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    I'm fine with game as it is. Don't like the initial idea of making game admin players (woudnt be fair to regular player/s) but there could be implemented something like joining the sides.

    For instance, if you go settle north on start, you join North People who have some special perk. If you join South People and register on South, you get some other perk. If you register where there is less players then anywhere in the map, you also get a special perk. if you settle Randomly, you get special perk. Something like that...

    But i am not sure how would that influence diplomacy and Kingdom making, since new players tend to join the most "strongest" teams and players, no matter of location or war idea.

    Maybe if there is some special task that connecst people into community depending on their position or even size of the Kingdom but this NO from me. If you even care about what I think trolollolol

    Maybe adding some stuff to NAPs Confeds and Wars would be nice. I can sign NAP with other Kingdom and attack them 1minute later no matter the NAP. So whats the point of it then. Same as War. There should be some rules like you can not atk other treasury if you are not in War with them 24h before or even 78h. Would give small Kingdoms and Kings chance to defend their small treasuries against active and goldy pplzzzzz


    I suggest that building Stonemason Lodge should be more expensive then it is right now. For only few thousands of resource, you can get 2x building protection/health against catapults which makes Capital almost impossible to catapult down to zero.

    I have this problem on com3. Inactive player fast settled c9 in our Border and is semi inactive there, just keeping that c9 without army, production or anything other then defense. Its day 22 of the World, very few players have catapults except us Kings who must have catapults and use them to clear the border.

    Well, so cheap stonemasons lodge makes catapulting little fast settled villages practicly impossible. I can show you reprots, but experienced players know what it is about, others can try for themselve.

    So, one of my catapult (teuton) costs 1950 resource and I need at least 3 of them to destroy 1 level building, because sending 1 or 2 catapults doesnt make difference, so basicly having 1 or 2 cataupults is stupid thing to posses. You must build at least 5 of them so they can destroy some building level. And that costs you, ladies and gentlemens, almost 10 000 resource. And you have to send army with that catapults also, which costs a lot of ressource also. And you have long walk to the enemy village, which alerts the enemy player who always places reinforcment from friends or what ever (just example).

    SO I have to spend like 50 000 ress or more just to destroy 1 building level while enemy player can build stonemason lodge for few thousands of ress and have a real good laugh on my hard work. Getting cats in day 20 reqeuires you to play Travian more then 8h per day and player who makes Stonemason does not have to play more then 30min or 1h so it is very big dissadvantage.

    Maybe you should even make a rule that player can not proclaim village a Capital while it is inside other Kingdom border.

    Who thinks im a noob and dont know what im talking about, I suggest you to go cat a player on day 22 1.5k pop vs 500pop and lvl20 stonemason lodge.

    I suggest that you make that stonemason more expensive.. Stonemason lodge from lvl1 to lvl20 costs 237240 IN TOTAL.
    Level 1 to level 10 stonemason costs 18530 resource! You can earn that with 2, 3 robber hideouts. I think its a joke and not fair to offensive players and Kings in general.

    Oh just play the game.You do not need gold to win or to be the best. Gold just makes things easier, so people who have a lot of real life work, can play equal quality as players who have a lot of time.

    Just enjoy the game bro.

    Menhir function works perfectly fine as it is.

    Problem is that players who are under 200 population (begginer protection) can send reinforcment to players who are not in protection, which makes exploit situation in start of the game. Disable sending reinforcment from players in protection to players out of protection.

    Maybe it would be better to set begginers protection 7 days for ALL no matter population and statisctics. Go hunt some spiders, let the noob try the game before he delets in start (how many 1000 of inactives we got on com worlds is beyond my mouse click).

    Im happy with the system as it is. Im also fine with the "myst" system. Gives more balance to the game and some freshness. So all good, keep the good work!

    Oh almost forgot!
    Governor have more rights then Kings and specialy more then Dukes! How so? Look this:
    Governor has every right to go menhir himself where ever he wants and how many times he wants as long as he is not transfering to Kingdom that his current Kingdom has Confederation with.

    So I play as a King and I invite via menhir a player to be my governor. Player goes inactive and keeps that slot for settling for a month or so. Dissaster. And King cant do anything about that. How about implementing some kick out system for super inactive menhired governors?

    Who of you seen player Food making 3k clubs in first week and menhiring arround biggest Kingdoms, sieging every player inside, completely demolishing their game. Mayn Kings and player quit to Food's gameplay. 3k clubs in first week, 6 in 2nd week, attacking 1,2,3 fields aways members of Kingdom. King has like 500 clubs he can only dream about catapults. SO very big problem yes yes yes

    Hello everyone.

    After few round of Travian Kingdoms, Quests do get little boring.
    And they are same for every player, so in the end all players have pretty much same stats or percantage (population, troop ratio, kind of troops).

    I propose an Add-On to the Quest Book.

    After a player sets his 5th village and resolves the quest related to it, player gets one extra chart to the "Quest Book - OpenQuests/DailyQuests/SkillQuests

    At that new chart he gets 3 quests but can resolve only 1 of them, other 2 will dissapear without reward upon completion of 1 quest.
    So, in start quests would go:

    1. Attack 10 villages/
    2. Deffend 10 villages
    3. Spy on 10 villages

    So we have split player development into 3 sections (off, deff, spy)
    In addition, there could be 5 instead of 3 quests, so there are 5 ways player can evolve during the round:
    4. Make 100 trades
    5. Improve your population by double

    So we get 2 new types of players: Trader and Builder.

    Once a player takes one of the quests and resolves them, he gets new sets of quests:

    1. Attack 10 villages
    1.1 Destroy 100 units in battle or demolish 2 buildings with catapults

    1.1.1. Destroy 1000 units in battle by attacking
    1.1.2. Demolish 5 buildings with catapults

    2. Deffend 10 villages
    2.1 Destroy 100 units in battle by defending or defend 20 villages

    2.1.1. Destroy 1000 units
    2.1.2. Defend 50 villages

    3. Spy on 10 villages
    3.1. Spy on 50 villages or destroy 50 enemy spies

    4. Make 100 trades
    4.1. Send 50 000 ressources to your Kingdom

    5.. Improve population 2x
    5.1. Chief enemy village

    And so on and on...

    With quests like this, there would be far less SimCiting, specialy in the middle and end game, where players are reward for activly attacking other active players, demolish their buildings, deffend your team mates and maybe even some other smaller Kingdoms around. Spying constantly...
    For reward something different: ointment, bandages, cages, XP.
    It is just an idea. I hope you will think about it :)

    Hello to everyone.

    If you plan to play Com3 that will Tuesday, October 8th at 2:00 pm CEST (UTC +2) and you are looking for King

    who will be active for whole game, register NORTH and join The Unit

    I will play as Teuton King, already have team and members but always looking for quantity and quality!

    I am Ivan, 31y/o, Zagreb (Croatia, EU) unemployed so I have time to play Travian Kingdoms very actively. I try to be fair, not let emotions get over me, I do not have problems with my ego. I don't think i'm best player or person in Universe. My opionon is that we are strong as whole team is and team play is far important then personal interest. Except if someone is aiming for first pop or first att/deffer, we encourage that and help by PUSHes for Your benefit!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Our conditions to join are:

    1. Be registered and active on GeterTools (update stats at least once a week)
    2. Do not use Multi Accounts (play with only 1 account, not more, one world.

    You can play on other worlds but we do not support playing with 2 or more accounts on one world by 1 player).
    3. Active and team play.
    4. Fair play and polite manners (we do not support Spies and we do not support bad language or

    misstreat to other members or players of Travian)

    5. Most important: Have fun and enjoy Travian Kingdoms

    I wellcome you all to the The Unit Register NORTHside!!

    Russich, Германия and English


    TKs are mid and late game troops. So there is no reason to must have academy 15 which is uber expensive in start.
    Teutons can build only infantry for raids in start while all other tribes raid with horses.

    Then why is Haeudan not level 15? You got Thunders.

    I mean, statistics says all. Teutons dont stand a chance vs gaul or roman raider, specialy on night com worlds.
    Not my words, statistics.

    Academy lvl 15 Stable lvl 10 is too high.
    Imperatoris with 30 atk less can be built with only stable level 5 and academy level 5 and they have pretty much same defense as Teutonic Knight, plus later they spend less crop due to Horse Drink..

    Even Cesaris requires only academy level 5 and its much more advanced technolocigly then semi unarmed teuton knight.
    Look at raider statistics. Gauls, romans. Where are teutons? Clubs are hitting at walls and residence, you cant use them after week 2 seriously.
    Axes are too slow for farm and expensive. Paladins die at wall just like club, sad.

    5 percent of people plays Teuton.

    Placing teuton knjight on academy level 5 is good, level 10 OKish but level 15 its too much.

    This is worst on night world. Now i see when i play night world. Gauls are best raiders, teutons cant come even close due to speed of units (you have only 16h of raid and he who gets first raid gets 10x more so WIN FOR THE GAUL defensive tribe).

    You cant fast raid with teuton, you can only do sieges and then 2,3 weeks build off again while other hapily farms around.

    Give us some break!! 999 attacks per village?WHo to send? Settlers?

    Hello folks.

    In this thread I will explain in short, how to properly use TravianPlus Farm List.
    If you are using Travian Plus, it is illogical not to use FarmList. I know it looks hard and confusing, but when you get it, you won't be sorry!
    And if you are an offensive player, this guide is a MustRead for you!

    So, after begginer protection ends, there are still no inactives around. You have to wait a little bit more, day or two for players to become inactive.
    And then you go hunting!

    First rule of any proper raid is to gain more ress then you lost ress in army cost, so having that in mind, we will only target inactive villages under 100 population for first week or two, to cut down our losses because every single unit soldier counts, specially in start of the game!

    To use unit a farm unit, it needs to have 40 or more atk points. So club, lego, druid rider the best options if you ask me.
    First, you gona open your Rally Point. In there you will find a card "Farm List". Go there and click "Create new farm list" Give it a name. I use numbers, but I suggest for start that you use words like "clubs" or "short farm list" "Big farm list" and similiar, depending where you use your farm list.

    So, lets give Farm list a name "Farm 1". After you created your first farm list, you need to add villages to it. Best way is over map so go to Map and find inactives villages under 100 population. Add them to your "Farm List 1". When you added enough villages to your farm list (I suggest you add all 100), you can go back to your Rally Point -> Farm list ->Farm List 1

    There you mark "farm list 1" and in unit count, place 1 soldier (1 club or 1 lego or 1 druid raider).
    Activate farm list, SEND.

    After Farm List 1 completes in few hours, check your farm list, remove all farms that give you casuilty (your soldier dies) and add other villages.

    While you are waiting for Farm List 1 to be completed, you can create Farm List 2 and mark new villages on map (+100)

    Each farm list can hold up to 100 targeted villages, so if you want a Medal, you need to create at least 3 farm list and send your soldiers as often as you can, even if they take only 4 ress per raid. Hey ! 4 is still better then 0 if your army stays at home doing nothing other then eating your crop!!

    This is fastest and most risky way to set up your farm list. Ifyou have time, use scouts before you add village to your farm list.

    After inactives with 200 and more population show up, you will need scouts to see what level Residence Palace and or Wall is at targeted village.
    After few weeks, you can develop 10 catapults and destroy those Residences so you can farm them with only 1 soldier per raid. Also, you can always check in combat simulator how many soldiers you need to send for them not to die or at least have positive profit.

    Many players use 2 soldiers per raid, I do not suggest that, that is waste of resource. Except if you are have good farms that give you more ress then 1 soldier can carry.

    Do not use Spearmans, Phalanx and Pretorians in raids 1 by 1 because they have little attack and will surely die without profit.

    For Night worlds its a bit different.
    In the morning, You have to set up exactly enough soldiers to pick up all resource that gathered throug the night durign truce time and after that first morning raid, you use again raid lists with 1 soldier.

    By using this kind of farming, you can have endless number of troops because no matter how many army you have if you send them 1 by 1 on inactives, they will feed themselves.

    I hope this Guide will help new players. If anyone has anything to add, please do so. Questions are also always wellcome!!

    There should be more detailed info in Hall of Fame including all rankings of all players so it gets recorded in history.

    Forum should have official thread or complete subforum with questions and answers, specialy when wikipedia does not show real data. How about working on that :)

    For instance, WWs appeared on day 101 on last com5. On start when we registered you said on day 101 we gona fight for treasure and on 120 day WW will appear so how about some info panel in Lobby with fresh data in real life time.

    Chat system is horrible. On forum it does not even exist. So making a real time chat on forum or in lobby would be epic because ingame chat aint much of a help and depends on online volonteres who answer begginers questions.

    You should start giving rewards for good Tutorials on forum, like some small number of gold if the tutorial gets more then 20 likes.

    Voice communication is completely missing. Only text we have.

    But those are just suggestions, not complaints!
    I am very happy with community as it is. Travian Team does a great job and I think we are all happy here.

    Oh... maybe doing some commercials would be nice, more players on the Worlds would be epic.