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    It's overall a pain to use the app beacuse the performance isn't good at all. Constantly have to restart it because it freeze.

    And there is some things that need to be fixed. You can't for example queue building that you don't have resources for? And reports don't show you important information like who defended when you attacked? You can't click on reports that where linked in the chat. You can't watch other players profiles and what villaged they have. You can't check other kingdoms either.

    The Com2x3 server is lagging alot and disconnect me randomly all the time. This is on your end because i'm on a fiber connection. Please fix the bad performance because it's almost unplayable :thumbdown:

    Fix the lag on the speed server. It says no connection all the time. It's unplayable atm

    I will post this here because a bug section doesn't exist.

    Can't attack a robber camp in the mobile app because they are apparently in beginners protection. Fix it.

    um you can't attack robber camps in the mobile app if it's located in a - - location. When you send they go to a + + oasis instead. If the camp is in (-2)(-4) they are sent to (2)(4)