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    TLDR: Step by Step Beginner's Guide To Settling a Second Village with $0 Under 48 Hours

    Have you ever spawned in a new world only to find that you are in the middle of a bunch of lame Kings? Or, perhaps your friend...after much begging and pleading...decided to join and play with you, but ended up getting spawned on the wrong side of the map? How about, a bunch of your newly found game buddies decided to start a new world together and the spawning mechanism threw you all over the quadrant!?

    If any of the above has happened to you, then this guide can help!

    Now, you could hope you get a good re-spawn chance, however the randomness could make an already bad case worse!
    Do you want to take control of your own destiny?
    Well of course you do!

    Then read on!

    This is a step by step process catered to beginners that shows how you can settle a second village without spending a dime of your actual money within 36 to 48 hours. This process should be followed as closely as possible. Definitely do not build anything unless specified, and do not collect any Quest Rewards unless told to do so. Some other things may be tweaked for improved performance as discussed in the Lessons Learned section below.

    A few details/caveats first. As mentioned, this was tested as a Governor. If you have chosen to play as a King starting off, you'll need to abdicate and give up your kingdom. This guide is full of sacrifices for the greater good. It may seem odd, but trust me, you'll want to spend more of your time developing your villages in a friendlier environment where merchants and troops won't have to travel HOURS to supply or reinforce everyone. I did not spend a dime of real money in order to do this. This is an intensive, hands on, babysitting approach; the faster you get the steps done, the sooner you can get that new village. Depending on what you acquire in your Adventures and your initial spawn (may not have a good Crop Oasis), your individual results may vary.

    This guide will show you the step by step process, along with notes and ideas that may work better, and list how I acquired gold in order to speed up this technique as quickly as possible. This should work with any Tribe on any regular server. Speed servers should allow this to happen a lot faster (perhaps within the first 18 hours). Specialty servers have not been tested.


    World: COM3
    Speed: x1
    Time Zone: UTC
    Age: 13 Days
    Tribe: Gaul
    Spawn: North Quadrant
    Kingdom: None With Influence
    Tutorial: Yes
    Farming: No
    Adventures: Small
    Start: 03/27/18 @ 11:00:00 (Concept)
    End: 03/29/18 @ 11:00:00 (Settle Available)

    Starting Information:

    I started this world at 11:37:00 (UTC) and finished the tutorial at 11:40:00. I noticed that I was given 40 Gold and 0 Silver to start. I believe that is a gift that every player receives for starting a new round. As it wets your appetite to acquire more with real $$$. Keep in mind that I did this at work as well. So if you are alone, or home on a weekend, you can babysit this a bit better and most likely finish sooner.

    Right after the tutorial I was asked to defeat a band of robbers. This allowed me to acquire 2 Stolen Goods. My hero was also leveled up to 1 and I acquired 4 Attribute Points. I put 3 in Fighting Strength and 1 in Resource Production. This gave me an hourly production of +33 +33 +33 +22 from 0 0 0 -3. My default resource/crop storage capacity was set at 800. Main Building started at Level 3, Rally Point at Level 1, Palisade (from tutorial) Level 1, and Barracks at Level 1.

    Step By Step Process:

    Collect "Finish the Tutorial" Quest Reward.
    Rename Your Village.
    Collect "Rename Your Village" Quest Reward.

    I decided to use the Gold I was given to activate 5 days of the following: Travian Plus (10 Gold) | Resource Bonus (20 Gold) | Crop Bonus (10 Gold). This increased my storage capacity to 1,000, Unlocked 1 additional slot in the Building Queue, and changed my hourly resource production to +41 +41 +41 +32. A side note here: You can significantly speed up this process by acquiring the 120 Gold Package (US $5.99) and activating the Starter Package for only 60 Gold. Doing this could allow you to do this in as fast as 24 hours.

    My starting Army from the Tutorial was: 5 Phalanx | 4 Swordsmen | 1 Hero. Two Robber Hideouts were already spawned. I attacked the closest one and decided to train 4 more Swordsmen. They carry significantly more loot than Phalanx, and they are Offensive units. You are more than ok to train the cheapest unit as that'll leave you more resources for building.

    Collect "Train Up Your Hero" Quest Reward.

    I trained 1 more Swordsmen. That's 5 Units, which makes available an award; however, DO NOT collect it yet!

    There is a lot of rubble around, don't collect it all at once, you will lose resources because your storage capacity isn't up to par. You have to pay attention to which one will give you a decent amount of resources to continue to progress at a rapid pace.

    Dismantle Smithy Rubble.

    Collect "Dismantle Rubble" Quest Reward.

    Now, it is important to note that you can complete orders in your queue instantly if they are under roughly 4 minutes of construction time left or under Level 3 (more advanced buildings are not that way). So when your building is being built or upgraded, check the "Under Construction" Pop-Up for a timer icon (far right). If it is green, that means you can click it for free to finish your building faster. Now 4 min isn't that long you may think...consider the time you'll save over 10 villages clicking that thing a few hundred times though!

    Upgrade 1 Wood, 1 Clay, 1 Iron, 1 Crop field to Level 1.

    Collect "One of Each to 1" Quest Reward.

    Dismantle Warehouse Rubble.
    Build Warehouse.

    Dismantle Granary Rubble.
    Build Granary.

    Storage Capacity for each Resource now 1500.

    Dismantle Grain Mill Rubble.

    Upgrade Main Building to Level 4.

    Collect "Construct a Warehouse" Quest Reward.

    Queue Main Building to Level 5.

    Send Troops + Hero to attack Robber Hideout.

    Sell other Stolen Good.

    Collect "Sell Stolen Good" Quest Reward.

    Once the Main Building finishes upgrading to Level 4 (less than an hour), and Level 5 is started, go ahead and queue up your Barracks to Level 2.

    Dismantle Marketplace Rubble.

    When the Main Building is finished upgrading to Level 5, you can immediately finish the upgrade for the Barracks Level 2 (Remember the green timer icon? Yes...USE IT!).

    Dismantle Embassy Rubble.

    Dismantle Academy Rubble.

    Upgrade Granary to Level 2.

    Build Residence - This building is exempt from any immediate completions.

    Collect "Attack Robber Hideout" Quest Reward.

    Upgrade Barracks to Level 3.

    Keep an eye on your troops, once they've returned, send them back out again!

    This is extremely important. For one, the more you are on top of it, the better the chances that they'll spawn more often, which increases the amount of stolen goods you can sell for resources, as well as loot these Robber Hideouts of their resources. When there is Stolen Goods to be had and a newly spawned Robber Hideout, send your Hero with your Troops (bonus to Fighting Strength). Once all Robbers have been defeated and there is only resources left, send your hero on an adventure and send the rest of your troops to finish clearing out the Robber Hideout. When you see "Send Hero on Adventure #_", be sure to check your troops and send them off as well.

    Send Hero out on Adventure #1. You should find a horse. Equip it when your hero returns home.

    Upgrade Warehouse to Level 2.

    Collect "5 Units" Quest Reward.

    Upgrade Warehouse to Level 3.
    Queue Granary to Level 3.

    Collect "Adventure" Quest Reward.

    As soon as your Warehouse hits Level 3 and the Granary is being upgraded, queue your Warehouse to Level 4. Once Granary is done and Warehouse is under construction, collect "Barracks 3" Quest Reward and then queue Granary to Level 4.

    Train 1 Swordsmen.

    Build Embassy to Level 1. When your Embassy is complete, go ahead and assign an Oasis to it.
    Build Academy to Level 1.
    Build Marketplace to Level 1.

    Collect "Finish Immediately", "Build an Embassy", and "Warehouse 3" Quest Rewards.

    Upgrade all Croplands to Level 1.

    Collect "Build an Academy" and "Equip a Horse" Quest Rewards. The Academy awards you with a Finish Now Token. Save it.

    Upgrade Granary to Level 5.

    Collect "Croplands 1" Quest Reward.

    Upgrade Warehouse to Level 5.

    Complete "Trade Resources" Quest. I recommend trading for the one you use the most. For me it was IRON.

    Send Hero on Adventure #2. Hero found 20 Ointment.

    Collect "Sell 3 Stolen Goods" Quest Reward. Hero leveled to 2; distributed 3 Attribute Points to Fighting Strength, and 1 to Hero Production.

    Complete "Hero Production" Quest. I changed mine from "ALL" to "IRON", clicked on the "Save Changes" button; then changed it back to ALL and clicked the "Save Changes" button again.

    Collect "Trade Resources", "Build Marketplace", and "Construct Granary" Quest Rewards. The Trade Resource Reward gives you an NPC Trader Token.

    Sell 1 Ointment. This gave me 58 silver. Collect "Sell Item" Quest Reward. This gave me an extra 500 Silver. Total Silver = 558.

    Go to the Auction and place a bid. Don't worry about winning, just place the bid. Collect "Place a Bid" Quest Reward, which is 2 Adventure Points.

    Send Hero on Adventure #3. Hero found a Book of this and use on your Hero after you've established your Second Village!

    Collect "Hero Production" Quest Reward.

    By this time the Granary should be done. Work on the following: All Woodcutters to Level 1, Clay Pits to Level 1, and Iron Mines to Level 1. You will need to do them in whole sets at a time. When, for example, all of the Woodcutters are to level 1, then collect the "Woodcutters 1" Quest Bonus so that you can do the next set...and so on.

    Collect "3 Adventures" Quest Bonus.

    By this time you should have a Daily Quest. I was able to complete "Population +10" for 150 Silver. My total Silver is now 708.

    Upgrade all Crop Fields to Level 2.

    Collect "Warehouse to Level 5" Quest Reward.

    Upgrade all Crop Fields to Level 3.

    Collect "All Croplands to Level 2", and "Granary to Level 4" Quest Rewards.

    Upgrade Residence to Level 2, and queue Residence to Level 3.

    Collect "All Croplands to Level 3" Quest Reward.

    At this point I decided to utilize my NPC Trader Token to redistribute the resources I currently have, so that I can train 15 more Swordsmen. When I attack/raid Robber Hideouts, I can carry away more resources at a time.

    Collect "NPC Trader" Quest Reward.

    Send Hero on Adventure #4. Hero returned with 11 Cages. Equip 1 Cage and send your hero out alone to Attack an Oasis close by to complete the "Catch Animals" Quest.

    Trained 5 Phalanx and completed the "Train 25 Troops" Quest. Collect Quest Reward.

    Upgrade Warehouse to Level 6 and queue Granary to Level 6. Use the "Complete Immediately" token for Warehouse. Collect "Build Residence" Quest Reward. Convert 200 Silver to 1 Gold and use that to instantly complete Granary.

    Queue Main Building to Level 5.

    Once your hero traps the animal, then collect the "Catch Animals" Quest Reward.

    Main Building should be Under Construction; queue Residence to Level 4.

    Send Hero on Adventure #5. Hero acquired Boots of the Chicken, equip this item.

    Collect "Residence to Level 5" Quest Reward, this automatically boosts your Residence to Level 10!

    Congratulations, you've just opened up an Expansion slot. This happened for me in under 8 hours.

    Sell 10 cages for 530 Silver (Total = 1038). Converted 1000 Silver to 5 Gold. Used 5 Gold for NPC Merchant to begin Training Settler 1.

    Remember to keep on raiding and and sending out those troops to robber hideouts! You need the resources to train 2 more settlers!

    Send Hero on Adventure #6. Hero found 350 Silver (Total = 388).

    Collect "Assign Oasis" Quest Reward.

    By this time you should have more Robber Hideout spawns...clear them. Make sure you sell your Stolen Goods immediately.

    Send Hero on Adventure #7. Hero found 20 Ointment.

    Send Hero on Adventure #8. Nothing found.

    Free Card Game play rewarded me with 1101 Silver (1489 Total).

    Send Hero on Adventure #9. Hero found 552 Silver (2041 Total).

    Send Hero on Adventure #10. Hero found 19 Ointment.

    Collect "10 Adventures" Quest Bonus. I used 33 Ointments to heal my hero back to 100% and collected the "Heal Your Hero" Quest Reward.

    Send Hero on Adventure #11. Hero found 399 Silver (2440 Total).

    Send Hero on Adventure #12. Hero found resources!

    When hero returned from 12th adventure, I exchanged 1000 Silver for 5 Gold, and used the Gold for NPC Trader to train 2nd Settler.

    Send Hero on Adventure #13. Hero found resources. Acquired Level 3 and used all 4 Attribute Points to Hero Production which increased my hourly generation to +113 +118 +113 +88.

    After a few more attacks and raids on Robber Hideouts and four hours later I was able to have enough resources to train my 3rd Settler.

    Collect "3 Settlers" Quest Reward. - HALF WAY THERE! -

    The next step is to acquire 1,000 Culture Points so that we can have a Culture Point Slot open to settle our second village. For that we need to host a celebration in the Town Hall. This requires both the Main Building and the Academy to be Level 10 so that we can build it.

    Sold 10 ointments for 600 Silver (2040 Total). I then exchanged 2000 Silver for 10 Gold. From there I leveled the Main Building to 10 by using 8 gold for the 5 upgrades. Then I was able to get the Academy to Level 2 with free instant, then used 2 Gold to complete Levels 3 & 4. This allowed Level 5 to go immediately under construction with Level 6 in the queue.

    Send Hero on Adventure #14. Hero found resources.

    Once Academy Level 5 is complete, collect "Academy to Level 5" Quest Reward. Level 6 will begin, queue Level 7. When the Hero returns with the resources, you should have enough to reserve them for Level 7.

    By this time more Robber Hideouts spawned and I was able to acquire more resources so that when Level 6 was done, I was able to queue Level 8. Also, I had been selling every stolen good I got my hands on and was able to collect the "10 Stolen Goods" Quest Reward.

    Send Hero on Adventure #15. Hero found 21 Ointment (38 Total).

    Build Smithy and upgrade to Level 3, collect "Smithy Level 3" Quest Reward, then demolish and dismantle the rubble.

    I sold 18 Ointment for 1080 Silver (1120 Total) and exchanged 1000 Silver for 5 Gold.

    Queue Academy Level 9, use the 5 Gold for NPC Merchant to Redistribute Resources and then reserve resources for Level 9.

    Big sacrifice coming up: DEMOLISH RESIDENCE Key important note: Make absolutely sure your 3rd Settler has finished training first!

    Used 18 Ointment on Hero.

    Remember to keep attacking spawned Robber Hideouts!

    Send Hero on Adventure #16. Hero recruited 63 Swordsmen! Not what I needed. Crop Production in the negative, will start attacking slightly larger Oases to kill some of them off so I can get my Crop Production back in the positive.

    Was able to collect "Great Warrior" Daily Quest Reward for 200 Silver (320 Total now).

    Upgrade Warehouse to Level 7.

    Exchanged 200 Silver for 1 gold, used that to complete Academy Level 9, at the same time was able to complete the "Master Architect" Daily Quest which gave me another 200 Silver that I exchanged for 1 Gold to complete the Warehouse Level 7.

    Upgrade Main Building to Level 11 (this is just a way to knock down stored resources so that I can do the next step and not have to waste 8+ hours).

    Dismantle Residence Rubble.

    At this point, you will want to click on your Hero and select the Attributes Tab. Under Hero Production change to all Crop. Then click "Save Changes". This will give your crop production a significant boost in hourly production as you'll need it to hold your first Celebration in your Town Hall. You could also use your Book of Wisdom to reset all of your Attribute Points to Hero Production and set it to Crop as well. I recommend against this as you will most likely want to send your Hero to your new village which you will want to put all of your Attribute Points into Fighting Strength instead.

    I also noticed there was a 50% Crop Oasis nearby, so I went ahead and changed my Oasis Annexation in the Embassy to said Crop Oasis.

    Queue Academy Level 10.

    Reserve Resources for Academy. Cancel Upgrade Main Building.

    Academy Level 10 is now Under Construction.

    While I was waiting I sent my hero out on a few more Oasis kills to get rid of some of the Swordsmen I'd received. Well, it allowed me to level up my Hero to 5, and I collected the "Hero 5" Quest Reward, which gave me a few more Adventure Points.

    Send Hero on Adventure #17. Ok, that didn't work out the way I wanted. Hero recruited 63 Phalanx! Crop Production is -47 now. Sending to kill off a bunch, remember I need a lot of crop to hold a small party.

    Build Town Hall Level 1.

    Collect "Construct Town Hall" Quest Reward, it gives you 800 Culture Points.

    Upgrade Granary to Level 7. Queue Granary to Level 8.

    Time for another HUGE Sacrifice: DEMOLISH ACADEMY.

    Dismantle Academy Rubble

    By this time you should have enough Wood/Clay/Iron to hold your first Celebration, however Wheat may be sorely lacking behind. Continue taking out those Robber Hideouts to add resources and crop to your storage. Save until you have enough for a Small Celebration in your Town Hall.

    Hold a Small Celebration in your Town Hall.

    Collect "Hold Celebration" Quest Reward. This gives you an additional 500 Culture Points. Your Total will be over 1300!

    Settle your second village anywhere you like. When you do this, you will acquire a quest reward that gives you another 1,000 Culture Points, which puts you at more than half way to your second Culture Point Slot for a City Upgrade, or another Village!

    Lessons Learned:
    Looking back on my log I did of this, I think I would've started out putting all of my Hero's Attribute Points in Hero Production right off. I still would have set it to "ALL" and then changed it "CROPS" when I did above. This would've definitely cut my time short by several hours. I also would have started out annexing that 50% Crop Oasis immediately after building my Embassy had I'd noticed it right off. Key Note: Survey your 7 x 7 Territory and KNOW where stuff is. One other thing; I probably should have stopped at 10 Hero Adventures and focus on Robber Hideouts and even raiding/attacking Oasis so that I could level up my Hero sooner and put more points into Hero Resources. That would've helped me keep a larger force where I could clear out those Robber Hideouts in one attack, instead of 2 or 3. I do know one thing, I will be using this technique a lot more.

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty... Theodore Roosevelt
    2. See #1
    3. Having what it takes can be learned traits. Anyone can learn to *rule*, and well. Ego is, based on my experience with games like this (and I've played a lot of them), the number one issue. I think you and I definitely agree on that aspect. One needs to learn when to swallow that ego; and that is the hardest part.

    This is my first round playing Travian Kingdoms. I did play the original years and years ago (like 8+?). Since I am decent with negotiations and diplomacy (as leader in other games) I started out as King. Why not, right? To add to that difficulty, I started about a week later than everyone on the server. My goal was to form several connections with multiple players...begin establishing a base...a core. Establish alliances and such. My goal was to finish this round at least 25th in rank.

    We are 15th currently and the server is nearly half over.

    I have helped other kingdoms clear across the map, negotiated treatise, sent defensive units. Why? To establish a rapport. Next round...they are starting with me.

    I'm not saying all of this to convince anyone that I'm some great talent. I'm saying this to let others out there know that may be afraid to venture out on their own as King that it can be done. There is nothing magical here.

    I have to admit've totally taken it in a direction I hadn't even considered. I must say...that is deliciously evil and sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. *Paranoia Intensifies*

    Your "hostile takeover" scenario is easily preventable with in-game conditions and rules. So your point is pointless.

    You are right...this is supposed to be about the teamwork you mentioned. When a King gets banned for stupidity; or a Vice King goes AFK; where's the teamwork there?

    There is nothing illogical or unreasonable to request the stupidity of preventing the abdication of a Vice King to be looked at and corrected.

    This wouldnt work (well) for several reasons1. If that king is still playing (as in the bad king scenario) and having active treasuries, you would have to either accept a reduced area for both kingdoms or fight for area (and potentially fight your former allies for it)
    2. Your kingdom would start with simply nothing. No treasuries (unless you get one or more dukes to leave with you), no victory points etc
    3. Being a good king is not that easy. Even if ones current king is bad (for whatever reason) it doenst mean that theres someone (much) better in the potential group of "deserters"

    Then again in worlds i played seriously I was mostly/always gifted with either good kings or at least kings that would listen to friendly input and advice from others pretty soon after the servers start

    1. If said bad king is so full of himself as to not listen to reason; then the lesser of two evils rule suggest that in the long run, it would be better to form ones own kingdom and eliminate him from the map. This king would not last very long and would not be able to acquire other Kingdoms to join him. His ego would prevent diplomacy from lasting very long if any ever formed. This reason, is a non-reason.

    2. So what? Ever started with nothing and made it something? Just takes determination and smart maneuvering. This is a non-reason.

    3. Then choose to be that good King. Its not rocket science. The qualities of a good king would be one that is diplomatic, charismatic, listens to input from more experienced players, and the ability to adapt. He/She also must be willing to fluff up (like an owl does) to defend his Kingdom and its players. The only reason being a good king is hard is because for many it is hard for them to swallow their ego. Talk to some of the most successful Kings out there...they are laid back, humble, willing to help; yet at the same time they are ruthless, intelligent, and dominating.

    Why not simply leave with the friends you've made in that kingdom who don't want to work with that King anymore and create your own kingdom?

    No script needed.

    Don't like a Duke? Deny tribute and inform your King. If the King doesn't respond, see above.

    I think the limiting nature of unions themselves is nice. It helps to level the playing field wherein one server isn't completely dominated by pre-made super-kingdoms. It gives newer players coming into the role of King a chance to prove themselves.

    I am in agreement with the complete stupidity of not allowing a Vice-King to abdicate or be replaced. I think that if two kingdoms unite and the King goes inactive (or is permabanned), then the Vice King is automatically assigned to the position of King once those villages have been wiped from the server. Then, the spot for Vice-King can be filled from a Duke's position only, from there then the Duke can be filled from a governor's position. This same rule-set should exist for a Vice King. Limiting this "climb the ladder" principle this way, IMHO, still provides challenges to the original intent of the devs and at the same time provides a way for a Kingdom to continue to exist.

    Maybe not at the very beginning of a server.How about, everyone spawns as governor and at the end of two weeks if you've grown to say (for example) 150% of the median account size on the server you get the right (but not the obligation) to bid to be king by offering silver or resources to those around you. Every governor then chooses to accept the highest bid from those bidding in his area (or not - maybe he's been offered a dukedom or some other role of influence that he values more) and kingdoms are established at that point.
    Just a thought.

    No...Acquiring governors via Silver Bids would only give those that pay real money a massive advantage. This shouldn't be a pay to win game.

    Now resources, on the other hand...that might be be decent. But it kinds makes the whole "tribute" thing stupid. You pay massive resources to acquire governors/dukes who in turn agree to give you resources back.

    Honestly, it should default to whomever has the higher influence within the kingdom borders. Don't like the King that influences you? Then tell your king to get on the ball and break his influence!

    Its the mechanic itself that is the issue.

    Paying tribute costs the player exactly zero during the entirety of the game. There is zero reason for tribute denial during BP.

    Then again, when you think about it; there is no real reason for a King to "grant protection" for members in his/her territory during BP either.

    What would be better is the tribute system doesn't come into effect until after players come out of BP (BP is cut short once you hit 200 pop...I forgot about that and only stayed in BP for less than 3 days, and I already had a second village).

    So a King is left to themselves and their skills to develop their own "Castle" as well as trust/cooperation among his potential future governors/dukes with diplomacy and bribes...if Now this is pretty much for Kings coming into a server new. Players that already know they will be part of a kingdom on next round have a significant advantage.

    Perhaps make it also that stolen goods cannot be sold to the most influential King unless you are paying tribute...after BP ends? Not sure about that one though.

    No, population, as I have already stated, in a kingdom defines your territory size. When you acquire 100, 200, etc etc treasure, you get a %boost to your population wherein it affects your influence within your territory.

    I was pretty clear on this.

    Did you not even read the whole idea? Resource bonus is a viable option listed.

    You wouldn't do a pop; you don't have to have it. Choose something else. I mentioned a variety of things because different playstyles demand it.

    Population, as a Duke/King, increases territory as well as influence within that territory. So I can't agree with you in that on its own doesn't do anything. If that were the case then bonus to population for every 100 treasures in your treasury that affect influence wouldn't be a thing.

    Then again, I'm coming at this from a limited a King.

    Now, as a governor, what you are saying rings true I imagine. I am unaware. Don't select bonus to population then. I still think it should be included however.

    I do like the idea of adding something related to the pantheon that would give an increase to Culture Point production. Apollo (Roman Pantheon) was the God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Most of those would be related to culture. I'd have to dig (well the developers would) in order to find the Gaul/Teuton equivalents.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Ok we all agree that the punishment is for the King to decide, but what happens when it's a fresh server? Refusing tributes that early is a game breaker for the king since he cant abdicate until the BP ends.

    A lot of players deny the tributes because they want to join another kingdom, they save the treasures and res for another king and pass them safetly with out repercussions. As an idea govs shouldnt be able to deny tributes until their BP ends. That way you force early skirmishes for treasures, and allows all kings to have equal opportunity for growth, if they are active at least.

    THIS x 100

    If a King, during BP cannot use force to persuade a rebellious governor to pay tribute, then there is no point in having Kings during BP anyway.

    I thought it would be neat to provide a specialized placeholder at the center of villages where the occupants can erect a statue. So far I've come up with three ideas all based on the similarities of each tribe's pantheon that could give slight bonuses with each level.

    Main Building Level 5
    100 Population
    Only 1 per village or city.
    Cannot be changed once selected
    Can be a different statue in each village
    Can be targeted by Cats

    Each level provides 0.1% Bonus to it's specific niche. Maximum level 10.

    Sample Level Build Cost:
    Level 1 - 1,000 Wood | 2,500 Clay | 750 Iron | 500 Wheat

    Pantheon Niche:
    Each tribe would have the following variants based on their actual religion.

    God/Goddess of War - Gives Bonus to Troop Offense/Defense
    God/Goddess of Fertility - Gives Bonus to Population
    God/Goddess of Commerce - Gives Bonus to Resources

    I am sure there might be more possibilities.