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    why is that by the way?
    why cant capitals be conquered?

    So each player has a "safety net" for his or hers account.
    Every village can be taken, except for the Capital, so the player can still have a "starting point" to play account from.
    Also, even greater reason is that player can stay in play in case all of his villages and/or cities get conquered by another player/s.

    If a player would not have a capital village that can not be conquered, there would not be a virtual material where player can hatch on the world or so to say player would not be able to login to the registered gameworld in case all of his villages/cities has been conquered by another player/s.

    I had automatic Windows Update (I did not wanted it, it updated itself without my knowledge) and after update, my laptop doesnt have wifi drivers anymore or are not visible. After quick search on Google, I noticed that I am not only one, Windows does that a lot to users. My laptop and Windows are not pirated, I payed FULL PRICE for it and it is not fair they treat their customers with blackmails.

    Does anyone here play Travian Kingdoms on anything other then Windows? Im looking on Debian now, but Linux is owned by Microsoft, so If I install Linux I basicly payed again to Microsoft, who blackmails me.


    F1 F1 F1 !!!!

    I propose after 1k pop treasury border can grow even more.
    After 1250 pop it would get more fields, 1500 pop more fields, 2000 more fields, 2500 most fields.

    We miss more then half of population of a village in treasury script.
    Limit of border gets to the max at 1000 population. No reason to stop expanding. We would all gold more and faster if we could get even bigger borders.
    These small borders get too small in less then half of the world. We can build more.

    So basicly, all of us, including me, who payed gold for Night Com1 are fools, because we could buy gold same price but 2x more gold cca.

    I just asked players on com1n.
    And I checked myself.

    I belive you owe us an apologie, cause right now I am battling players who bought a lot of gold for 2x more gold. Since I was not informed by that in the start of the round (for example: Announcement on TK Forum), I am now disadvantaged customer!

    And do not get me started about inflation of Euro and Dollar to pump up Turk Lyra. This is huge!

    For us, single players, that does not mean much, we are disadvantaged now on national worlds but this is great economy fraud!

    I would say now: "shame on you all that bought turk lyra gold" but that would be blaming the oportunist, that Travian Kingdoms created and it is their fault only. Travian Games Munich Germany.

    Do not let me get started about politics and emigration policies because this is not a place to discuss such matters, but we can not all go blind over this.

    It is like you work in Netherlands, but you buy all grocieries in Turkay and you eat them in Netherlands. That means all money you took from Netherlands you gave to Turkay and now Turkay has more treasure then Netherlands, putting it in a game word.

    I am shocked. On personal level and as a EU citizen. I truly believe this is most concerning and criminal.

    By these post I do not mean to insult Travian Team or its players, nor I wish to scare people of the Travian! No! Quite contrary! Not much people like me love this game so much and want it to be continued for decades. But this! This is certainly not the way to go.

    it's only possible to transfer it on Turkish game worlds.

    It's not possible to transfer it to for example a COM game world

    In that case there is not so much injustice.
    Let me tell you how I heard about it. Nobody told me, actually. I asked what is happening because I noticed that Turkish players are more familiar with gold usage then other nationalities. I was surprised, because I enjoy observing Travain worlds and players in general, behavior of players and Kingdoms. It is pure science for free. But this is kinda alarming, not only for players who might feel or are discriminated (hey, I am from Croatia, working in Netherlands. I never actually understood significance of proper gold usage until I was earning EU salary, before that I had to compete for decade with players with more gold then me which was actually very benefical for my game and for my personal development as human)... but this is alarming also for Travian Team, beacuse due to significant difference in player gamestyile by nationality, you can not get pure, clear view of, for example, healing tent, because you have 10 to 15 percent of players who use gold differently then other nationalities in general so with that mix, you do not actually see anything! Its a jungle now, and healing tent has been already released. You might have released the infernal beast that will distance new players even more from longer gameplay. I cant wait to see what will happen now on new com worlds with healing tent and how it will impact the travian community in general!

    Hello everyone!

    I am pretty sure we all have some funny story from game to write about and laugh together.
    Ill start first:

    When I first started to play, decades ago, Ive sent 2 clubs to attack oase and when they died I got so mad I refused to play the game for months until friend made me play it again.
    And when we first started, I remember teuton players attacking us with 2 clubs but since they had so much more population then us, we where constantly hiding in panic... from 2 clubs every time.... :whistling:

    1. More items in game
    2. Game is more fun, specially to players who play TK a long time now, for years.

    3. Everyone who played Warcraft 1 and 2 remembers good old tips you can ask ingame, and that are things that make special note, special sent to the game and to the image of the game producer.

    OK here is an idea.

    Luck system.

    Every action that includes your hero (adventure, reinforcement, attack, raid) includes a luck bonus or misfortune.

    For instance, your hero goes on adventure. And you get info that your hero lost, for example, 20 health. But you also sometimes! gets a special luck info return that informs player that his her lost more or less health or even died or even did not loose health at all due to some lucky or unlucky event.

    Or you get an extra item or you get cursed, misfortune: if your hero dies in nedxt 72h resurrect time is doubled.
    Or you send troops + hero as reinforcement to some player and you get 1 healing salve at the moment of reinforcements land and you get info message that informs you that your hero upon arrival with troops as reinforcement to ally village, villages in act of appreciation gave your hero a healing salve or healing potion.

    Or you attack enemy village and all your troops die but hero survives because he luckily got managed to escape from battlefield, for example, but then he can not attack next 72h or his atk bonus would be lowered for some time....

    When you go into battle, your hero can have more or less atk or deff bonus, sometimes! due to lucky or unlucky event.

    There could be also a luck potion that you can buy or sell, that improves your luck by some percent.

    Battle system is inaccurate anyway so this could be some sort of explanation for bad script and would bring some new fun and topics to talk about on chat.

    Oho I didnt explain very well, my bad.

    You get scout info on your farm list ONLY if you have already scouted that farm, ofcorse. No free scouting :))))

    Basicly, im suggesting that you have all info that you already have somewhere in your reports. This way all your gathered information would be in one place to see - Farm Manager
    Hey I would maybe even pay extra for it... who knows...

    Its old. Like how many years?
    I still have to copy each single farm to transfer it to another farm list. Thats not cool. Time wasting.
    I would like to mark more then 1 farm from my farm list and transfer them all to another list.

    Or perhaps I would like to copy my farm lists and send them to my friend, to his farm list. So he doesnt have to click like me. Or he doesnt know. She, doesnt matter.

    This farm list is old and somewhat sadistic, I would love that it gets improved after all these years.

    So again:

    1. Able to mark and transfer multiple farms from one list to another or even to other Travian Kingdoms account
    2. More information about farms (wall level, residence level, previous scout reports and previous atk reports..... so when I go to my farm list I can see how much success in percentage I have, not just little tiny simbol of robbers bag, its pretty inaccurate also.

    Come on guys, its 2021 not 2000.

    I dont think 1 cage should be used for 1 mouse. And that same 1 cage can cage mouse and elephant. So I dont think its right.
    Or put 1 cage for mouse and 8 cages for elephant, or make 1 cage to capture 50 mouses.

    In the end, what Im gonna do with all those mouses, bats, spiders? No one like spiders, right?