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    My english is not best and you have more experience then me so it would be nice to mention/explain that buildings can be demolished and still used such as demolishing academy or blacksmith while research is done, chiefting without residence/castle and so on...

    Also, I have never tried catapultin while geting rally point destroyed. I think it works, cause attack is sent 2 waves, right? So even if rally point gets demolished, attack cats sent earlier still shoot twice?!

    One hammer is never enough :) As I see it... if you got Brewery, there is no point not having multiply hammers. On Com ofcourse, smaller worlds are harder for farm.
    But yes, demolish all. Why not... send all ress to WW, spend it all, who cares, its end of the world.

    Trappers can still be useful. There's been many a server back in the T3.6 and T4.0 days where I stashed all the cattas for an EGH in friendly gaul traps. Still the best way to protect 10K cattas is to stash them in traps...

    Trapper does not work like that on Travian KIngdoms, which we currently play, because when attack releases trapped troops, percentage of trapped units die, like 10 or 5 percent, dont recall correctly atm. But if you free them on your own, from your village or other player releases them volonterly, then there is no loss. Just want to mention that so he does not get suprised if he does that hehe.

    And I would like to add: when world wonders reach high level, it is common to destroy every building including ress production, even warehosue in the end. If you dont go for pop, but for army. Since you do not need ress production and cultural points production, destroying everything for little more ress is always an option :D

    Hello to everyone.

    If you plan to play Night Com1 that is starting tommorow and you are looking for King who will be active for whole game, register NORTH and join Night Unit.

    I will play as Teuton King, already have team and members but always looking for quantity and quality!

    I am Ivan, 30 y/o, Zagreb (Croatia, EU) unemployed so I have time to play Travian Kingdoms very actively. I try to be fair, not let emotions get over me, I do not have problems with my ego. I don't think i'm best player or person in Universe. My opionon is that we are strong as whole team is and team play is far important then personal interest. Except if someone is aiming for first pop or first att/deffer, we encourage that and help by PUSHes for Your benefit!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Our conditions to join are:
    1. Be registered and active on GeterTools (update stats at least once a week)
    2. Do not use Multi Accounts (play with only 1 account, not more, one world.

    You can play on other worlds but we do not support playing with 2 or more accounts on one world by 1 player).
    3. Active and team play.
    4. Fair play and polite manners (we do not support Spies and we do not support bad language or

    misstreat to other members or players of Travian)

    5. Most important: Have fun and enjoy Travian Kingdoms

    I wellcome you all to the Night Unit. Register NORTHside!!

    Discord server:

    No one cares about inactive newbie King with little or no more.
    Problem here is in large kingdoms and after mid-game.

    If you played com4 that finished today, you would notice that SKY Kingdom who was first is now third and "loser side" with really bad stats, because they lost their statistics due to their ViceKing going inactive 3 weeks before end-game.

    So, you are not very familiar with the game. Have you ever had any inactive King/Vice king after mid-game?
    OK dont want to turn this into fight of words. I am too harsh.

    Or not?

    Tell your story to players who invested 4-6 months of their life, money and so on to loose due to inactive ViceKing who held over 20k treasure. Ok?
    Sorry, but its very frustrating and emotional.

    How many times you played a world and you KIng or Duke went inactive so you or your Kingdom lost tresaure, victory points and so on...
    So I suggest that, like in other games such as LoL, player gets punished for going inactive.

    I dont suggest punishing regular players (governors) but only Dukes and Kings because people invest their time and money in game but they have little or no control over Kingdom they are in so if King or Duke/s go inactive, governors are "left for dead".

    I suggest that who ever goes inactive gets banned, temporarly. Or gets baned to register on certain Worlds.

    Gold mines are fields on map that can not be settled.
    They spawn on first day of world.
    Gold Mine that is inside border of Kingdom, gives each Kingdom member some ammount of Silver per day/week/month/game.
    Gold Mines are under constant attack from robbers (NPC) and they need deffense from Kingdom that is holding position of that gold mine.

    Gold mines that are outside any Kingdom border, does not produce anything or are attacked.

    Village can create Champion only first 2 units.
    City can create scout Champion.
    Capital can create any of the units a Champion.

    Every village/city/capital can have only 1 Champion at the time. When Champion dies, it can not be ressurected. It can be trained from start.

    Champions can Duel enemy player Village/City/Capital.
    Send Normal Attack 1 Champion on opponent field. Who has stronger Champion, wins Duel and gets some XP. Opponent Champion does not die in process and it does not have to be present in village/city/capital it is to be Dueled.

    Travian Kingdoms and Travian is different game.
    If you want to show your history record, you can always write it in description.
    No offense. Just a thought.

    You can not tell that Teuton trader is better then any other tribe trader cause, dont know have you read, but on lvl 20 tradehouse there is no difference in trader carry. Allt traders are equal. So ye... as far as math goes, Teutons are here stuck.

    OK I think this is very unfair.

    For example, I play as Teuton. My traders are slowest. Can't wait to build Trade Office level 10 so I can have 2k ress per merchant. Even that I do not find enough but what you gonna doo...

    Then I go play Roman or Gaul and LOOK SURPRISE. Even if their merchant are 2x faster (gaul) they get each carry capacity with each Trade Office.
    Which each level you can haul 100 ress more. So Teuton lvl 10 trade office can haul 2000 but roman can haul....check this out: 1500. Gaul can onlvl 10 trade office haul 2250, And it is super fast.

    And trade office resource cost is same for each Tribe.
    This is very very unfair and I have just seen this.

    Roman and Gaul traders are overpowerd lookin at Teuton. On lvl 20 Teuton can carry 3k ress, Roman 2500 and Gaul 2750.




    I see math differtnt then most people. And when I see that Teut merchant is actually worst and most expensive on level 20 trade office...

    I suggest that each level gives 10 percent more (100 for teuton, 50 for Roman and 75 for Gaul). Regarding speed, that would be more then fair!