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    I dont think 1 cage should be used for 1 mouse. And that same 1 cage can cage mouse and elephant. So I dont think its right.
    Or put 1 cage for mouse and 8 cages for elephant, or make 1 cage to capture 50 mouses.

    In the end, what Im gonna do with all those mouses, bats, spiders? No one like spiders, right?

    I send my 1 scout to scout some inactive player. Scout dies. Next time I send spy to same target in less then 24h, my scout would do funny remark to me, like: "Hey boss, our last scout did not return, are you sure you want to send me/us!?"
    Also, If I mc and i send my army to attack my own village or oase (happens, thats why he have "oops" medal) my army would say something: "King, are you sure you want to attack your own troops?"

    Or if I send 20 legos on 250 mices in oase, they would also do some funny remark, which would alarm me (player) to not send such low army agaisnt that mighty opponent.

    Would make things easier for begginers and would refresh TK for old players.

    Also, maybe even more important:
    Some of old players can recall old old RPG games from 90ths where when you wanted to exit the game by clicking "exit game", the game would do funny remark and tell you something like "only quiters loose" "you are too scared to play this game" and so on.... I know it hit my ego in that time and I would continue to play at least few more minutes :D So, when Player wants to delete his account, do him funny remark like "You are great King/Governor, don/t leave us" and similiar stuff that would actually do the trick!!

    I have question.
    My friend will add me as Dual now. But in order to do so, I need my own account on same world.
    So can I play from my account and Dual him or?

    How does it work? I never played dual on TK.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I have masohistic joy when playing against multies. Its like playing TK on hardcore mode level uber pro.

    So lets rock!!!🤟😎🤟

    i dont belive Travian Team cares about players. They work for money. Not players. Funny thing is.. seen with my own eyes.... cheaters buy gold on multies. A lot of gold. A lot.

    So.... as long you are paying Travian you can do what ever you like.

    We have 0 control over it. I stoped playing myself with my team due to multies and cheating.

    I will play on com2 for my own joy and joy of my team. Multies and golders win always. This is pay to win game. Understand it.

    Accept it.

    Be thankfull you are playing for free.

    Circus starts on com2 10.3.2020. I invite you all to join and have fun no matter what.

    I honestly would hate to see this fixed. It is super entertaining to watch noobs trying to conquer your villages and fail because they don't know rules. This player was in your kingdom during last 3 days, this village is inside of your kingdom protection, this player was inside your kingdom protection during last 2 days, you have no enough CP to conquer this village, either recidence or palace has not been destroyed yet etc. And when your old team mates finally learn all rules, some duke grants a protection to collect tributes and it all begins again. Yeah, chiefing rules are complicated.

    Thank you for insults.
    Go read again, because you dont know to read.

    Player was not in Border, player got INSIDE BORDER on lolayti 76 percent, he is 4 fields from my King and king GOT 1k pop city and 1 field more so he got inside border! So you made a fool of yourself.

    And btw my King is on vacation. So he can not use NORMAL atk or SIEGE. Good job travian teaam.4 years you dont know to make a proper game.

    IM ON DELETE beautiful game ruined by bad administration

    day 15 of world
    I am chiefting enemy player village

    my king goes to 1k pop and treasury expands

    enemy player village comes in our border no questions asked

    i suggest you remove that non kingdom player and specially player that is under attack and specialy if under chief attackc (currenty loyalty 74 percent) can not come into Kingdom border by automatism!

    King did not invited him, village of player came into our border on 1k pop:

    So what now? That was not written anywhere. On forum or ingame. Or on wiki or blog. Ruined my game. Day 15. GG I will delete my account now, waste of time now because i made senator for village i can not chief. Very sad. Instead of new medal now i got wasted 16 days of life.

    Average is bolded in every example out of 3. So what does this "average" means? Random factor? There is no randoms in program script, otherwise would be full of bugs.

    How much treasure does robber hideout contain and what factors are those? What factors makes them bigger or stronger? And my opinion is your answer is fault: bigger kingdom is, bigger army of hideouts are. I sit my deffers, gauls and romans, they have great ammount of troops in robber hideouts to clear but very little ress and verry litte treasure.

    Still, does not explain so much differene. 7 days only +1.5k treasure gain, 100 governors, 2nd largest Kingdom, 2nd off Kingdom.

    So press more unlikes but truth is game is fixed that everyone have pretty much same treasure and victory points, no matter how hard they try.

    You also have to take into consideration how many of your players are actually attacking their hideouts when they pop up?

    C-Unit Governors are ordered to have Siege ready troops from week 3. Today is Week 7 as we play com3.
    I have asked my Governors their opinionos. They said and i shall copy:


    btw faust i read ur forum post i think ur correct, for example i cleared hideout 28-30 hrs ago still no spawn for other one while a friend who plays from day 1 can get it in 18 hrs and less in lower kingdom

    Just an example. We have 108 players in Kingdom from that 2 kings and 4 dukes. Everyone is active constantly and has sitter. Robber Hideouts are attacked as they appear, as I have orderd from week 3.

    Other interesting thing is that we have a rule: He who settles outside borders, will get his village catapulted by own members unless field is cropper or at least c7 or some very good oase field that makes example! All others are cated, we have catapulted more then 6 "new villages" outside our borders.

    So you see how professional we try to be.
    And script is against us.

    And about golders...i trully belive noobish golders get it easier. Less robber army, less natar army on WW and stuff. But im not sure so I cant say but I know one thing and that is Dragonbender.

    Dragonbender was NPC player on first TK Night Com. Suposly the playa with soooo large army no one can beat. Player was few fields away from 0 0 and also few fields away from me. Interesting thing is, DragonBender NPC playa did not spawn on 0 day of the game but on 15h. And you know where he spawned? 1 single and I repeat, 1 single field from probably top golder at that moment. Duke of Amigos, setttled c15 150 percent 7 fields from 0 0 and 6 fields from my capital and treasury so belive me i watched his grow and i attacked him constantly, he managed to and listen now carefully:
    NPC wall lvl 20 in 10 day
    NPC ditch lvl 20 in 10 day
    NPC 6k hammer in first 10 days, after he went to 25k clubs 10k tks which i killed then he stoped playing but listen further
    farms all level 12 in 10 day
    all ress fields in 10 day
    spawn village was left on 56 pop if i recall correctly
    So player must have npced his barracks at least 18 and stable 18 main building prolly 20

    All in 10 days. I hated it! I really did. my c6 croper without gold coudnt compete with numbers of him
    Anyway, after 15 days of game, player showed complete noob. He did not know to fake properly, he lost nice sum of army attackng governros and always was solo attacking without team help. So things didnt go well for him on 15th day when i started to catapult him. Fakes, hey but still! Day 15!

    So dude slows his progress and magicly village dragonbender player spawns 1 field from him,
    I can not describe you with words how much resss dragonbender had after i and my team smashed his army and farmed him but problem was that it was freaking night com and dragonbender was 1 field away so golder had 1st shot on him and that was 10k each ress on 15th day of t he game eaach morning helooo anyone on board???? lol xd

    Its not problem with Victory Points. Math there is straight: How many ACTIVE treasurs you have at midnight, that much you get plus VP.

    Problem is gaining of tresaure.

    You play com3 as I do. You have seen what we did. You all Kingdoms had 20, 19 someone even 9k treasure (serious kingdoms) we had 30k.
    And for week we cant gain more then 2k treasure even though we have 100 governors (30+ active of them).

    So... you all know that no one stole any treasure from anyone last week.
    7 days ago our treasure 30k
    Yours and others 20k

    Today 32k
    Yours 27 others 26cca

    SO! You got only from robber hideouts 6000 tresaure while our Kingdom got only 2000 treasure.
    Plus, we have still one more treasury then anyone else in the world and by the way that new treasury had 11 robber CAMPS and they had 2,3 treasure inside which is joke for our troop stats.

    Anyway, proof that Travian Kingdoms is set up game from the start is that all Kingdoms after 20 days of game gaine exact number of crop per stolen treasure, no matter if they have 4700trs or 2322232113123123323 tresure.

    Fixed match. I see point only in spending more gold to catch up enemy then when you catch up, script wont allow you to go too much overhead enemy beacuse what? enemy might quit? 30k treasure vs 10k treasure. But you have like 10,20 golders there who spend 100 euro each 3 days so you have to give them something so you give us less treasure from robber hideouts in order to satisfy inactive and mega noob golders (respect to golders who are not noobs)

    Look how they equal all Kingdoms:

    by manipulating robber hideouts
    Big Kingdoms get less robber hideouts and less treasure in them while smaller kingdoms more often ger robber HIDEOUTES (not camps!) and they get more treasure. Look! Stats do not lie. Check all worlds. Not just com3. fixed fixed fixed

    Give us one fair world to play please at least once in Travian Kingdoms!!!