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    Also, moderating comments on a hall of fame is not very pretty to see...

    I know there were many discussions in the past that made you lead to this decision, but by moderating our posts it just makes us not write or comment at all... It is a bad way, there should be a better solution...

    Hello everybody,

    Im here to suggest adding the option to pin posts so kings and dukes can pin some important topics like the general chat or the requisition for food. Or even better why don't you devs split the conversations so we will have the kingdoms topics or the private messages with other players.

    Im asking this because many times im searching and older important topic and it could easily be done if i had only a set for the kingdoms topics and messages without mixing with the private ones.

    I think its quite easy to do a good experienced dev could make this in a day because its just moving and organizing the topics not creating anything new