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    Decent team! Good leaders at least :) Can recommend!

    have not been involved into the game for almost 3 years, but reading this makes me sad!

    Similar situation for me...

    I have currently like 260k crop production in my capital (with all boni on speed server) and a approx. 200k (crop) hammer.

    How am I supposed to use the vacation mode properly, when I lose all boni + my units can starve?

    Am I missing anything or is this mode straight up retarded?

    Just 3 things need to be changed:

    - You should not be allowed to relocate with standing defense

    - You should not be allowed to attack after relocation for at least 12h (speed servers, I do not care about x1 servers)

    - No vacation mode for dukes and kings (at least after the wonders appeared)

    Right now there is no way to scare customers away more efficiently :)