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    How would this function with the troop quests? Can you just build and cancel until you have the 100k troop quest done?

    Also, how would the troop reallocation work with the different units costing different amounts of resources? Will you get awareded back the difference, and if so, if you switch back again would you be able to use the resources you got back to queue new units, then cancelling again moving you along the troop quests?

    If reallocation does not give back resources, will these resources be lost then? Or will the total amount of resources spent on building 1 unit type be converted into resources used to build another unit type? Could this lead to you just building the unit you can sink the most resources into then switch to the one you intended to build, more or less giving you a free NPC trade?

    There seems to be some underlying issues with this concept as the game functions today, so I doubt it's going to be implemented, and if it is then it will break the game even further than it already is.


    I've got a nice little idea that I would love to see in the game that literally wouldn't change anything, but would be such a nice thing to have. But first, let's look at these wishes that you wanted feedback on

    1. When sending resources to my villages some indicator would be nice how much resource can I store there. (like I have wood: 650/4000, a number would show I can send 3350 wood)

    2. At baracks/stable or workshop at the bottom where there is a white space now, the required resource production per hour could be added to see whether I need to level up my barracks for the current production or not for the selected unit. For example: If clubswinger for a given level of barracks takes 30 seconds to produce, there numbers would be there: wood: 10200, clay: 7800, iron: 3600. It would be helpful to balance the level of military building production with resource production fields.
    3. Some ROI calculation for the resource fields, I think most of the players thinks higher the better but after level 12 it could take 20-30 days to produce the resources it was invested into the upgrade. Of course this ROI depends on connected oases bonuses, travian plus and resource production bonus buildings.
    4. Could the king be allowed to see his/her own kingdom member's troops somehow without using getter tool.

    1. I think that this is a neat addition to the game. It saves you the time it takes going back and forth between the villages trying to figure out just how much resources you can send to it, and what it needs at that moment.

    2. I feel like this doesn't really feel like it's in the spirit of Travian to be honest. The thing about travian is that it seems simple on the outside but once you get into it, the game gets very complex. Figuring out these things on your own is a part of what makes these games fun to me, and for many these things don't matter at all. They just queue troops up to 100+ hours without thinking about it twice. I think it's better to keep the game looking simple with not necessarily hidden complexity, but rather with parts of it that can be explored and exploited once you start to understand the game at a deeper level.

    3. I feel the same way about this as I did in number 2, but I will add that this is just how I feel. I'm not going to be against this feature being added into the game since it is convenient, but this is some of the baseline things to figure out about this game. It's super simple math, and a great starting point before going into more complex stuff. If you do decide to add this, could you add the same feature to resource buildings as well?

    4. I think this is fair. The king is the one responsible for the kingdom, so they should have as much information about what's going on in it as possible. If the king can not be trusted, then neither can the kingdom. Maybe make it so that this feature is somehow limited to villages inside of the kingdoms borders?

    5. The quality of life thing that I wanted to have added was simply to add a quest for 1,000,000 units. It's not really ever going to be reached, but it's nice to know at the end of a server just how many troops you have trained. Most players will manage to cross the line of 100,000 troops before the server ends, and after that point you don't really have any way of knowing just how much you've actually built. Many troops die in many battles, and it takes a long time to add up everything to figure out the final count. Reward could be anything. Let's just say 0 wood, 0 clay, 0 iron and 1 crop because it sounds fun lol

    An alternative to this could be to add it to the statistics page in the form of "My statistics" including stuff like

    Troops built:

    Troops dead:

    Troops killed (off and def):

    Troops starved:

    And while we are on it we could add stuff like

    Current wood/clay/iron/crop production:

    Highest wood/clay/iron/crop production achieved:

    Total amount of wood/clay/iron/crop produced:

    And whatever else could be interesting. Maybe this could be visible somehow for each individual player in the hall of fame part of the lobby somehow? Would be interesting to look at how I've progressed as a travian player going from server to server, and I'd be more able to compare 1 strategy to another, not just between my own servers, but through discussions with other players as well. Graphs for current production and current troops would be cool to look at. I always enjoy looking at it in gettertools, even after a server has ended. It tells a story. :)

    - Hæim

    Leave your kingdom, chief the village then join it again. Protection only works against players from the kingdom that granted the protection. Since you are no longer in that kingdom the protection granted by it is null and void, so you can just keep on going. Kicking someone out of borders still requires you to wait 3 days still if you want to chief them. Only way to do it right away is by temporarily leaving the kingdom. Do inform your king and your kingdom members of what you are doing so that they do not turn on you thinking that you have betrayed them or something like that.

    - Hæim

    If there is too few accounts on a server then the map does not expand at all, but this doesn't mean that the calculation for when to expand vs when not to is based on how many accounts there are, it could be decided by some other factor as well. My best guess for what it could be other than the number of accounts would be the distance from the furthest away newly created account to (0|0) which is basically the same as the number of accounts but it can vary a bit from server to server based on spawning space. I've never seen new accounts spawning right up to the wall before, there's usually a bit of space left for expanding outwards, but not really any more than 10 tiles as the map starts expanding. This could be tested assuming that kings will spawn with atleast a certain distance between eachother if we have 100-200 players all starting the server as kings we should be able to force the map to expand out much quicker than normal if this idea is true xD

    - Hæim

    This. And unless you know when they're planning an action, you can't know this. I never experienced 24h+ travel time by any normal means (sieges versus WW excluded, of course). Maybe adding a 12h delay before you can re-activate the treasury would solve the problem entirely. That way you do lose one day of production when disabling & reenabling it, no matter when.

    LOL. This actually made me laugh. xD

    To your question though: No, you can have at most 1,000 outgoing attacks from a single village.

    Yup, adding another 12 hours would make it impossible to do this every day! Great idea! I still believe that we should consider moving the vp generation out of the truce though :)

    My mind works in a very peculiar way, and I come up with things like that because of it xD

    No, I've never been in a situation where making use of it has been necessary. It's by no means a flawless strategy. If you can coordinate attacks over night to land in the 4 hour window in the morning then the strategy could make things worse for you since it's much more difficult to coordinate defense over night since most players are sleeping at that time. It takes the right situation for the strategy to be viable, but this situation is bound to happen sooner or later, and if it does then I can only imagine it being incredibly frustrating to play against since it's utility is mainly at the very end of the server where any edge can make the difference of victory or defeat. You would have to figure the strategy out, find the countermeasure as well as create and coordinate an attack plan with a limited window meaning players would have to demolish or gold up tournament squares to be able to land on time. If you're not aware of it and prepared for it then you can very well end up with having all your plans go down the drain because of it.

    The best solution for this would in my opinion be to move the time when vp is calculated from 00:05 to 23:55, 5 minutes before the truce starts since that means that you can coordinate attacks on most of the treasuries in a kingdom so long as the attacks take less than 16 hours to reach their target (or more if the first idea is implemented as well) without the kingdom you're targeting having a guarantee that you will not be able to steal any treasures, victory points or destroy the all of the treasuries without destroying most of the village in the process, and they can still gather up treasures and use the remaining treasuries to generate vp after the truce starts even though the treasury village should have been made useless at this point.

    Deactivating treasuries and hiding treasures has long been a strategy kingdoms use to try to get an edge in the end game, and the way to get around this is by targeting the time when vp is getting generated from treasures, but that is not currently possible in night truce worlds.

    Hm. To the first one: It solves a part of the problem. The main problem, that I have experienced, is, that many people aren't online to relieably send attacks when having to arrive at 08:00 or 00:00. If you run 8 hours for instance, you would have to be online at 16:00 or 00:00 respectively. Many people work at this time and are usually online from 17/18 to 22/23 o'clock. But I like the idea, at least being able to relieably coordinate something is a huge benefit compared to the current sh...system. I still get nightmares from planning!

    To the second one: You can't solve this problem too well. Best you can do is to calculate VP at 16:00. This way you always have an 8 hour window, instead of a 4 hour one. BUT ... it would ruin all efforts from point one. No matter how you put it, all you have to take care of is to activate the treasuries, such that the calculation time is within the open-time. You can close the treasury from 16:01 to 04:01 (and activate it the other half of the day), when calculating VP at 16:01, which yields in 8 vulnerable hours - but you can't do any better. If you move the calculation point forward, you can disable from (for instance) 04:59 to 16:59 for only 7 vulnerable hours; if you move it backwards, you can disable it from (for instance) 15:01 to 03:01 for again only 7 vulnerable hours. BUT - this can be done in normal worlds aswell, only difference being, that 12 vulnerable hours is the best you can achieve there.

    You can't reliably solve this so that every player would be able to make it to every single attack timing, but having a situation where it is not possible for a team to coordinate an attack at all because the game doesn't allow you to is a bit bigger of an issue. Having 2 golden treasuries far apart from eachother will make it really hard to be able to land on both of them at the same time for instance. I mainly coordinate defense, but even I noticed how limited the attack options were for our opponents.

    Regarding the second one the main difference from night truce servers and normal servers is that on normal servers you can target the 00:05 time when victory points are being generated to deny the kingdom you are attacking victory points at the very least if they deactivate their treasuries. On night truce servers you can activate the treasury after the truce starts to make them practically untargetable for any attack landing before 00:00, then you can collect treasures in those 5 minutes. This does require you to think far ahead though since you have to start deactivating the treasury 24 hours before the attacks land. I do think your idea of having the points be calculated at 16:00 is interesting, but I personally would want to see it happen at 23:55 since this gives up to 16 hours of being able to send attacks, so it should make it much easier to coordinate attacks on a larger kingdom, and it also ties in well with my other suggestion as well meaning that you would always be able to land in those 5 minutes of the day no matter where on the map you are sending from. The most important thing is to move the vp generation out of the truce though, so any time other than from 00:00 to 08:00 is fine in my book. You can in theory already target both sides of the vp generation timeframe by having attacks land both right before 00:00 and right after 08:00 but you would require 2 rammers because they can easily get the wall back up to level 20 in those 8 hours they have to wait for the second wave to arrive (not that you would actually want to attack the same treasury twice), and sending attacks to land right after 08:00 can be kinda annoying since you have to choose targets in a rush if you don't want the kingdom to come in and pick up the treasures sitting in the village before your second wave arrives, and keep in mind that you have to do fakes with this kind of precision as well. It would require players to take time out of their day to send the attacks, but atleast it would feel like it was worth it to spend the time since they were able to destroy some treasuries instead of a couple of wheat fields, or deny their opponents their daily vp that they so desperately need :)

    It's not necessarily about how long they are vulnerable but rather when they are. If your opponents are more likely to attack in the morning then you can have it be active in the evening and have it deactivate during the night as well. You can basically deny your opponents their preferred style of attack from working well every single time, forcing them to switch up their strategy and possibly lead them to making devastating mistakes.

    Also, as a side note it is possible to have attacks land 5 minutes after the night truce starts so long as the indicator says that the attack will be sent before it starts when you send the attack. If you somehow are able to set up 350 attacks and start sending them so that they land between 23:59:20 and 23:59:59 then each and every one of them would be pushed back 1 second since you can't send attacks that land on the same second if your target is too close thus pushing your final attack back until after the vp generation happens making it in theory possible to pick up a large part of your treasures with close to no counterplay at all. If your opponents wants to do the same they have to send up to 4 attacks for each second they want to push back their attack, and I think 350 attacks is quite difficult to achieve, so 1400 attacks is probably not possible, if it even is possible to send more than 1000 attacks from a single village in kingdoms?

    - Hæim

    Hey! I love the idea with night truce, but I think it's implementation into the game is altering the game

    in a couple more ways than it should in my opinion.

    1: As it is right now it adds a lot of unnecessary complexity when coordinating attacks on kingdoms far away from you since you can't launch attacks while the night truce is going on, and they can't land while it is going on either.

    For example if you are trying to coordinate an attack with 3 attackers taking 16 hours, 10 hours and 6 hours to reach a target then there is no way in the current system where they would be able to attack at the same time. The person taking 16 hours HAS to send their attack over night because as soon as the night truce ends the attack will already land when the night truce starts the next evening, so the only time they can land is from 8:00 until 16:00. The second attacker can land either from 08:00 until 10:00 by sending over night or from 18:00 until 00:00. This means that if attacker 1 and attacker 2 want to coordinate an attack together then they have to land from 08:00 to 10:00 and there is no way for attacker 3 to be able to make it there in time because their travel time is 6 hours, and that means they'd have to send in the middle of the night.

    The time to travel to a village can be altered by tournament squares and by choosing to send your attack as a siege (mercenary boots are only acceptable for suicide runs), but for a kingdom that is spread out you will still hit the night truce wall at some point and because of it you won't be able to set up a proper attack plan, and I think this is making a lot of bigger kingdoms look away from the night truce worlds, but this is just my speculation.

    I have a suggestion for a change to the night truce that still keeps the spirit of it intact in my opinion. If you make it so that any attacks that take more than 15 hours and 55 minutes to land can be sent even during the night then it would effectively deal with this issue. Keep in mind that they can only be sent during this time, they still have to arrive at a point in time when the night truce is no longer active. My reasoning for this time is because attacks taking less time than this can be sent during the same day, and attacks taking 16 hours have to be sent over night no matter what. The extra 5 minutes is to give time for a proper attack sequence to take place. This does still however mean that most big attacks will happen just before 00:00 which is another issue in itself that i will not elaborate more on for now, but with this change we can atleast guarantee that there is a timeframe where everyone can land an attack at the same time.

    2: There is also a much smaller issue with the way victory points is generated 5 minutes after the night truce starts. This makes it so that you can deactivate and activate your treasury every 12 hours leaving only 4 hours in the morning when it can actually be attacked and destroyed, and since it activates after the truce starts but before the points are counted then the rest of the day it will have hidden treasuries that are untargetable as well as making the treasures incredibly easy to move around. This is not a good strategy in the long run since you will lose out on a lot of tributes as well as the crop the treasures provide, but you can hold onto your treasuries for way longer in the endgame with a minimal amount of def. This would require quite a bit of teamwork though since stolen goods only can be sold during half of the day, but if it's just for the last 10 days then I think this could be quite an achievable feat to pull of.

    My suggestion to fix this is simply by moving the time the victory points are counted or when the night truce starts, but this is not that big of an issue since you do still have a frame of window where you can do some damage to the treasuries.

    Let me know what you think :)


    Alright, I have a couple of ideas on how to fix this.

    1: When your final village reaches 0 population you get removed from the server. Simple, but it immediately solves this issue. Never understood why this didn't happen, the first input you're asked to give is what you want to have written on your grave, so the game is implying that it is possible to lose, which it isn't.

    2: This is a couple of changes that makes the fast settle strategy a lot harder to perform and execute. First make it so that you can't send your settlers to a 15c village so long as you are in beginners protection. This prevents most of the settle in 24 hours strategies as you don't really go over 80 population before you get your second village. Also make it impossible to menhir to a 15c village. Second you make it so that when you menhir your village the resources get reset to 1 instead of 0 if they are level 1 or above when you move it. This shouldn't really make a large impact since you can instantly rebuild resources to 1 anyways, and it makes it so that players would have to get external help to remove the last resource fields to remove the village like they did before to prevent losing the 15c spot even when they get dropped to 0 population.

    I like your idea though, but it would change how the entire early game is played, and some players will obviously not like that.