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    I am a bit unsure of the concept. I mean I love the idea of "bots/NPCs, Robber camps, Robber Hidouts" to have a more important part of the game, but I rather see that only Natar villages can be 75% + when it comes for 15c. Preferably if you want to go forth with these NPC villages, I would also create a new form of "quests" with "bounty/wanted" targets. So for example you add NPC kingdoms (1 NPC king, NPC duke and 4-5 NPC goveners) that you as a kingdom can destroy. The kingdom that destroy all the players of this kingdom get a "bounty bonus" of for example 3k treasures. That would make it more beneficial to build off troops early and while large servers have wars, smaller servers would be more fun as it would be more PVE and PVP lategame.

    Another idea would be similar to old Travian where you have Grey zoones where you were attacked by NPCs. For example around each WW (5-8 tiles around) could be grey zoned where there would be these NPC villages. Settling within this grey zoon woule mean that the NPC villages would attack you once every 24 hours until all the NPC villages in this area was destroyed. This would make it more difficult for large premades to instantly claim the mid WW on smaller servers.

    the feature is not yet activated, but we're planning to do that soon, with an upcoming update. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA yet, but we'll keep you informed

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    Is it still under Development then? Or could we get a more detailed view of why there is no given date? Are we talking days or weeks here? Cause the post about Kings being able to merge was posted befor Com3 and the patch adressed the merging possibility. Can we expect it to be at the end of Mid game (befor Tier 3) or is it so unknown that we might not even get it at all for the server? Cause your players joined this server, purchased gold, made plans in regard to the promis of this new feature. Don't make us spend money for nothing.