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    I dont think 1 cage should be used for 1 mouse. And that same 1 cage can cage mouse and elephant. So I dont think its right.
    Or put 1 cage for mouse and 8 cages for elephant, or make 1 cage to capture 50 mouses.

    In the end, what Im gonna do with all those mouses, bats, spiders? No one like spiders, right?

    I send my 1 scout to scout some inactive player. Scout dies. Next time I send spy to same target in less then 24h, my scout would do funny remark to me, like: "Hey boss, our last scout did not return, are you sure you want to send me/us!?"
    Also, If I mc and i send my army to attack my own village or oase (happens, thats why he have "oops" medal) my army would say something: "King, are you sure you want to attack your own troops?"

    Or if I send 20 legos on 250 mices in oase, they would also do some funny remark, which would alarm me (player) to not send such low army agaisnt that mighty opponent.

    Would make things easier for begginers and would refresh TK for old players.

    Also, maybe even more important:
    Some of old players can recall old old RPG games from 90ths where when you wanted to exit the game by clicking "exit game", the game would do funny remark and tell you something like "only quiters loose" "you are too scared to play this game" and so on.... I know it hit my ego in that time and I would continue to play at least few more minutes :D So, when Player wants to delete his account, do him funny remark like "You are great King/Governor, don/t leave us" and similiar stuff that would actually do the trick!!

    I have question.
    My friend will add me as Dual now. But in order to do so, I need my own account on same world.
    So can I play from my account and Dual him or?

    How does it work? I never played dual on TK.

    Thank you in advance!

    activity and friendship are more important in Travian then Gold. Gold just makes things easier, specially if you have no time.

    All The Unit and ex Circus members will get 250 gold from me 1st day play.

    I got some nice money so im gonna treat you, my old friends. See you southeast.

    Week "Minus 1" Command List

    Hola to everyone. I wish you all best for upcoming World2.

    Many of you are concerned about multiaccounts in last few worlds.

    I can not lie to you and say that things are better now. But I can honestly say to you that we still have great chance for Victory.

    As you know, not many Kings understand Travian Kingdoms script and its pure mechanism in practice.

    Me, your King, Faust Paladin, have great experience both with mechanism and cheaters. Me myself have won all worlds I have played with 100 percent chance Win. I have not lost a world in my 13 year Travian carier.

    I have cheated so many times i can not recall, just to win the world. To make idea come to reality.

    I played from several accounts and changed world statistics, destroyed most active and money paying players.

    This world will be first in my 13 year Travian carrier i wont cheat. Even if I loose. Even if my idea does not come to materia.

    Short story long... here is command list for -1 week:

    1. Prepare your social life and organise your game plan according to your real life.

    DO NOT make a game plan for an account that is meant to be played 12h or 24h per day.

    PLAN your account accordingly to your life in next 5 months. This will be long fight and we wont go for treasuers. This World we play some proffesional old school Travian. Army, no pop.

    2. Find at least 1 of your old comrades, friends, who will register with you on World2. Who will not have 1 active sitter wont be playing in Circus. And you know Circus is best fun arround so listen to my worlds and dont act like a fool before show goes down.

    That is all Command for week -1.

    For new players who have not played in Circus before, here are some guidelines.

    Me, King, produce Off. Both Dukes produce Off.

    Governors go only for population celebrations and resource production untill week 5. After Week5 all governors must have defense population ratio 3;1. That means if you have 3000 population you have to have 9000 defense troops ready for Kingdom only.

    Top10 players in stats are excluded from.this rule and have free hands to control their army. All Dukes and Governors will use Army only on MY command and every 2 weeks we will deploy our Off from.Dukes on some enemy Kingdom. One shot every second Sunday.

    Dukes and top10 players will collect their OWN tributes. That means me King wont take tributes from our top10 players and Dukes. You will collect them yourself.

    I wish you good rest before World startsy next Tuesday. Love you all.

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    I have masohistic joy when playing against multies. Its like playing TK on hardcore mode level uber pro.

    So lets rock!!!🤟😎🤟

    i dont belive Travian Team cares about players. They work for money. Not players. Funny thing is.. seen with my own eyes.... cheaters buy gold on multies. A lot of gold. A lot.

    So.... as long you are paying Travian you can do what ever you like.

    We have 0 control over it. I stoped playing myself with my team due to multies and cheating.

    I will play on com2 for my own joy and joy of my team. Multies and golders win always. This is pay to win game. Understand it.

    Accept it.

    Be thankfull you are playing for free.

    Circus starts on com2 10.3.2020. I invite you all to join and have fun no matter what.

    We love to have war with our Russian brothers and sisters. We are all friends in life but enemies in game due to language diversity.

    I hope to see old faces again 🤟😎🤟