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    when you say that half of only landed, means half, if you do not believe go to the GT look at the nicknames and count, for the sake of interest, I counted, and came out less than 50% of the former composition. The only thing that never changes on the forum is propaganda.

    These are famous forum players who know better than us how we play. It’s often very funny to listen to their theories

    You saying half your players of last server have defected? Yet decided to land on the same server in the same area and play with the same player names and fight along side you & are nothing to do with you?

    c'mon .... i'm not even playing com1 & I can see it

    There are a couple of players who played with us, and they decided to play with their kingdom. You can discuss your fantasies with your friends. After all, you guys know more about our kingdom than I play in it.

    And even suppose if we bring everyone together we are behind at least 2 more teams in the number of participants by 2 times. So don't worry

    Once again, I repeat the question, where are the 20 deleted accounts of the Empire kingdom that were banned. Another question - how do you get information that the Kingdom of BVB is working for us?

    All this is just your speculation. Please do not write anything about our kingdom if you have no evidence

    You are saying something about our game, although you have not yet encountered us. I’m not judging your kingdom, I can only judge by statistics that you are not favorites here.

    Well if in your kingdom, every round like 20 people get banned, it cant be coincidence no? A multiaccount in the beginning is much more worth then anything else. Later on its always easy to say that this was just some random guys in the beginning. But i never saw you guys commiting that you cheated. Strange :/

    Not in the last round, not in this one, we don't have what you're talking about? Or do you have some facts, or are you also a master of telling your own stories?

    And with here this, I say on you a liar not because you where the there that the built. You talk about the Empire without having any relation or information even. That's why you're an ordinary liar. You can write anything you want about your situation in your Kingdom, but why are you writing about us?

    It's you who started writing about the Empire for some reason a couple of times.

    Everyone knows what Empire stands for... and that's not fair play.

    You come to the subject of another server and without reason utter a lie. We also didn't see the facts from you on our server.

    And we didn't have any business with you at all. You know what these people are called - liars.

    Am asking forgiveness have all playing on com3 with our flood not on topic

    Nice banter and memes, some mildly funny, some truly great.
    Probably because there's no Empire or Empire's proxy cheater kingdoms here :D

    Have a great round guys!

    Did you come here to cry and write lies? :D

    I play in the Empire and communicate on the forum.
    I Express an opinion only about what I read on the forum.

    Just you write what nonsense that we are someone's owners, this is your own idea?

    It's time to come up with new stories. Enough to make the Empire what kind of conspiracy.

    Relative to the server date, these are small hammers