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    Hello, Fellows!

    My avatar name is Kobalto and I play on COM5.

    Because of his name (Ferdinand), the fact that he is so angry all the time... And because he wants to go to war... I would say the protagonist is a teuton.

    Ah, the strange... Hum... I think he is a Roman. Diplomatic and cool headed. And Hugo? Hum... Sounds like a Roman to me! :)

    Rock on! Looking forward for the next chapters!

    It was a cold night of 31st of October, Halloween. It didn't matter, I never cared about ghosts or monsters, only cookies. Yes! Cookies were good.

    After arriving from work, I went online to check my village. Everything was fine, everybody was happy with All Saints Day Eve: "Happy Halloween" was everywhere. I put some construction orders in the queue, and some market orders to help my fellow Travian players out. Trade always helped everyone.

    Suddenly, I felt a strong ache in my stomach, a fierce desire in my head. I heard a loud roar; I looked around, no one was at home, just me and my dog. He was looking at me frozen in suspicion. Again, there was another roar, even louder. I realized that that desire in my mind was me asking for cookies. Yes! Chocolate cookies! No trick or treat, I had nothing to eat since lunch. How I was hungry, and my stomach ached!

    I went to the kitchen to get the chocolate cookies. It was all joy. I made some hot chocolate too. Really nice. But, then... I heard a loud howl. A long, piercing howl. I checked my stomach. No, this time it wasn't my stomach.

    My dog went mad barking. I felt something was wrong. I hid my cookies in the cabinet! No one would take my cookies!

    Then I realized, maybe it was my village! Yes, my beloved Travian village was under attack! Paranoid, I rushed to the computer. But no, everything was peaceful.

    Alright... That was weird.

    Out of nowhere, came another howl. I jumped out of my seat frightened. Looking through the window, I saw and old woman, white hair and black clothes, long nose with a big mole on top, laughing hysterically, looking at me. I know, I am handsome and good looking, but that lady was way beyond my age. She laughed hysterically, and jumping the neighbors' fence with incredible agility, entered his house.

    I found that event really odd, yet went back to play Travian. But then I remembered: I had had no neighbor for the last five years! What was that old lady doing in that abandoned house?

    I felt I should find out. Maybe she was a witch in disguise. It was Halloween, after all. After another howl, and a long, scary laugh, I thought about calling the police? But why would they believe me?

    Suddenly, all went black. I had not fainted. We had a power outage. Just now as I was planning my next attack! My dog started to growl, and looking at the window, I saw that that old lady had turned the main power of my house off!

    That was too much! I went outside! No one could do that during my Travian play!

    Yet, when I arrived outside, I did not see the old woman. That was really weird. But as soon as I put my hands in the lever of the main power box, again I heard her laugh... On my back!

    As I turned around, I saw.... I saw it! She was laughing hysterically, with a knife in her hands!

    And with it, she was passing butter on a piece of bread.

    - Hello, young man! - She said. - Do you have chocolate cookies?