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    Another lie you have the final numbers of the protection rating take away from there 700 000 and you can see the gap

    What respect can there be from those who constantly lie :/

    Man, whenever you will show us the 400k def points of Go banana the 300k def points of eleniel and so on come back talking.

    And, I agree the journey is everything, ours was full of off operation and def operation, so I'm not sure where do you want to end up, you had the edge on the server because you zerked a few places, you had more def and off because had 40% more people than us and yet you lost.

    400 000 +300 000= 1 000 000 in General, this is your math on the forum

    Those Turkish hammers would not have survived any Kingdom on the map. We were always the best in defense by the number of troops, even considering that we were attacked more. Natars, Yes ^^

    Even before the falsification, you still finished in 5th place by default - this is a common fact. We're on the 3rd. The usual facts are nothing more.

    The margin was more than 1 million-that's a lot more hammers, a lot more.

    The process is more important to me, but you won't believe it) ;) I'm happy with my game and the result - I think it's not bad either, these are the final facts. There were 3 strong teams on the server and the one that was less attacked won. This is more of an actual result.

    100 pages to continue ^^ , it seems everyone has expressed their thoughts. I'm talking about substituting concepts about diplomacy. We also heard about our mistakes and see them perfectly. Just tell a story with ready-made facts is always easier than in the course of action, because the story can be adjusted as you like. And it doesn't matter to anyone that the key role will be played simply by the factor of who was hit more, but on paper it looks as if you have calculated everything and are very cool.
    After all, it doesn't matter to anyone that even the Empire threw back the BM in the construction of a WW stronger than their BM, it doesn't matter because they won right? That's why they are stronger and can talk about how to use the troops correctly, without having any idea about it at all

    Reach - talk to you guys. I am developing in this game, and you will continue to build farms for 100 days. After all, you are not the Kingdom that comes only at the end.
    With 1 successful operation when the plan was passed to the Turks ^^

    Perhaps not impressed, but when you repeat something like this on a competitive server - we will talk :P

    So far, I've seen nothing but misrepresentations from you. Nothing. In the plan, you deliberately or consciously confuse dates, facts, accidentally communicate with all the server teams, just as accidentally your plans turn out to be in another Kingdom.

    Operations to capture resource villages do not impress me, because it is simple and does not have any strategic significance, if the village did not live a lot of soldiers . Fast attacks are an interesting tactic, but only against players who are weaker and have a weak online. They tried it against us and it didn't work out

    Прошу прощения, там еще империя в союзах. В целом не мало)


    It was a good round. As we see, you have also improved your game from the past and learned to play diplomacy, communicating with almost all the kingdoms on the map in your interests.

    A typical model of people who simply do not know how to answer direct questions and words - translate the topic. I rather don't respect people who shy away and can't admit something. Rules must be observed - this is true. How to answer questions, and you have problems with this.

    БМ не овощили, за сервер было сделано больше 20и операций и вы увидите их в отчёте ,которые они сделают позже.

    Своим постом вы показываете полное не понимание происходящего. Со своей стороны я вижу весь сервер выпады от империи в сторону БМ и порой очень глупые и похожие на тролинг. Кстате где там отчёты где набили столько деф очков в последние часы сервера?=)

    If you're talking about brilliant operas to capture key resource villages, then Yes, there were more of them.

    The protection rating was still several times higher than yours, and it's not even worth writing anything here. As you wrote above, you are great fellows and know how to use the situation. Congratulations on your victory