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    When we buy or sell items over auctions, they are listed in silver accounting chart.
    We have info about:
    Bought price.
    Sold price.
    Type of item.

    And thats all.

    I want to know more info like item type stats. For example, I sold 5 heavy helmets of cavalry. And they are listed like that, not telling me are they plus 18 or plus 19 percent faster build speed. So basicly, I dont have any info other then most basic ones and that is somewhat unserious, dont you think?

    Thank you!


    Ye, sounds stupid as hell, but listen.

    Avatar: Faust
    City: 013 Sunny Plane

    I recently opened treasury there and treasure was already there, about 550 treasure inside the city itself. I did not sold stolen goods to robber, I did not robb out that treasure, I did not transfered it from my other treasury 01 Mountain Pass.

    I have builded it up to level 6. It was good for few hours then it jumped BY ITSELF to 600/600.
    OK I said lets build that up. I am building it now at lvl 10 treasury just keeps on RAISING.

    I do not collect tributes with treasures to my city 013 Sunny Plane.
    I do not robb treasure and keep it in Sunny Plane.

    Treasure just keeps on giving!!
    Check please, fast

    Com4, started 80 days ago, I just bought 2 boots "Nasty Spurs" which are level 3 item and when i wanted to sell them, it says it can not be placed on auction cause price has not been set yet and I have to wait for 4 hours and 30 min for price to be set.

    How, who sold 2 lvl3 items in 80 day? I bought them for 1 silver. I will probably sold them for 1000 but that is not the point.

    How can that be?

    1. Item is lvl3, too soon to appear on server, plus 2 items in 4min distance auction, same items, same price 1 silver, no auctioners other then me how is that possible also?
    2. How is possible that 2 items are bought over auction when server does not allow player to place that item on auction yet?

    Plus on top of that, both boots are speed +7 which is MAX i belive?
    And lvl3 items should not appear in game before day 90 is that correct? Today is day 80.

    When I click on player profile, I want direct link to his Avatar and his Avatar info.
    I want to see as much info as I can. I am not interested in personal data, I am interested in script count statistics like:

    1. Units killed overall on Avatar
    2. Units killed in defense
    3. Units lost in defense as reinfocrment to other player (optional)
    4.Date when Avatar was created, date.
    5. How many times did Avatar deleted his account on gameworlds
    6. How many gameworlds finished
    7. Resource robbed overall on Avatar

    Basicly, I want siystem where we, comunity, are transparant and can see who is best attacker in whole travian world, who is best defender, robber, and TRADER that is also a must. Plus, now we got auctions, so there must be auctioner medal. I earned lots and lots of silver over auction games. that is important aspect of game now.

    Place public HALL OF FAME where all Avatars of Travian are listed and wheere we can click on each other and check each other stats.

    Do it, please. Before next Christmas

    I have just sent 2000 legiioners from my capital to c15 as reinforcment and I realised I did wrong so I went back to Rally Point to cancel reinforcment. 5 second later after i have clicked SEND Reinforcment.
    And I go to rally point to see that it does not show number of troops i have sent or i have CANCEL option to cancel that reinforcment. I have sent 2k legiones from 1 my village to other my village.

    1. Does not show troop count, instead shows ??? like I am under attack of fake from enemy
    2. I do not have CANCEL option to cancel my reinforcment, even though it has not passed time limit to cancel troop move in rally point


    We all had our shares with bad and or inactive Kings and Dukes that we coudnt get rid of.
    I suggest you implement democratic option of voting against King or Duke/s. In that way 2 Dukes can by 2 votes overthrown King or if majority of Kingdom members vote against King, he gets overtrhown.

    New King or Duke would be elected via same script, so when you vote against or pro King, you got second vote for new King/Duke.

    We invest lot of time and money. We are not quilty for other player behavior or doings. Treasures are connected with all of us and belong to ALL.

    Player got baned. He turned inactive today. I wanted to sent scouts, radis and so on but script does not allow me because "target is currently banned".

    Inactive village falls under inactive player script and therefore can not be banned or if one is baned all inactive villages should be baned also.


    I am sitting 2 accounts and I have just noticed I can freely send resources from one sitter account to other sitter acount and I got no script restriction! Well, I dont think I have to explain how can I abuse that. When next server opens in few days I can send all resource production from one sitter account to other sitter account, making huge disadvantage!

    Thank you for reading.

    I have to agree with ForTheWin, even though we play on opposite sides.
    TONKA lost over 10k treasures which was BIGGEST at the moment on the server, so making a statement that 10k treasure in 40days of game is not such a big deal is at least RUDE.

    More then 10 players gave tributes every single day for more then 30 days for WHAT??
    If this happend to me or my Kingdom, I would consider a mass strike of whole Kingdom due to unfair disadvantages.

    FTW should get +10k treasure immidiatly from Travian Admin via UCP! without any questions or post-poning plus should get 5k treasures for damages done to them by Travian script.

    Even so if Gill has been a cheater or had really bad manners, you cant ban or delete or even allow player to delete while holding Kingdom treasures!!! That should be banable offense and even restricted by Travian script.

    How would you feel if you work on something for 30 days, hours and hours, investing time, body and money into something, then you put it in shareholdings and then one member gets in trouble and whole products of all members gets taken away just because 1 member did something wrong. That is unsen anywhere in the world and also is a crime, by law of European Union.

    Travian Team took money for service that they have not provided. Simple as that.

    I am sorry, but I got no positive feedback on this topic!
    Thank you for reading.