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    I just came here to see you cry. I laugh now. Thank you.
    Its like in Monopoly. YOu start to play but game does not end well for you then you start to cry about game rules. Buhuu

    All flags in real life are made by Secret Goverment and flags are used to describe what part of country Secret Goverment controls the most. If you see blue color in flag, that means SG controls justice system. If you see white color, SG controls medical and farmaceutical part of country. If you see red color in flag, it means it represents that SG controls religion. If you see green color, it represents that country is intended to progress in future.

    There are more. Lions, Dragons and Birds.
    Each one of them represents each Secret House that controls this world.

    Then you have symbols such as stars and moons and sun, which represents historical revolutions in that part of land (country).

    So in the end, no country on so called planet earth has right to make its own flag.
    I dont see why would we in this real life simulator.

    But I dig the idea! Would love to make my own Kingdom flag!



    Travian Tasks are made "by the book" or PS. If you follow them correctly, you will have in the end 100k troops hammer and 15 to 20 villages. Many players do not understand why tasks are for. They are not to get you nice resss, cp or some reward. No no.

    I am King for long time and I dont need player to have lots of ress, cp and stuff. I need my governors to have 10 or more villages, resource fields 10 in 5, ress lvl12 in capital, 50k troops at least in end game and so on....

    If we gona do pop troop ratio, governors who have 6k pop would have what? 20k troops in the end which is joke for professional player with 6k population in end game.

    Yes, I do agree tasks need complete overhaul. Better say, "glancing". Enchancing, tuning would be best word. But if you play travian kingdoms you need to follow tasks in order to help your kingdom. Even hero lvl100 is good for Kingdom to have, do not be mistaken.

    I agree that Travian Kingdom has lots of "problems" but we all still play. And do not be mistaken. Me myself and I, including my Kingdom and Kingdom members experienced some game and travian team faults, but who works makes mistakes.

    I propose that you or team of players make constructive suggestions rather then crying on forum how game is not working as it is supposed to.

    Have no idea about coding, programing or anything. All I can do is cry over forum like I used to.
    Now these days I just enjoy the game. Still the best game arround, including all bugs.

    Who has not player Elder Scrolls Morrowind, game so complex you have to Save Game each couple of minutes due to constant crashes but we all played more then 1000 hours playing that game.

    So if you dont have anything constructive to say and in some polite, political manner, I doubt anyone will take you seriously. And you have lots of words and no pictures. People dont like that. And you are here to enlighten the masses of players to... do...what exactly? Massive revolt? Not gonna happen so lets just stick to what we know. Half forum consists of crying topics and less then 5 percent are usefull guide topics or similiar.

    If I where Travian Member Team I would delete this and lots of other posts from forum. But you dont see them deleted. So the point is.... Travian Team is not your enemy, its your friend. You just have to get along...

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    Would be nice to see how much did Account/Player stolen ressources all together on all worlds. Maybe 2 robber charts, one for normal other for speeds. Or maybe it woudnt cause when average player sees how much ress has stolen 1st raider total on all worlds on his Account, he might just quit raiding :)

    We currenlty have reputation points that shows how much player has experience in Travian KIngdoms.
    I have an idea that you add 2 more reputation chararacters.

    One for the total best attacker in Travian Kingdoms. It would calculate all off points from all or Player account and make a list in all Travian Kingdom players.
    One for best defender. Reputation as best defender in all Travian Kingdoms.

    I think it would be a great boost for players to participate more in off and deff actions, and players would naturaly spend more gold, wanting to get more reputation. So they would buy more items on auctions like bandages, which are cheap compared to other hero inventory stuff, my opionion.

    Also, all players that are not very satisfied with game engine or "lags" would come back to get their reputation points.

    Medal: "HorseBreeder"

    Have 1 Horse in Hero inventory
    have 10 Horses in Inventory
    Have 20 Horses in Inventory
    Have 50 Horses in Inventory
    Have 100 Horses in Hero Inventory

    New medal: Connoisseur

    Have 1 Artwork n Hero inventory
    have 10 Artworkin Inventory
    Have 20 Artwork in Inventory
    Have 50 Artwork Horses in Inventory
    Have 100 Artwork in Hero Inventory

    New medal: "Top Model"

    Have 1 Boots of Chicken n Hero inventory

    have 10 Boots of ChickenInventory

    Have 20 Boots of Chicken in Inventory

    Have 50 Boots of Chicken in Inventory

    Have 100 Boots of Chicken in Hero Inventory

    Would keep auctions more interesting and hey! Its not all about war and wining!! Its abour FUN, collecting medals, achievments and similiar

    Im still waiting for slow world that lasts for years but YES from me, players like 5x more then 3x its obvious.

    Plus if you mke a theme worls, like Halloween, with nice picutres, rewards which makes game more interesting, specially to Governors.

    Good idea. But I think themed worlds would be more profitable then giving it more speed.
    Female players are not interested much in wars, more in build and good company. Playing x5 makes you victim 24/7 from my experience.


    I was wondering and I'm too lazy to test myself... how does starvation proess works in TK now?

    For example:

    Village "TestTown"has crop production of 1000 crop per hour.
    Inside TestTown there are 2000 own player troops, of owner of TestTown.
    Plus inside are 2000 Kingom members troops.
    Plus there is inside 2000 NAP member troops.
    Plus there is 2000 enemy troops stationed as defense.

    So crop balance is +1000-2000-2000-2000-2000= - 7000 crop per hour
    Granary is full.

    Who dies first??
    Enemy troops or own troops or allied troops, from starvation?

    Instead of blaming TK team, maybe we should all write how far are we from TK server and what is our iinternet download and upload speed that our internet provider provides us.

    I dont know much about internet technology, but I have lags on comx5 only when most players are online (evening hours). I donno but If I am from Europe, you are from U.S. he is from Russia and 3 other members are from South Korea, Australia and Peru. How can we have steady connection beats my mind!