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    You can not tell that Teuton trader is better then any other tribe trader cause, dont know have you read, but on lvl 20 tradehouse there is no difference in trader carry. Allt traders are equal. So ye... as far as math goes, Teutons are here stuck.

    I am Ivan, from Zagreb, Croatia, EU. 30 years old. Unemployed permanently so I have time to play games.

    My facebook:

    Have started to play Travian games since 2009, first on Travian Version 2.5
    Did not played consequently ten years straight, but I have played every version.

    My type of gameplay is active, aggressive old school Teuton style. I utilise everything... every resource counts and I never get overflow in warehouse/granary because I am alergic so sometimes I woke in middle of the night just to click some Travian.

    I do not gold since I am unemployed so that is not option for me.

    Currently playing Com5 and Com3.
    You can check my stats there (Faust Paladin).

    Com5 I have been playing on 1ghz computer with 1gb ram. Without any gold. During middle of the game, my King payed me 100 gold with what I activated Travian Plus for rest of the world, costed me 100 gold. Then I invited some friends and earned 100 gold more then I bought Plus Crop after middle of the game. Here are my stats:

    If I had some GOLD in start it would be far different but that does not matter, only proves that Travian Kingdoms is not just game for people who have money to pay it, but for everyone who knows and has time to play.

    My specialty is managing Kingdoms/Alliances, Diplomacy and offensive actions.
    Plus on that, I can freely say I am Master Trader (Marketplace)

    Any other questions, feel free to ask or shoot me a message. I do not use outside communication programs other then Travian and Facebook but can install since I play now on 2ghz computer with 2gb rams and 23 inch screen.

    Thank you in advance!

    OK I think this is very unfair.

    For example, I play as Teuton. My traders are slowest. Can't wait to build Trade Office level 10 so I can have 2k ress per merchant. Even that I do not find enough but what you gonna doo...

    Then I go play Roman or Gaul and LOOK SURPRISE. Even if their merchant are 2x faster (gaul) they get each carry capacity with each Trade Office.
    Which each level you can haul 100 ress more. So Teuton lvl 10 trade office can haul 2000 but roman can haul....check this out: 1500. Gaul can onlvl 10 trade office haul 2250, And it is super fast.

    And trade office resource cost is same for each Tribe.
    This is very very unfair and I have just seen this.

    Roman and Gaul traders are overpowerd lookin at Teuton. On lvl 20 Teuton can carry 3k ress, Roman 2500 and Gaul 2750.




    I see math differtnt then most people. And when I see that Teut merchant is actually worst and most expensive on level 20 trade office...

    I suggest that each level gives 10 percent more (100 for teuton, 50 for Roman and 75 for Gaul). Regarding speed, that would be more then fair!

    Utilize means "make practical and effective use of"

    Hello to everyone. If you would like to be among top ten players in any world, please do read what I have to say.

    OK so I would like to share you my knowledge and experience as Travian Player for more then decade now.

    I am not the best player but I do have many tips and tricks to tell, specially to new players.

    In order to be among top players, you need to utilize everything you have, make use of every ress you can get your hands on.
    Let's start by order:

    1. TaskMaster
    Most resource you get from doing tasks. You need to do task as soon as possible, all of them. That is most important thing to do.
    2. Resource production
    Build fields like wood and clay, avoid building crop fields even if your crop production is in minus because you will buy crop for cheap over Marketplace all world long. Settle fields with 5 fields of wood or 5 fields of clay. Avoid building iron fields because iron is always cheaper then wood and clay.
    3. Marketplace
    This is where you use your advantages. Wood is always most expensive, then clay, then iron third. Crop is always cheapest. Build Marketplace 20 and Trade Office level 10 in each village. Place 50 percent of your merchants to trade for profit. You never have iron or crop in your village so you must always offer wood and clay for iron and crop on marketplace for your profit. While other players build their crop fields to 5 and 10 you have crop fields level 3 but you have wood and clay fields 10 so you always sell your extra resource for double crop or iron. That means every resource field you have built, makes double profit !!
    Do not build Marketplace in your Capital and Off City because resource never go out of that villages, only getting in! This is very important because you wont spend resource and buildings slots for marketplace and trade office and every resource will go into resource production or army build.
    4. Travian Plus
    From all gold advantages, travian plus is most important. You dont even need to activat crop and resource plus production if you have travian plus. Why? Because you build 1000 farm soldiers and Arena level 10 in each of your villages just to gain resource from inactive players. If you play Roman, it is enough to have 1000 legioners in each village just for raids or 500 Druids as Gaul. With that resource gain, you will always have enough resource for build and celebrations.
    5. Celebrations
    Are most important then anything. Look at your life. You do not like to work much. You like to party much, have fun. You do not want to wage wars, you want to study and travel around the world, have a lots of friends. Every day you need to celebrate in each of your villages. Taks in start for Large celebration you need to do as soon as possible because with extra 2000 cultural points from TaskMaster, you wiill get advantage over other players. You can build resource fields later in game, village slots are more important cause later in game you will be sorry to look at players who have 2x double population more then you cause they celebrated insted of working. Building Town Hall in supports is far more important then having resource fields level 10. In off city you do not even build resource fields, you build just crop fields because you do not have time to build all buildings in just 6 months!
    6. Robber hideouts
    Build 1000 troops plus 1 ram just to siege robber hideouts and camps so you loose double less troops to gain resource and tresasure. More treasure you gain for you KIngdom, more crop you will get for selling them! So it is very good to have 1000 troops and 1 ram in each of your villages just for raiding inactive players and to siege robber hideouts and camps.
    7. Making new villages
    When you make new village, it is best to transfer your Hero to that village as soon as possible, with helm for faster building troops that you plan to build. The faster you make 1000 troops in New Village, more resource you will have. And every new village you make, transfer you Hero to that village to fast build 1000 troops.
    8. Taking other villages
    It is far better to chief other player village then to build new village from scratch because you will spend far less time. It is not resource that matters in this game, it is time! After 3rd or 4th village, every new village should have residence level 10 academy level 20 rally point level 15 arena level 10.
    9. Oases
    Get them as soon as possible and place troops in them as much as you can.
    10. Have fun!!

    want to open multiaccount? No prkblem. Open them 100 on one world. But... limit catapulting for players with uneder 500 rep points and limit chiefting for playere under 1000 rep points. That way multiaccount is basicly useless. You can cat and chief inactives and natar though with multi, no restriction there. I have 4 pc home why woudnt i use them if i got time. Nothing bad if it does not influence other playere that are not NPC

    100€ ticket player.needs to pay for regitration

    60 percent of the money goes to Travian

    30 percent goes to player

    10 percent to charity by Travians choice

    First ten players get money equally ten percent of 30 percent overall. He who has best stats overall wins. Like in trooptool.rankings.

    World lasts for 3 months.

    No sitters allowed

    No duals allowed

    Gold each player gets 100 000 on start. is.not allowed.

    Vacation mode available up to 21 day.

    No world wonder no kingdom points

    raid attack or siege always showa red marker over attaked village

    We got spy glass that can be used onlY in rally point

    Deff coordinator needs to ask eacg player in person what kind of atk is coming

    So much time taken. MY king Morphy on world 5 sleeps 1.5 hours per day then goes to work bcause we got more then 100atks each day for month now. Checck com5deff stats

    Please give my King time to sleep more he is best King I ever had

    player cant loose.more.then 1 village per week. Player cant be catapulted.more then 30 percent of his current population per week. That way whole account would be protected against total destruction from enemy. And that would be included in TravPlus only

    New taskmaster. 4th if im not mistaken. Those tasks are given more often and player would get ingame question asking ingame current details.such as how many fields your kingomd has, how far is your capital to your nearest duke... with tasks like that playee would cooperate with map in real time and his fellow players. Also send message to player as task. Send message to kingdom as task. Make SS as task!

    Also Kingdom quests

    Like players have their own tasks Kingdoms and even more important SS would get task from game to raid x treasures raid x resss destroy xxx army and similiar.. that way we kings and dukea would not haave so much work on our hands and then deal with playera who dont do cooperation

    yes yes and yesasss

    I play on one core procesor 256mb graphic card when someone writes something my screen freezes.

    On samsung j6+ it bugs in browser and mesaages are epicly slow in application.

    This is good thing because Treasure Holders can improve much faster then Governors. They got high output but also high input while governors, specialY In start, do not have large ress spend input and ress earned output. Also it provides multiplY KInd of game starts many of them.not tested due to players blindly following tasks. Do you know you can now chief natar in 7 days? All crop fields 10 all ress ten all tasks semi completes just by chiefting. Very interesting game now very fun! Give it a chance start on new server and read guides on forum. A lot new from old version!

    We can color fields now. Fields are numerous. With that we draw large pictures over map. Possibilites are pretty much limitless now. With 10 colors you can draw what ever you want but it takes couple hours of work so I suggest you make competion:

    Draw best picture in Travian Kingdoms using map marker colors! Once a year we have competition and player who wins get Spirit of Picasso medal.
    This game is not all about war you know?