Posts by Bay Tavşan#TR

    We made 10 recruitments at the beginning of the server because there are people they know in our team, that is,we did not make any external purchases.We declined 150+ request and directed them to other kingdoms. Thanks to this way,2 players joined your kingdom.You make inferences from what you see yourself and believe in them first and then try to convince everyone.UNTOLD, UNTOLDDD main kingdoms and UNTD have been established for those out of boundaries.I don't want you to see these articles as an answer or proof.I state that only the facts for you are funny.Our goal is to make this server funny for everyone.Good luck to you.For us, you are the same as other kingdoms on the server,you are our opponent. :D

    BM is playing this game very obsessively.Yesterday,Shpagin received 2k attacks points,after that,he looted 600k resources out of the list in a few hours.We don't question this(He isn't a king and he can't collect taxes with attacks).We don't question why kingdom of Corona defended the BM.Or we are not questioning about Buzz,someone who is new to the game is cleaning Natar for BM.Or why do apl kingdoms which you made operation are exporting their dukes,we don't question this.Because we know that the BM uses all kinds of imagination products as propaganda materials and they deny what they do(and of course we are not big babies).

    We're not obsessed like you,we don't care your recruitments.But if another kingdom does this,you'll propaganda agaibst them.

    Finally,does anynoe still believe in BM propaganda ? (Who had a joint operation with Turks to EMPIRE and then to deny it)

    PS: As dukes,we need your help,Unlimited Power turned us into a swag village.

    PS2: Raven and Paragon came to us for diplomacy but we kindy refuse.Raven was our juicy farm but PROS took 3k treasure from Snow before us.Next conspiracy theory please. :D

    I don't like to play against BM because I hate babby crying.I can help you if you don't know make a raid list.Ah,I forgot that Mayo's job at the BM was a forum spokesperson. :D

    Önce sıçanı karşıya geçirir geri dönüp ayıyı alır ayıyı karşıya geçirir sonra sıçanı alıp geri götürür,bu sefer sıçanı bırakıp tahılı alır ayının yanına bırakıp boş döner en son sıçanı alır ve karşıya geçer.