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    Thank you Gerogi for fast reply.

    I have not noticed that help center system. Thank you.
    But we, players, need public help thread, fast q/a.

    You know that there are players that know Travian tips and tricks far better then me and you both! :))
    And that would releaf pressure from ticket sistem, transfering answering tasks from TravTeam to TravPlayers.

    How about creating TravLanguage which would be multiethnical?
    We would communicate with pictures instead of words.

    So you get alphabet with 500 pictures and you make sentences out of it!
    That would be just DOPE woud it not? :D

    Horse + Wood + Crown = Send me wood!
    Axe Catapult WarDrum = Attack with hammer and catapults

    With this manual, you could make biggest village population in Trav History.
    To pick settlement with 5 iron and push it over 3000 population :)
    It is hardly catable, so no one can mess you with your plans to have biggest city in TravWorlds.

    Zero troops, just warehouses and production.

    In the end, you can let your favorite player to raid you :)

    Sure. OK.

    No problem.

    If you can answer one question:
    How much euro money is needed to run GMBH company?
    Or should I be more specific, how much euros per year costs GMBH to maintain all Travian servers and to pay all people that are working in company (from bosses, over programers to basic cleaners).


    Thank you.

    When we open SEND TROOP chart while managing reinforcments, we can only SEND or click X and completley terminate all actions in moment, so when I missclick my send troop and I want to go back, I cant. Does not allow me to go back or to cloe that window, so I can repick reinforcment I am sending back to original owner.

    It takes me a very lot of time if I missclick number of reinforcemtn I want to send back. Then I have to close that window, go to village/city reinforcments are IN, then I have to go to RALLY POINT (which does not have fastbutton like marketplace/barracks/stable/workshop and then I have to find reinforcment over SEE ALL CHART which is complicated by itslef, then I have to find exact reinforcment I wanted to send back. Usually I have more then 30 CHARTS from various players, due to reinforcments, cause 20 people send me 5k reinforcment, thats 150-250 charts of troops. Hello? Excuse me for bad language but WTF im doing this from 10/10/2017 and still has not been changed. I thought you gonna do it yourself but this is ridicilous!!

    Soon we are gonna have natars and world wonder. Who is gonna manage that reinforcment with so complicated reinforcment charts in rally point? I ask you? TravTeam. Are you gonna waste 2,3 hours daily just to manage reinforcments?

    So please do something fast about this, cause im loosing huge amount of time by managing reinforcment.
    And when I missclicked, I get mini heart attack or mini-stroke from stress that im gonna have to do all work again!

    Thank youtravian no back button.png

    NO GO back/close BUTTON JUST x AND send back OPTION

    Who are the people who will happily support the winning Kingdom, while not being part of that Kingdom and therefore not getting any recognition for their part in its victory?

    No-one I have spoken to falls into that category, so I've always wondered who they were and, in particular, if they were actually independent players or accounts effectively controlled by those running the meta.

    Avatar Faust
    Kingdom LS Pirates

    Me and all my team goes in your category. No, we dont need big numbers. No, we do not need simcity win.
    Check our population att and deff. And please do not talk anymore like this!

    You owe apologie to me and my team.

    And who forbides any of you to make small kingdoms? WHat? You got no pplz to play with? Oh bummer. Want me to find you duals or sitters? What?

    Just lock the topic, if you dont like big KIngdoms you are not forced into any.
    And what 7 day no-attack? You can attack when you hit 200 pop. What? YOu dont know to hit 200 pop in 24h? Heh bummer again.

    Dont blame other players for your lack of everything or me or my team or TravTeam.
    Change this change that change this change that.

    Also, wouldn't it feel like a pay to win feature if the market ratio were able to go higher?

    Yes for all but the crop! You are Admin, you can check players granaries any time of the day. What do you see? WIth my little scouting script with my scout troops I see little but I see them ALL full with crop they DO NOT USE or have any place to send them.
    Do you know I have requested crop from my Kingdom during truce times, cause they got plenty if they sent them to inactives as I instructed. Do you know how many players sent me crop during truce? 1. Do you know how much crop I got from 100 member Kingdom? 100k crop. In 6 days no starvation script. You think they used that crop? Oh no, it just went to top of granary and stayed there. It is homo sapiens mental issue. He hordes more then he needs and he refuses to share with other no matter if his goods are going to get wasted. So better wasted then shared "Homo Sapiens".
    So back to your Admin options again, you can see crop overfrowing on every sever.
    I play Travian since ver3, back in 2007. Situation with crop was exact like this!
    I was noob back then and I met a lady, she had over 40 years in RL, married etc. Serious person. Was first with population on server. You know how much she raided weekly? 0.
    Said its waste of time, marketplace gives better resource without casultie.
    That was on croatia4 worl 2007, nickname Astrix. You can doublecheck that if you like. 0 raids. 1. pop.
    So yes, it would be pay for win ofcourse. But is that any different from pay to win with bandages? WHy cant I put bandage on my trader? :D What, he is not worthy as my legioner because he does not have sword but can carry 500 ress instead of 40 as legioner? Hehe, jokes on the side... Trade is great aspect of Travian.
    People just do not utilize it so often because it is kinda dull to play witn numbers.

    You could buy more card games -> get more resource chests and use the NPC trader to get the most out of your resources.

    I dont understand question. How could I buy more card games and use NPC chests when can I use only 1 chest in 24 hours same as Hero Bucuket? That is why it is 24 restriction, because people would buy resource all the time. So I think you slipped, no offense. Positive thoughts :thumbup:

    We can trade now resource 1:2 max.
    Thats OK.

    But what when midgame comes and there is massive overflow of crop in 75 percent of players?
    That crop does not worth 1:2 to wood no way.

    In truce time 1k crop is worth 200wood 400 clay and 500iron!!!

    Changing crop 1:2 for wood iron and clay is ripoff because CROP MATEMATHICLY IS NOT WORTH EVEN HALF OF IRON during midgame.!!

    I want to sell my wood for 3 to 5 times that crop! Cause my lumber is 10x worther then CROP.
    You dont belive me?

    Turn on Markeplace "Buy" chart. Try to find any wood for anything. Or try to sell crop for antthing. No. YOu wont find it cause we are getting ripped of 2:1

    You already have requested freedom:
    With only 1 village inside any other Kingdom beside Kingdom that you are already IN, that Kingdom where you settled can invite you.

    So, pointless topic in the end, as I can understand.

    Travian gave you 2 options:
    1. Freely locate any new village
    2. Relocate via "Relocation scrip" in start game.

    And no one qarantiees you gonna have great team. Hell, no one can garantiee King will play out untill the END.

    So.... just enjoy and enjoy freedom that you DO have.

    My opinion is:

    Any restriction that would restrict anything, would restrict me and everything around me, which would result in fewer options in this time/space.

    Beauty of it all is freedom. You start by yourself. Alone.
    You found yourself in world with creatures same like you (homo sapiens).
    To basicly survive, you have to unite with other homo sapiens against other homo sapiens.

    And you want to restrict me with what homo sapiens I can be ally and with what I can? Hey, who are you? You aint gonna pick friends for me or you gonna tell me will I have 1,2,3 friends of 3000. That choice is only mine. I hope you understand.

    I do not think there is much to be done because tribute script calculates tribute ever MILISECOND but in binary words.
    Hard to explain im not much of an expert myself...

    Point is... when you click on Tributes, TravServer has to:
    1. Calculate your Treasury city:
    1.1. Treasury
    1.2 Population
    1.2 Overall influence
    2. Calculate tributes from Governor
    2.1. Calculate production of Governor
    2.2. Calculate percante given to the Lord at given time/space

    And many others variationas that has to be implemented. Basicly in easy words:

    When you click TRIBUTES you overrun TravServer with your personal "shit" a.k.a. data upload that has to be uploaded then calculated on TravServer procesor/ram then back downloaded do you as first user/sender/root.

    So you have to consider:

    Your upload speed.
    Your download speed.
    TravServer download upload speed at current time/space.
    Calculate your download speed.

    You want ALL THIS SHIT TO HAPPEN in 1 second?
    Guys? I am really amazed how this whole TravScript even works!!!
    I play this cause I dont understand how they managed to MANAGE so complicated script!!

    It is like whole space in one space.

    Sorry, but I dont think this is possible. This is amazing as it is, I am truly amased. I really am.

    I might be crazy but I do not think that owners of Trav are human organism as homo sapiens as we know it as specy.
    Do you understand how this trav script is CHAOTIC? And it does not have major bugs. What the fu... how? NOT POSSIBLE BY HUMAN i tell you and I do think that TravScrip bends time/space as we know it.


    I see how many tributes governos pay me.
    I am the DUKE.

    Haha. Im kinda serious about it. And if I got treasure spawned, that would explain so much treasure on whole com4 that would be not mathematicly possible with so little players active!!

    There is a HUGE bug in treasury script guys I tell ya. I am the one who first talked about it I think others are keeping their mouths shut for personal benefit.
    Dont get me wrong, I dont want harm any one. But bug It is I am 100 percent sure of it.

    I got like 20 governors. They do not give me 2K treasure every 12h WTF. Sorry for bad language but what the fu...

    Is it possible that I get tributes from inactive other Duke or KIng himself? Due to HIS overflowing I GET his treasure? Cause I got many governors under my personal treasury that I should not have as Duke by not having them in distance to my treasury.
    I got governors and I take tributes from them like King does, even though they are not connected to my treasury!

    CHeck pleaese fast!

    That explains a lot!
    Thank you.

    But I think there is still overflow of treasures that can not be explained because I watch every single treasure where it goes and it is more then I should have.

    Please, someone from TravTeam check my Avatar on com4.

    And for this topic, as I am concerned, It can be locked.

    Thank you all!

    When we celebrate Christmas, it is common to give presents to each other, yes?
    So I suggest that Travian gives present for each Christmas to each Avatar register in TravWorld. And gift would vary, depending on how "good" player was (no bans, active, golder) so players who spent more time and money gets little bigger present then regular players.
    And present should be wraped and hidden under the tree of some sort and you have to send hero to get that tree or present or what ever.

    Same goes for Easter. Just no presents, but games with Hero. During truce time you cant attack other players so why dont you give us something else to do? Like special tasks to catch animals during easter or something like that that woud keep our mind busy during holidays if we want to play travian instead of celebrating or whatever.

    Presents do not have to be big. Rather complimentary.
    LIke if you are big raider 2017 year, you get 1000 troops.
    If you spent a lot of money on gold, you get 10000 silver.
    If you cathed a lot of animals, you get animals or cages.
    If you partied alot you get extra CB.

    AS I have proposed, every Avatar should have most detailed statistics of whole gameworld on earth as we know it. We raid, we trade, we attack, we defense, we auctioner, we catch animals, we build, we do diplomacy...

    So why not :) I think players of Travian deserve that plus would keep people close to TravWorld rather to go AFK for long period of time.

    No poll, since this is not a question, rather a plead.

    I will have to be rude, but author of this topic does not understand math principles and Travian game in general.

    Point of governors is not to have army but to have resource production and population.
    Point of Dukes and Kings is not to have population and not to go for resource build but only to build troops.

    Do you know that player with lower population has attack and defense bonus against higher population player which in Travian means if King has only 5 villages with 5 treasuries and on whole account on that world has 5000 population and he attacks other player who has 1¸0000 population, King with 5k pop gets MASSIVE OFFENSIVE BONUS.

    So when you see a King or Duke going for population or resource build, you can understand that player is not educated to be a Lord of any kind and would be more use as a governor or even a farm.

    If you see a King or Duke with low population then you can place in your head that player is experienced player with massive army offensive or deffensive, does not matter.

    And in Trav5 version, when you send reinforcment in defense, script calculates each and every soldier of each player and givees defense points to Avatar. Not like in Trav4 where all deff points went to defender insted of people/players who actually stood with their army and took the hit!

    So, again, I apologie for being rude, but you are noob and you belong to 90 percent of Travian population that does not know basic principles of vedh mathematics or "sacred" geometry and by that said, you are not educated to be Lord of any kind what so ever.

    And so that I am not left in the dark as being a fool, check Com4.
    King FTW, King Burton.
    Burton understands Travian and understand what is needed to win and on other hand, FTW is going for first place in population, so basicly he parasites on whole his Kingdom for personal benefit.