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    Great! I'm glad to see it's better now, but our tech support will still tinker some stuff during the next few minutes so please refresh again and give them a little time to do their magic :)

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    Fixed for me as well.

    Maybe people should not be tinkering on the production servers. That's probably why they are so unstable. Tinker in TEST, leave production alone :)

    It was good for about a day but problems just came back for me about 15 minutes ago. Same issue as before.

    • No in-game chat
    • Lagging, long time to load or gets stuck on loading screen
    • No kingdom names in reports or when you hover over village or open village details

    Hey again,
    as we're currently not sure when exactly the issues will be fixed we wouldn't like to activate truce for an indefinite period of time but we'll reconsider this once we have more information the upcoming week

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    So the solution is to allow a broken game to continue to run indefinitely...that's great :)

    Look, problems will happen in games like this, we all realize that, but this problem has been handled very poorly. There should be a plan in place to react to game breaking bugs quickly. It should not take days to even put a band-aid solution in place.

    Hi again,
    unfortunately it is always the dove icon that appears shortly before the non starvation starts regardless whether there is also truce but I made a note to request a change about that. There is also a system message ingame now clarifying that so that no one will mistake the non-starvation for truce

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    Honestly, this doesn't make any sense. What's the point of doing just the non-starvation? The fact is, the chat system doesn't work so it's impossible to organize defense for incoming attacks. It's a complete game breaker. At a minimum there should be a cease fire, or just shut down all the servers until it's fixed.

    it is only non-starvation as announced and only this icon is shown ingame, please try clearing your cache and cookies then check again. Currently it is applied to all COM game worlds, for others please check the announcements in the respective forum

    @Zcepeli_COM @Uvon#US @Libasinho

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    Sorry, but earlier today the dove (ceasefire) icon was showing in game. Yes, it's true that currently only the non-starvation icon is showing, but you guys really screwed up because a lot of people expected it to be ceasefire too and acted appropriately. You should realize that 99% of players will only see what's in game and not what is announced on the forum.

    It appears only the non-starvation is in effect, even though the in-game notification said a ceasefire. Seriously, you guys need to get your act together. This just went from bad to worse.

    LOL, why would you waste a developer's time replying to a bunch of irate players in the forum. Please let them focus on fixing the problems and let the community manager catch the arrows here. That's their job :)

    And by the way, I'm still seeing the same issues on Com2x3 as well...not fixed.