and resouces (please don't judge us by your own standards) you were 25% bigger than us & 100% less effective

    Those hammers that came to us punch such a small number of soldiers, and Yes we had more protection always

    You came to a small force that came to us, alas, are not comparable.

    we had 5 million just the same and there is a difference in our 25%

    Just what is it? If you are the best about the game's tactics, diplomacy and slow play are always better. No one disputes this.

    hahahaha 16k dead catas hahaha :D

    we totally rekt your endgame :D :D & you did what? oh yeah cost us some gold

    Well if this is propaganda then 3 thousand of these catapults hit the miracle total we have 13 thousand catapults more than 10 players. As a result, this is a maximum of 1 thousand catapults from the player. Some of these players were defenders. Question - what will these catapults do at the end to hit the miracle? Absolutely nothing - in General, the whole essence of your propoganda

    Rather, there was the loss of the labor force of the virtuoso's hammer, where the catapults for the strike and my 3rd remained.

    But specifically the loss of catapults? How it turned out to be fatal I did not understand. There are working hammers where catapults are not built all game, there are players defenders who build catapults in addition and in a small number? What it affects - these catapults can't hit WW

    It seems that you are experienced players, but you do not give an account of some things. Of course, you can successfully ride farms or resource villages, as you do, and you can write that we are effectively using troops, but in a global sense, this is an inscription

    we dropped it from 66 to zero before you hit it & then we zero'd it again just before the server ended (or maybe you missed that part)

    what you did in between was irrelevant

    We threw it off before as well from the level of 50+. He seems to be talking about it

    I think we more than demonstrated how our decisions dictated who won and who lost the server, that was not by circumstances it was by actions & in the end our actions speak louder than your words :)

    That's what you think, it's just the situation. Then you just wrote your version. Part of the events you did not affect, as the choice of the Turks ' strike which in General decided the whole situation on the server. It just hit us. Your blows did not affect the picture in any way - since they were weaker than ours for you.

    I'm not sad, I just analyzed the result and that's it. After all, the main skill of the game, not good circumstances ;)

    I have enough victories, I achieve some personal goals and overall growth of the team. I am happy with my game. Maybe we have different goals for the game.

    Actually, the troops were killed about them. You're really funny that morning, we were in 3rd place and there were not even ahead of the Turks, and you were not interesting to anyone, and remained.

    Another lie you have the final numbers of the protection rating take away from there 700 000 and you can see the gap

    What respect can there be from those who constantly lie :/

    Man, whenever you will show us the 400k def points of Go banana the 300k def points of eleniel and so on come back talking.

    And, I agree the journey is everything, ours was full of off operation and def operation, so I'm not sure where do you want to end up, you had the edge on the server because you zerked a few places, you had more def and off because had 40% more people than us and yet you lost.

    400 000 +300 000= 1 000 000 in General, this is your math on the forum

    Those Turkish hammers would not have survived any Kingdom on the map. We were always the best in defense by the number of troops, even considering that we were attacked more. Natars, Yes ^^

    Even before the falsification, you still finished in 5th place by default - this is a common fact. We're on the 3rd. The usual facts are nothing more.

    The margin was more than 1 million-that's a lot more hammers, a lot more.

    The process is more important to me, but you won't believe it) ;) I'm happy with my game and the result - I think it's not bad either, these are the final facts. There were 3 strong teams on the server and the one that was less attacked won. This is more of an actual result.

    100 pages to continue ^^ , it seems everyone has expressed their thoughts. I'm talking about substituting concepts about diplomacy. We also heard about our mistakes and see them perfectly. Just tell a story with ready-made facts is always easier than in the course of action, because the story can be adjusted as you like. And it doesn't matter to anyone that the key role will be played simply by the factor of who was hit more, but on paper it looks as if you have calculated everything and are very cool.
    After all, it doesn't matter to anyone that even the Empire threw back the BM in the construction of a WW stronger than their BM, it doesn't matter because they won right? That's why they are stronger and can talk about how to use the troops correctly, without having any idea about it at all

    Reach - talk to you guys. I am developing in this game, and you will continue to build farms for 100 days. After all, you are not the Kingdom that comes only at the end.
    With 1 successful operation when the plan was passed to the Turks ^^