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    My thoughts exactly.

    But there are 2 positive sides of this:

    1. Golders must spend more gold (I remember when I bought starter pack then had to use fast build for buildings under 2h... made me loco)
    2. Non-Golders dont loose so much advantage over golders.

    So NO from me for this suggestion due to common wealth.

    I suggest you to buy starter pack at the end of the sale and use cards like they are gifts. :P

    I think they slowed lobby on purpose so you can't so easily cheat. Sometimes it gets so slow I loose my will to play other world I registered. 20 seconds per loading zzzz. OK we do not have best internet over 'ere but still zzz

    I'm thinking about ComPro.
    Com 1,2,3,4 are for regular players, anyone can join, register on world.

    But on TravianKingdoms ComPro World only players with prestige over 1000 or 2000 or even more can participate which means if you have 999 prestige, sorry¸! You cant play that world!

    With just 1 world like that you would reduce multiaccounts because players would prefer to play on theri account cause they got real, materialistic, advantage and not just nice looking picture that no one actually can see how much exadctly prestige you have. So I have 1001 and someone has 1999 and our picture looks same even though he played 2 or 3 worlds more!

    And ofcourse, glory! I would be happy to be in mid range players on ComWorld. To be the best would be something to remember!

    And if someone does not have enough prestige, with 100 gold he can buy ticket to ComPro.

    Also, winner would get something special like chance to play as Natar or Nature or he gets completely unique Heroe appearence. Something special.

    Like in LoL, there should be ranked game world for experienced players.
    There are many of us who play Travian for decade now and are pretty tired of noobish openents that eventually become inactive or farms and so on.

    Also, there should be punishment for leaveras like reduction of prestige points!! So think twice next time you smash your off in other player and delete in next hour or so. Happend to me xy times.

    What do you think?

    There are bunch of diaries of all sorts all over internet, so why woudnt we have Traian Diary Subforum so players could write what they are building, foughting and so on... many players are discret about their game but lots of us are interested in multiple versions of the game so instead spaming our achievments all over Trav Kingdom Forum, make special subforum for dairies.

    If you are member of KIngdom or Secret Society, you can start or join card games in your group.
    Gambling would be included in silver!

    Also there could be arranged duels among Kingdoms or Kings.

    I will tell you story of my real life country, Croatia. It is in Europe and it is older then 1000 years. We have a shield on our flag with 25 field which represents chess field. Chess game.
    Legend of our country is that our Croatian King lead huge army against other nations and to not fight with armies, Kings of nations decided to play a game of chess. He who wins, gets are that is fought for.
    Story says our King was very smart and he won chess game against other King and we got the land we live today, Croatia.

    I always remember that story when I play Travian Card game.

    Also, it would be nice feature to trade card games among players. I give you 1 NPC card you give me 1 crop Card.


    You got siege on your a...?

    No problem, activate "anti-siege"mode in Main Building.

    Select Main Building, click Activate "Panic Mode". There is timer limit like for Tresury, of 12 hours to actiavate.

    Anti-Siege mode lasts until you deactivate it and needs 12 hours of downcool to stop.

    What it does:

    While in anti sege mode you can not:
    -Build anything
    -All production is halted, production of wood iron and clay and crops becomes 0 resource per hour. You do not produce anything while in anti siege mode
    -Your troops waste double crop per hour(legioner 1, teutonic rider 6 crop per hour for example)
    -Your troops get 100% defence (bonus does not work on troops from other players but works for troops from all your villages/cities)
    -All trade is halted including outbound and inboud, traders do not travel while in anti siege mode

    You still can:
    -Research troops
    -Build troops

    Rally point is place or structure where warlord gathers his troops. The bigger troops are, the bigger place of gathering is needed. SO i suggest:

    Rally point from lvl1 to lvl5 you can send max number or troops per wave 500 units
    Rally point lvl 6 to lvl 10 you can send wave of 3000 units
    Rally point from lvl 10 to 15 you can send one wave of maximum 25 000 units
    Rally point 16 to 19 you can send up to 100 000 troops in one wave

    Rally point 20 no limit for sending

    Plus there would be restriction for number of waves:
    Rally 1lvl - 10 waves
    Rally point lvl 5 - 100 waves
    Rally point lvl 10 500 waves
    Rally point lvl 20 999 waves

    It would be realistic. Imagine 50 000 crop consumtion troops in lvl 1 to lvl 10 rally point in real life. Would get crampy a lot.

    Also, you can get defense from friends as high your rally point is, you cant have 1000 troops in rally lvl 1, you have to have at least 3.

    Would complicate a game a lot though.

    No need. There is already one intermideler (payment service provider) who takes a cut from players and game owners money and by purcasing or better yet to say "converting" money gives you less.

    Great way to cheat. Experienced know why and how. I was tired of multiaccounts before but now it is even easier to set your twink account to deffend you early game. Kingdoms is more pop simulation game then war game now.

    With menhir feaute you can spawn 2 villages at your main account capital and from resource packs make bundle of deffensive units fast while people who play honest, have to catch animals or just play defensive.

    So in first 3 days player who cheats can now make 201 population village with 200 defensive units from twink account while he himself makes only farm raiding units to gather resource and gold and silver he has he does not use for cages nor does he have to build crannies in start!! This is problem for decade now. Still no changes.

    So feauture of being king for rookie player is not an option on Travian KIngdom. If you do not have 3,4 players who blindly supports you as King.... zzz

    There are games on internet like SAMP that are playable RPG world without reset.
    Since day one I started to play Travian I wished that there is a neverending world where all my villages and troops will not go to "Oblivion" and I could anytime come and play my favorite game with my little soldiers, buildings and so on.

    Please stop taking my beloved toys to oblivion and let me play and neverending world which lasts for decades.
    :( I remember all my old accounts and I wish I could just for 5 minutes play with my old toys that I miss so much! :((((

    Once I had 5 c9s and 3 c15 croppers which I fed all my friends armies and we eventually won the server and now I dont have my villages :((( :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::cursing::cursing:<3

    Do you remember your first rat ever? :(

    I would include 2 more things to the gameplay:

    1. Traders
    Gauls have fastest traders with 750 carry capacity. Beat that! I will never forget one female player 10 years ago on Travian version 3. She played gaul without army and farming but managed to be first population player just by TRADE and Gold. Whole world round you have chance to buy resource 1:2. Without any troop loss. Do the math. :P

    2. Practicum Batelisticus
    90 percent of farmers avoid gaul villages because of may be trap or may be lot of cranny so no point of wasting time to attack gaul. Every time I registred with Gaul tribe, I had 70 percent less incoming farm attacks from local farmers. That includes scouting, not just farming! So it is big advantage to play as Gaul.

    3. TTs are best inactive farmers. Period.

    OK, point 1 and 3 are for professional players, point 2 is for begginers but still... picking Gaul tribe makes your wife happier.

    Magic Hideout:
    1 random field spawning for each player on server once a day.
    Every 24hours you have possibility to send your Hero to Magic Hideout. It spawns all around the map, it can be 1 minute away from your capital or 23:59h of Hero walk. When Hero activates Magic Hideout, player gets reward like silver coins, gold coins. It basicly uses adventure game phisics but its not Adventure, its field on map. To find it, you must browse map by yourself to find it by hovering mouse over it.

    Hellhound is completely right. But only in case of 24/7 active account.
    Other then ingame mathematics, you have to consider social component. People mostly take Gauls because most of players do not like to attack other players. Only 15 percent of humans are teutons (completely agrresive, practical, gamblers) while gaul players (most of players) are defensive, semi active players that do not like to raid or to get raided. They do not like to gamble. RL yo

    Mercanary camps would be nice, similiar to robber hideouts. Would spawn randomly and you could buy troops there.
    For the leveling, all foreign troops would be lvl 0 in first third of the game, lvl 10 second third of the game and lvl20 ofcourse after second third of the game up till the end of the world. Same time script as hero items.

    Plus you would have disband option for foreign troops, same as for animals, to remove clutter :)

    Aditional idea: foreign troops would be bought with silver, not with resource but would have daily cap limit like scrools and buckets, so golders wouldnt have so much advantage over nongolders

    And most extreme idea would be slave market where you could trade slave troops same as hero items. Similiar to Egyptan troops with low att deff points but cheap build